15 Best Simple Hairstyles For Girls

15 Best Simple Hairstyles For Girls

captureHairs are one of the most important aspects of your overall personality. A correct hairstyle can enhance your beauty whereas an incorrect messy hairstyle can do the complete opposite to you. Normally girls like to spend hours together in front of the mirror, to get the correct hairstyle. Let’s take a look at some of the best and simple hairstyles which can be done quickly and at the same time will enhance your beauty.

Wrapped pony

Make sure your hair is dry before you start doing this hairstyle. This is a very easy hairstyle where you make a normal ponytail by leaving back a little hair. The left behind hair is then wrapped at the base of the ponytail and the end is tied using a bobby pin. Repeat the process from both sides to create more twists. Apply some styling cream and scrunch the curls to get a nice look and finish.

Fishtail Braid

This hairstyle best suits curly, wavy or straight hair. Always remember to keep your hair slightly damp for this hairstyle. This gives your hair a very neat look. It suits formal occasions and can last until you untie it.

Double Twist on both sides

double-side-twist_02This hairstyle also suits all kind of hair textures. It is very easy and can be done very quickly. Your hair can be damp or dry for this hairstyle. You just need to part the hair into two halves. Take a part of the hair in the front from both sides and start twisting them.

To get a better look make the twist open upwards. Keep the twist tight and remember to end it in the crown of the head. You can use a clip that matches your clothes, at the end of the twist. To keep it intact in a better way you can first use bobby pins and then a normal clip.

Normal Bun

2016615163033-30-43ea544ed5ea6344278fc91b9af465b8This is an easy hairstyle and the best to keep the heat away on a summer day. First gather all your hair and position where you want your bun. Use bobby pins to secure your bun. Twisting your ponytail tightly will help you get a neat bun.

French Braid

This hairstyle is slightly difficult. But trying it out over and over again makes you master it. This style looks better on dried hair. To smoothen the strands apply some hair gel. This gives a very elegant look and suits most dresses.

Designer ponytail

When you are bored with the normal ponytail you can try this. It looks like a veil on top of your ponytail.  Take some hair and tie a ponytail and again divide that into two and tie a ponytail. Continue this till you get a veil like design. This is a little difficult to get the design right, but with the right amount of practice one can master it.

Flip tail

quadflippony1This hairstyle is very easy and does not take much time and it suits all hair textures. This style is best suited on dry hair. Hold all your hair together and make a low pony. Push the band slightly towards the back leaving three to four inches of hair.

Now make a small hole in the middle of the hair with the help of a pencil or stick above the band. Flip the end of the ponytail under and above through the hole. Slowly pull the ponytail out. Comb the left over hair well. You do not require hair spray for this hairstyle.

French braid headband

This is best suited for long hair. It is very simple, but always remember to do it neatly to get the best look. Leaving your hair slightly damp suits this hairstyle. Make a line using a comb from the top of one ear to the other ear.

Pull forward the hair which is in front of the line and tie the rest of the hair so that it stays out of your way. Start braiding from one ear until your reach the other ear. Tie it with a band and tuck it behind the ear, and using bobby pins pin it well so that it does not come out. This is a very casual hairstyle yet suits many occasions.

Dutch braid

dutch-braids-side-hairstyleYou can start braiding from the front right side of your head. When you are at the base of your head braid the rest of your hair into regular side braid and tie a band. It is better to do this on a little damp hair to get better results. This hairstyle is very simple and does not take much time either.

Ponytail combo

628b44b1a096fccbdbe8a08feb7This is very simple and can be done when one is really lazy or not exactly in a mood to do up the hair. You just need to tie a loose ponytail and wrap some hair around the band to hide it. You can plait a little or go all the way down and tie another band like you did at first. This hairstyle looks nice if you have long hairs.

Double twist ponytail

This is a very easy hairstyle. This hairstyle is nothing but dividing your hair into two halves and twisting each half and then tying them one on top of the other. This is easy but looks neat and gives a very formal look. It suits all hair textures.

Wrap around

This style is a little difficult than the others so be patient and try it a few times by reading the steps. It will surely become easier after practicing it a few times. Having your hair a little damp helps in giving a rough look. Using a comb part the hair to one side. From the side that has more hair take a little hair starting from the forehead. Make a french braid by pulling hair only from the side.

The braid should go towards the back of the head. You can use bands and bobby pins to keep the braid in place. With the rest of the hair make a ponytail. Divide the hairs into small parts. Using a curling iron curl, all the separated parts and pin them in different directions. This hairstyle is best suited for a beach wedding.

Double knotted pony

hair-romance-this-island-life-double-knot-ponytailThis is a very simple hairstyle and does not take much time. Divide your hair into two halves and tie together in a low knot. Again repeat the process by tying the two sections in a knot again. Finally tie a band under the second knot. Wrap a little hair around the band to cover it.

Heart braid

This hairstyle suits all hair textures. Your hair must be towel dried to get the perfect look. For this hairstyle first divide your hair and clip one side right above the ear. On the other side take a thin section of hair from the crown and french braid it. It will form a heart shape. Leave no loose hairs next to the ears. In the end of the braid use a band to keep it in place. Repeat the process on the other side too.

Halo style

halo-braid-side-bangs-left-2For this you need to put an elastic hair band on your head. Take little hair next to your ear, pull it back and plait it through the hair band in the back. Repeat the same process and blend it with the first section.

All these hairstyles can be done without taking much time. If you are bored with the same monotonous way your hair is being ties everyday, try out these hairstyles. Some of these can be done when you go out for work, and the others are perfect for an occasion where more time needs to be dedicated to your hair and dressing.