मोटा बाल जादू करने के लिए पतला – 1 संघटक के साथ...

मोटा बाल जादू करने के लिए पतला – 1 संघटक के साथ अपने बाल फास्ट रात भर बढ़ो!

featured-imageHumans be it men or women, love hair that is thick, smooth and glowing. The attention a female pays to her hair is more, when compared to a male paying attention to his mane, because shining and thick hair makes a woman look all the more beautiful and pretty.

Women of all ages love to have thick hair. It is a known fact that, as female ages, her hair strands become rough, or thin, or hair growth might be not too good as in her younger year days. To get rid of all these problems, the female has to pay attention to her up keeping of her hair, right from her younger days itself. Doing so will make her get such beautiful and glowing tresses that she will become the centre of attraction wherever she goes.

Here are lists of easily available and cost effective ingredients which are beneficial to hair growth. This can be made use of at any given point of time, irrespective of the age of the female without any side or adverse effects.

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Onion juice:

image-1The ever easily available onion is said to be an effective remedy or medicine for that thick and enviable tresses. Onion and its juice are known to cure baldness, and it has been used in hair growth from years ago.

Onion juice is known to contain sulphur in large quantities which helps in hair growth effectively. The sulphur content will not only arrest hair fall, but also help in re growth of hair. Onions have to be grated finely and the juice of around 4 onions has to be extracted, depending on the length of the hair. The freshly grated onion paste, or the juice squeezed from the grated onions have to be applied on the hair and left for a minimum of 1 hour for effective results. After an hour, the onion juice has to be washed thoroughly from the hair using a shampoo. Doing this remedy will initiate hair growth and also arrests hair fall. Also onion juice is known to give an excellent shine and sheen to the hair.


image-2Eggs are known to be good in all things like proteins, vitamins, etc. and are known to be a nutritious food for people of all ages. The same egg can be used to have thick and shining hair. When there is protein deficiency in hair, it can be repaired using eggs.

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One or two eggs have to be taken and the egg white is known to be the major source of protein. The egg whites have to be applied on the scalp directly. This egg white has to stay on the hair for a minimum of one to two hours, depending on the length of the hair. The egg mask has to be washed off thoroughly using cold water. Never use warm or hot water to wash egg masks, since it makes the cleaning of the egg residue very difficult. Doing this egg mask repeatedly will definitely give thick and shining hair within a short span of time.

Potato Juice or mask:

image-3Yes you heard it right; potatoes are known to help in getting thick hair. Potatoes are a rich source of carbohydrates and Vitamins like Vitamin A, B and C also.  According to studies shown, when the body lacks in these major vitamins, the hair tends to become dry and brittle.

Three or four potatoes have to be grated and the juice squeezed out of it. The juice of the grated potatoes has to be applied on the hair directly, especially the roots. By doing so, the roots become stronger and this in turn helps to lower hair fall and give thick hair. This potato juice or potato paste has to be applied regularly, say once a week for beneficial and visible results.

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image-4Fenugreek is known to help in hair growth in a short span of time. Fenugreek leaves or fenugreek paste can be used for arresting hair fall and also in getting thicker hair.

Fenugreek has to be soaked overnight in water and ground to a smooth paste the next morning. This paste has to be applied on the hair evenly. This mixture has to stay on the hair for at least half an hour before washing. Applying fenugreek regularly helps in smooth, thick and long hair.

Alternatively, fenugreek leaves too can be used as a hair mask to promote thick hair growth. Fenugreek leaves has to be washed thoroughly and ground to a smooth paste. This paste has to be applied on all parts of the hair, starting from the roots to the tip evenly with the help of a brush. This paste has to stay on the hair for a minimum of half hour, depending on the texture and length of the hair. Doing this therapy regularly will definitely give good results.

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Coconut Oil:

image-5Coconut oil is known to help hair growth in a natural way without any side effects or allergy to the scalp. The essential fat content found in coconut oil nourishes the scalp and helps in removing the blockage caused in the hair follicles, and leads to healthy hair growth.

Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants and also a healer and repairer of wounds and cuts. So this oil has the triple benefit of giving hair a smooth texture, arrest hair fall, help in healing the wounds in the scalp. Coconut oil has to be applied on the hair evenly at night time and massaged thoroughly. Massaging with the finger tips helps in smooth blood circulation to the scalp, and thereby helps in hair growth. Mild shampoo can be used to wash off the applied coconut oil. Regularly applying coconut oil helps in thicker hair growth in a short span of time.

Castor Oil:

image-6Castor oil is another natural ingredient which can be used safely and regularly for thicker hair growth. Castor oil is thick in content, and this thickness nature of it helps in promoting hair growth and lending thickness to the hair. Castor oil has to be warmed a bit before applying on the scalp.

Warm castor oil has to be applied on the roots of the hair and massaged in a circular motion using a cotton ball. The castor oil has to stay on the hair the entire night, and washed off the next morning with a mild shampoo. Doing so regularly will help get thick hair for sure, and that too in a cost effective way. Also castor oil is known to have cooling properties too, and this can be used an effective coolant to remove stress and fatigue.

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image-7Our daily and staple diet the yogurt, is known to be beneficial to health in many ways. Yogurt when consumed daily is known to replenish the body of all the necessary vitamins. It applies well for hair too. Regular application of curd on the hair is known to give it a smooth and silky shine and also known to arrest hair fall. If the hair fall reduces, it definitely leads to thicker hair.

Curd has to be applied on hair without diluting. The entire hair strand should be covered with curd correctly, and to do this a brush has to be used, since applying curd with bare hands may make the hands too oily due to the high fat content in the curd. The curd has to stay on the hair for a minimum of one hour before washing it off with a mild scented shampoo, since the smell of curd is not liked by many. This remedy will give you instant results, and for long lasting results repeat this remedy twice a week.


Hibiscus flowers or leaves:

image-8Another age old or well known remedy to get thick tresses is the regular use of hibiscus flowers or leaves to wash the hair. Hibiscus leaves have to be ground to a smooth paste and applied on the hair. The hibiscus leaves itself acts as a cleanser to the hair and once the paste is applied, no need of washing the hair with any other shampoo. But care has to be taken that the paste of hibiscus leaves has been washed thoroughly.

Alternatively, hibiscus flowers too can be used to get thick hair. Red hibiscus flowers are known to help in thicker hair growth. Red hibiscus flowers have to be dried in the sun and they have to be shredded and mixed with coconut oil. Applying this oil with the hibiscus flowers also is known to benefit hair growth to a large extent.

Curry Leaves:

image-9The most discarded item in our food plates would be the curry leaves. People do not understand the extremely beneficial value of the tiny leaves. Curry leaves are known to contain large quantities of iron, and that is why they are used in many Indian herbal medicines to promote blood circulation, and also to control diabetic levels in a patient.

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Curry leaves has to be ground to a smooth paste and applied on the hair. As we already told that curry leaves is a major source of iron, it helps to arrest hair fall and promote the growth of thick hair in a short span of time. The curry leaves paste can be applied on the hair without any side effects, and also this processes is  highly beneficial for females who have very thin and fine hair.

Indian Gooseberry:

image-10Indian gooseberry is known to be abundant in Vitamin C, which is very much essential for hair growth. Indian gooseberry can be dried and made into a coarse powder, which can be mixed with coconut oil and applied to the hair. Doing so will definitely help in thick growth of hair.

Also ready to use gooseberry oils are available in the market. Regular application of the oil, and massaging the scalp, would definitely help in thicker hair growth in a short span of time.

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Apart from these remedies, having good sleep is one of the major tips and precautions to be followed to have long and thick tresses. Also comb the hair every night before bed time to ensure all the knots have been removed, lesser usage of chemical based products for hair, doing yoga regularly, goes a long way in ensuring thicker and fast hair growth.