Try These Home Made Recipes to Grow Your Hair Up To 4...

Try These Home Made Recipes to Grow Your Hair Up To 4 Inches in a Week

ishi-featuredWhich woman does not want long, beautiful, shining, flowing hair? A girl can be as pretty as she wants, but the real beauty is added only by long hair. In today’s time, long hair seems like a distant dream. Shampoos and conditioners are full of harmful chemicals; and people do not have time to oil their hair. Stress is piling on, pollution is ever growing and even the quality of water through which you wash your hair is at doubt. With so many things acting against your hair, do you think it is even possible to think of long hair or growing your hair back?

Of course, you can dare and trust the clinics that claim to get your hair back. But even if they do work, one in ten times, affording the costly treatments is not something everyone can do! So what should you do? Give up the dream of long hair? We say, DON’T! We are here to tell you few such hair treatments, that you can give yourself through homemade recipes. Some of them are so good, that you can actually grow your hair up to 4 inches in a week! Yes, you read that right.

First, understand this. Any treatment that you may want to use, apart from growing hair back, has to also stop further hair damage, split ends, shedding and breaking. For optimal hair growth and stopping all your hair woes once and for all, read on.

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Curry leaves and Coconut oil

image-1Who would want to spend money on expensive extensions and getting treatments, when you can reap the same benefits through the things available in your very own kitchen? We all know the benefits of coconut oil, but do you know the benefits of curry leave when it comes to your hair? Curry, the tasty spice has lots of benefits in growing your hair back the old traditional way.

Recipe –Get yourself a bunch of fresh curry leaves and some coconut oil. Now boil them together. You will see black residue that starts to form in it. Now, strain this black residue and apply the rest of the mixture on your hair. Make sure you do not fry the curry leaves. Just boil them and that should do the trick. You may use this mixture twice a week and leave it overnight for effective results.

Just wash it off simply, next morning with a mild shampoo. Try and get an organic coconut oil which is available at most drugstores, grocery stores and famous retailers. You may want to order it through few famous online portals also. As far as the curry leaves go, you can get it fresh at all the grocery stores or your local vegetable sellers. Given the benefits, you will want to invest in this humble herb and grow it on your own too.

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Castor oil

image-2Now this oil can not only help you grow your mane, but can also help you in recovering those thinning eyebrows and eyelashes. Did you damage your hair through extensive straightening and other such treatments? Castor oil can help you and that too very quickly. Castor oil, if pure is quite greasy, so you may want to dilute it a bit with water, so that the application is quite hassle free. Or simply mix it in your conditioner or mix almond oil in it and massage with fingers slowly on the scalp. Remember all these treatments are for hair growth, so apply it equally on the scalp too. Leave it overnight, as leaving it overnight will help it work better for serious thinning and balding issues. Just a week can help you see amazing hair growth.

Recipe – Take several drops of castor oil to your hair and scalp and then massage with fingers thoroughly. Next, for giving time to the oil to work, cover your head with a shower cap and leave it overnight. You can also give yourself a spa treatment here by covering your hair with a towel soaked in warm water. Warm water will help the castor oil to penetrate deep in the scalp.

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You can also try adding few drops of almond oil for the treatment. Use this as a weekly treatment for hair on your head. If you are using castor oil for growing back your eyebrows and eyelashes, then you can use this daily. Castor oil is easily available in all drug stores. If you cannot find one locally, you can order it online too.


image-3Although Vinegar is quite acidic in nature and you should avoid anything of that nature for your hair, but hair appreciates Vinegar due to its ever slight acidic nature. Vinegar actually helps restore the pH value of hair, which ranges from acidic 3.5 to neutral 5.5. Vinegar seals off the open cuticles of your hair, which is the real culprit for weak and damaged hair. Cuticles open up due to extensive usage of chemicals on the hair. It also removes any product build up that stops your hair to breathe and hence hamper hair growth. Regular usage can see amazing hair growth in just a month.

Recipe – Take two tablespoon of vinegar and mix it in half a liter of water. You may use white vinegar or simply apple cider vinegar as it is the one with almost pleasant smell. You may also use few drops of your favorite essential oil. Use it as a final rinse after you shampoo your hairs. For starters use this once or twice a week. Once you see the damage reducing, you can use this once or twice a month. Again, vinegar is easily available at any drug store or retailer.

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Egg and olive oil

image-4We all know eggs are rich in proteins, vitamins and fatty acids and not only do they make your hair softer and shinier, they also make them grow fast. Olive oil is rich in vitamin A, vitamin E and Vitamin D, which not only promotes new hair growth but also help repair the current damage to it.

Recipe – take 2 egg yolk and in it mix 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Now in this, mix half a cup of water. Mix it thoroughly as water and oil will not mix easily. Now use this mixture to massage the scalp. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then wash with plain water. You may want to leave it without shampooing for better effects, but if you can not bear the smell, shampoo it out. Because this treatment is very effective, doing it just once or twice a month can be effective enough, but if you are short of time and trying to repair your hair for an occasion, do this once or twice a week for some amazing results! You will be surprised how pampered your hair looks.

Leave in Rosemary hair treatment

image-5Rosemary herb does not only smell heavenly, it is known to actually stimulate hair growth as well. A simple massage and leave on actually stimulate the scalp, and hence help with growth of new hair. It also strengthens and softens the hair.

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Recipe – you first need to take around 20 dry rosemary leaves and crush them with hands. Now when you have about 2 tablespoon of this crushed leaves, add 200 ml of water. Apply this mixture to your entire hair length, especially the ends. Now massage the scalp too. This mixture in light on your hair and hence you may leave this without rinsing it out. And hence we call this treatment leave in, as you can go about your daily routine with it in your hair. You will smell heavenly the entire day. You can use this weekly, but do not use it more than 4 times in a week. Rosemary leaves are easily available at grocery stores.

Banana hair growth treatment

image-6Bananas are rich in potassium and vitamins like vitamin A, Vitamin E and also vitamin C.  With such amazing qualities banana is a perfect candidate for hair growth treatments. Not just with applying them as masks, bananas should be a part of your daily intake too; for the benefits are too much.

Recipe – Take a soft ripe banana and make a smooth paste out of it without leaving any pulp. Now apply this on your hair and cover it with a plastic wrap or shower cap. Alternatively, you can also wrap a hot towel for better effects. Leave it like this for around 30 minutes. Shampoo your hair with mild shampoo and rinse well. It is important you have the banana completely mashed without any chunks, as it will get difficult for you to remove banana while shampooing, otherwise. For extra pampering, you can also add olive oil or almond oil to your paste, or a tablespoon of conditioner. This mask is super effective and can be used once a week for amazing results.


Apart from all these above mentioned recipes for hair growth, it is advisable that you take a healthy well balanced diet. Get yourself checked for any sort of deficiency, and keep yourself well hydrated. Keep off shampoos and treatments that are full of chemicals and go the herbal way.