10 Quick And Easy Ideas How To Make A Pretty Hairstyle in...

10 Quick And Easy Ideas How To Make A Pretty Hairstyle in Less Than 10 Minutes.

20-beautiful-braid-hairstyle-diy-tutorials-you-can-make-at-homeMaking a pretty hairstyle is never so easy; you keep trying a lot of things and end up making a mess of your hair. Looking pretty is the basic right to everyone and it is not essential you invest a lot of time and money for it. Some easy and quick ideas can rescue your appearance many a times and make you look pretty with a great hairstyle. It all might seem slightly imaginary, but once you read this article, you will have 10 more ideas of tying your hair up stylishly to look pretty and gorgeous.

So, without delay, let’s begin with 10 quick and easy hairstyle ideas to make you look pretty.

Flower braids :

Make 2 sections of your hair from the sides in line to your ears. Tie the two sections up into a small pony and let them hang backwards. Now, braid or criss-cross the two pony tails in the ends. Collect the braided section. Make it little voluminous by loosening it a little. Tug it in such a way that it looks like a fluffy bun. You can also use rubber-bands or pins to secure your fluffy bun.

Stylish and classy pony :

13408940_201031553625344_1937463441_nThe fashion of ponies is always in for young girls. To make this stylish hairstyle, you would have to separate your hair into two equal sections. Position half of your hair in the front (first equal section) and the other half of your hair at the back (second equal section). Now make a pony tail out of the latter half of your hair and divide the front half of the hair which is the first equal section into 2 equal halves, right half and left half. Pull this right half towards the back above the recently formulated ponytail. Now pin this right half on the ponytail and pull the left half towards the back of your hair. Use it to drape over the ponytail stylishly. Use pins to secure it and you are ready in your classy pony hairstyle.

Simple Curls :

Make a high pony from your hair (towards the back). Divide the ponytail equally as a left and a right section. Use curling wand of about 1 inch (which can vary based on your hair length and thickness) wrap each of the two sections over and around, one by one. Keep the wand for about 10 seconds, which again varies on how fast your hair develops curls. Repeat this with the other section. Now leave your pony tail and use fingers to settle the curls. You have got stylish curls in a few minutes without even realizing it.

Princess crown with your hair :

This hairstyle is similar but less elaborate to flower braids. It feels like a princess crown or a crown made of flowers. Just divide your hair into two small sections and those sections into ponies. Let the ponies run backwards. Begin overlapping the ponytails in crisscross form and link them behind just like an incomplete crown. Use pins to secure this overlapping of two ponies. It looks great on curly and straight hair equally. Do not waste time and get a princess look in just few minutes.

Double knot pony :

hqdefaultIf you are looking for something simple for routine outings, this hairstyle can be neat and simple. It is very easy and you will have two knots in a single pony. This can be a great hairstyle for short hairs too. First separate hairs in two parts and tie a low knot using these two parts. Now use them again to tie another knot. Use a hair tie to secure the pony when making the second knot. Conceal it by wrapping some hair on the hair tie.

Wavy hairstyle with a twist :

aid4602475-728px-curl-your-hair-overnight-step-1Twisted or wavy hairstyle looks modern and stylish. But, it can be time consuming. But here you can pursue this hairstyle in a matter of few minutes, quite easily. Make your hair damp by spraying a little bit of water on your scalp. Now twist two sections of your hair. You can consider larger or shorter sections of hair based on the type of waves you would like (tight or lose).

Side braids :

Divide your hair into many sections. Take a small section and French braid it from the roots to the ends. Use a hair tie to secure this French braid. Now collect all sections of your hair and make a collective ponytail including the braid. Use a hair tie again to secure it. Use pins and bands to retain the hairstyle.

Side-swept hairstyle :

maxresdefaultOpen hairs with minimum styling are the trend nowadays. This side-swept hairstyle looks so natural and elegant as though nothing was done to determine this hairstyle. To make this hairstyle, collect all your hair on one side. Make the choice carefully as a few people complain of headache due to collection of hairstyle on the wrong side (side which they are not used to combing).

Make a ponytail of a small section of hair probably from your neck to the tip of the hair. Use small yet clear hair band to cover and secure the hair. Use top portion of the hair to cover the ponytail.

Intricate braid hairstyle :

Creating intricate braid hairstyle can be easy too. Braids are in fashion nowadays and are quite popular amongst all age groups of women. Particularly young women who are in the 20s love this braid style. To get this particular hair style you simply need to separate your hair into 2 different parts. Make crisscross braids across both the parts distinctly. Now, use bobby pins to secure the two braids together to create one intricate braid. You can also use an elastic at the end to further secure the hairstyle. Use some hair to cover the elastic.

Simple hair bun :

hqdefault-1If you want your hair tied up around your neck as the lengthy hair can disturb you on work, this hair style is the right choice for you. Not only is this hairstyle easy, but is also very convenient and professional at the same time. Many corporate spaces insist on this kind of hairstyle. But the issue with such buns is that it bulges too often to an ugly shape. But, this hairstyle will give you a simple hair bun that won’t bulge for sure.

Comb your hair backwards and determine two low ponies close to each other. Twist the tails of the two ponies in opposite directions and continue the process until you realize a cute looking bun. Use pins to hold the bun in place.

Be prepared for a lazy day!

If you got up late someday, you can use any of these hairstyles for your rescue. They are simple, quick and stylish. You won’t feel you have underplayed your beauty with these hairstyles. For special occasions you can spend a lot of time and get a funky hairstyle, but this is to rescue the lazy intuition in you in everyday life. So, style your hair for looking pretty, without spending too much of your valuable time.