How To Prepare Herbal Oil At Home For Smooth And Shiny Hair

How To Prepare Herbal Oil At Home For Smooth And Shiny Hair

featureHair is a very important asset to all men and woman and a flaw in that would dull the entire personality. When you get ready in a new attire but the hair looks out of shine it does dull your shine as a whole. One must take care of hair. Problems of hair are many ranging from balding, hair loss, hair fall to dullness, dryness and split ends. The answer to all these questions may be found in different curing products or in one compact product. From centuries the prime nourishment to hair is considered to be oil. No matter how many products are applied on head if it is not massaged weekly with proper hair oil, hair is going to degrade in quality. You can use simple oil or make the best out of the base oil by following the simple methods of preparing the herbal oil that too at home. This ensures quality, hygiene as well as it is affordable.

Winters are fast approaching and it is very important that the hair is properly nourished as it is going to be prone to dryness. Dryness makes the hair look dull and makes it frizzy. It is very important that we start taking care of it before the onset of winters as drying winter winds have already started to blow. As it has been coming down to us, oiling is the best way to fight dryness and restore the healthy shine of the hair. Not just that, apart from shiny hair you might be craving for long hair too. Here is one solution to all your problems .So this winter you must be ready to flaunt your beautiful mane as with the best kind of oiling method that we shall teach you here.

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Herbal oil has been the subject of research for many dermatologists. There are various ways of preparing Herbal oil and one of it is explained below:

Selection of Herbs

herbsQuestions do pop up why is it desirable to use herbal oil.  Herbal oils are rich in minerals and Vitamins and they add nutritive value to the oil that is helpful in improving the hair follicles. This is the first step in making your own herbal oil for this winter. The selection of herbs will completely depend on your choice. You may select any kind of herb that you believe will suit your hair type.

One good option is to go for sage and marsh mallow as they are known for combating dryness. If you have oily hair then it might be an easy time for you in winters but that does not mean not oiling hair before shampoo. For people having oily hair Aloe Vera can be picked up and this will also help in stirring hair growth. You may use Hibiscus or rose petals also.

Selecting a Jar

jarIt is very important that we select a good jar that will prevent the oil from leaking or developing a stale smell. Glass jars are best suited. Select the size of the jar according to the amount of oil you intend to prepare. The jars are easily available in market. See that it has a tight lid on. Jar should not be very big as oil will get stuck to bottle while pouring out. Take a jar that has a wider mouth so that herbs could be out in easily.

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Dry up the Herbs

dryIt is vital that you dry the herbs up as it is recommended to use dried herbs in the process of making your own hair oil. One must avoid fresh herbs as they contain water and this will not make very good herbal oil as mould try to grow in the moistened herbs.  So take Sage leaves and marsh mallow flowers and dry them up in sunlight for three to four days if that is your choice or rose petals and even Neem if you have problem of scalp infection.


crushingAfter the herbs are dried crush them with fingers and if they are not dry enough to be crushed then use a mortar and pestle or any other tool that will serve the purpose of grinding the herbs. It is very important that there is a ratio of the herbs and the base oil maintained. Though the measurement is not strictly mathematical the quantity of herbs must be lesser than the oil as the herbs do not form the physical oil that you will be using to massage, it just adds the quality to the base oil. So pour in oil according to your usage pattern and with few leaves of dried herbs in it.

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Select Oil

select-oilAfter herbs we need to select the base oil. It is the base oil that forms the very basis of the new kind of oil that we are preparing. Select oil that suits you. It is suggested that you do not select castor oil or mustard oil as they are greasy and have greater density though there is no definite rules to it. Gooseberry oil is also a good option as it is aromatic. Amongst lighter oils lavender and jojoba are desirable options.


place-in-sunlightAfter the jar has been collected and oil selected and herb crushed, mix them all up together in the jar and put the lid in tight. Place it on a shelf where it can get enough sunlight for about 12 days. Exposing it to sunlight is the most important step as it will help in extraction of the essential oils of the herbs. It adds vitamin D to the oil and also helps in dissolving of the herbs into the oil.

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Sunlight plays an important role in the preparation of herbal oil right from drying the herbs to its infusion. It can be from 12 days to 15 days depending upon the amount of sunlight the jar receives. Everyday once you may shuffle the jar upside down so that the herbs are mixed properly with the oil. Also keep in mind that the oil filled in the jar is not up to the brink. Keep the oil level an inch lower than the jar size. After the jar has been exposed to sunlight for the required period of days add up one table spoon of apple cider vinegar. Adding vinegar is needed as it will act as preservative to the oil.


filterThe next step is to transfer the oil into a bottle from where you will be using the oil for regular use. In order to filter the oil put a cotton cloth and place on to the mouth of the selected bottle and pour in the mixture off the jar.  Filtration is important as it would be difficult to use the oil with the herbs in it at the same time over mixing of herbs fiber is not desirable. Hence filtration becomes imperative.

The oil is ready to be used now. There is another way you can make the herbal oil even stronger by following the same process as before in using this new herbal oil as the base oil with a different herb of your choice. This will add to its nourishing value though the prepared oil is good enough if you are doing such experiment for the first time.

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If required you may also change the herb according to preference. If your choice is hibiscus flowers then you may go for hibiscus flowers as they have been proven to do well for hair. Hibiscus flowers are known to induce the blood circulation in scalp that is known to improve the quality of hair. It is instrumental in helping the rejuvenation of hair and promotes hair growth.

In order to make hibiscus infused oil you would need 5 leaves of hibiscus flowers. As mentioned above the flowers must be dried before hand in the sunlight and crushed. The method followed above must be followed in order to prepare the oil. A combination for hibiscus flowers would be lavender oil as the base.

Herbal oil is protective and there is no doubt of adulteration as the product is prepared by you, at home. Massage onto scalp and hair twice a week and wash off with a mild shampoo that is not chemical based and top it up with herbal conditioner. Follow this routine for a longer period of time and the results would be fruitful.