Very Effective Tips And Tricks To Grow Your Hair In 1 Week

Very Effective Tips And Tricks To Grow Your Hair In 1 Week

feature“Hair” is a very important part of any person’s personality be it a male or a female. Hair loss is something which is natural but these days it can be due to many other reasons as well. There are various factors which lead to hair fall of an individual like stress, genetics, lack of adequate sleep, not having a proper diet i.e. more of junk food and less of healthy food, exposure to the sun are some major reasons that lead to hair fall and eventually baldness. Please note that hair loss is extremely common across the world and affects most of the people at some or the other point in their life. Hair loss cannot be completely prevented for the entire life, but yes there are certain remedies by which this can be delayed to quiet an extent.

There are a lot of treatments which claim to have a cure or reduce the hair fall either by medications, creams, and so on. We would say that though it is not 100%  effective, but yes case to case basis, there are differences that have been observed which amounts anywhere between 20-25%. Also it is to be noted that any artificial treatments have some side effect or the other due to the chemicals used in it. The effect is not visible but and will be seen in the long run. Thus it is recommended that the person who wants to use medicines or do any therapy should do it with natural ingredients which are present in abundance.

This article will give a detailed overview of certain things which can be made at home without a hassle to enable hair growth and nourish the scalp and the hair simply.

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Guava Leaves

image-1Guava leaves are considered to give abundant health benefits if used in the right manner due to its high contents of Vitamins and Proteins, potassium and fiber. Vitamin B complex which comprises of riboflavin, nicacin, thiamine is the main ingredient in the Guava leaves which prevents hair loss and also promotes its growth. Below mentioned is the procedure as to how this remedy should be used to get the optimum effect.

  1. Take a bowl of water.
  2. Take around 18-20 Guava leaves.
  3. Mix the Guava leaves along with water and keep it for boiling.
  4. Once boiled, wait for 10-15 minutes for the temperature to come down to normal.
  5. Take the guava leaves and apply it on the scalp.
  6. Massage the leave gently onto the entire head right from the roots to the end.
  7. Keep the leaves on the head for 2 to 2.5 hours.
  8. Rinse the head with Luke-warm water.
  9. The individual doing this need to ensure that the same procedure is being followed at least 3-4 times a week for best results. Within a span of one week, their hair growth can be seen over the scalp where there is less hair or baldness is visible. It is important to note that before using this remedy, the person needs to ensure that his/her hair is product free and hence the best option is to use it post showering which ensures the same.

Mixtures of few oils

image-2Oils like olive, almond, coconut and castor oil is required for quick hair growth.The quantity required to use should be 1 table spoon of each of the oils. They should be stirred well. The individual applying it should be ensuring that he/she warms up the oil a little to get the best results. Apply the mixture of oil on the scalp and not on the hair, post which gentle massaging needs to be done on the portion where oil has been applied. The oil needs to be let there for 2-3 hours or even overnight if the person is comfortable. The hair needs to be washed well with a regular shampoo. The same procedure needs to be used on a daily basis for a week and there would be magical results which would be seen with the hair growth.

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Exfoliation of hair

image-3This is another important technique where there is rapid hair growth. Like the skin of the face, our scalps need this therapy. Pollution, exposure to excess of dust, dandruff, and so on leads to hair-fall. There are some natural ways where scalp exfoliation can be done to have a healthy and a nourished scalp. Below listed are some of them –

Exfoliation using sugar and coconut oil –
  1.  Take 3-4 table spoons of sugar and a few drops of coconut oil.
  2.  Mix both of them using a spoon and ensure that the sugar gets completely dissolved in the oil.
  3.  Apply this mixture on the scalp and keep it for 8-10 minutes.
  4.  Scrub the scalp lightly.
  5.  Wash the scalp using normal lukewarm water for 5-7 minutes while rinsing it.

Ensure that this process is being followed for 1 week every alternate day to get optimum results.

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Exfoliation with brown sugar honey and Baking Soda –
  1. Take 3-4 table spoons of brown sugar.
  2.  Take 2 table spoons of honey and 1 table spoon of baking soda
  3.  Mix the three of them well to make a thick paste.
  4.  Apply this mixture on the scalp and keep it for 8-10 minutes.
  5.  Scrub the scalp lightly in a circular motion.
  6.  Wash the scalp using normal water.

Again, the procedure needs to be followed for 3 -4 days in a week in a back to back cycle. In a span of 10 days, there would be noticeable difference observed with growing in inches making the person happy.

Hair Conditioning Natural Mask

image-4This mask comprises of items like Banana, Henna Powder, water and yoghurt. Below is the procedure for making it and using it.

  1.  Around ½ cup of henna powder should be soaked overnight in hot water.
  2. 1 ripen banana needs to be mashed.
  3. 5-6 table spoons of thick yoghurt needed for this.
  4. Mix the mashed banana and the thick yoghurt.
  5. Add the henna paste to this mixture.
  6. Mix it well to make a thick paste.
  7. Apply this mask on the scalp and the hair. Keep it for around an hour.
  8. Wash it with normally with warm water and shampoo.

Ensure that this procedure is done 2-3 times a week to get a growth of even 2 inches of hair.

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Garlic, onion and oil mixture –

image-5The ingredients required to make this mixture are as below:

  1.  1 big onion which needs to be chopped
  2.  8-10 garlic cloves
  3. 3 table spoons of coconut oil
  4. 3-4 tablespoons of almond oil.

Below is the procedure to make this amazing natural paste –

  1. Pour the almond and the coconut oil in a small vessel.
  2. Heat the oil on very low flame.
  3. Add garlic cloves along with the chopped ion to the vessel.
  4. Add half a cup of water to this mixture while still on the gas and close the vessel with a lid.
  5. Allow to entire to cook for 10-12 minutes so that the garlic and onion release their essence and juices and so also the water content in the oil dries up.
  6. Remove the vessel from the gas stove and allow it cool down for 10-15 minutes.
  7. Take a bottle and pour this mixed oil into it.

Apply this oil on the scalp and hair 2-3 hours before taking a bath every day. The scalp where there is hair thinning automatically shows improvement in a matter of few days. Garlic and almond are known for anti-bacterial properties. Almond specifically is known for its high protein value. Giving all these nutrients to the scalp enables to have a healthy, shiny and strong hair.

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The above article has given us a summary that there are way too many natural remedies for growth of hair every week and it is not necessary that an individual has to use artificial things like chemicals or creams to get back the hair. It is very important for the person to analyze and see in case the hair fall is happening or not. There should not be any kind of ignorance as it may have a harmful effect in the long run. There are scientific studies which are still ongoing to understand the exact reason for the hair loss in an individual? If compared to females, men tend to have a higher amount of hair-fall, count during any phase of their life.

Please note that each and every ingredient mentioned above is a completely natural product and is absolutely free from causing any side effects. Ingredients like garlic, honey, almonds, coconut oil, water, olive oil and so have its own individual benefits. Thus, the impact it creates if used in the right content and manner is absolutely huge. It is important to note that any hair replacement or hair treatment is extremely expensive and hence everyone cannot afford the same, but these natural remedies are completely homemade and can be used by anyone without any kind of financial constraint. Also, at times, using these cosmetics or creams gives side effects and hence in case the person does opt for it, we suggest that the an expert or a doctor’s opinion should be taken before doing it.