How To Make Your Hair Grow Stronger & Longer?

How To Make Your Hair Grow Stronger & Longer?

How-Grow-Hair-1-Inch-In-10-Days-By-Using-Curry-Leaf-Homemade-RecipeEvery women dreams of having long shiny locks, we crave for those traces which are full of volume and add beauty to our personality. We are all aware of the fact that it’s not a cake walk to maintain the strength of our hair in this era of pollution. Constant defencelessness to sun light, pollution, smog, stress and exposure to the chemical based shampoos and conditioner kill the texture of our hair making it dull and rough.

However you cannot attain long and strong hair overnight it requires a lot of effort and care. You yearn for those long wavy flocks; well it’s possible to gain those long hairs by setting up a care chart and following it. We don’t ask you to shell out a gigantic amount, all you need to do is keep your habits in check and take proper care of your lovely manes.

These tips will help you attain long & strong hair:


Trimming is your friend indeed!

You may find it ironical but trimming helps in faster growth of hair. We understand the pain of losing those tiny millimetres but it will definitely help you in the long run. You may think how a haircut will help in growing hair faster, the truth is that it will aid the split ends banish and will make way for the manes to grow gracefully. If split ends are not chopped of it will have a negative impact on your hair resulting in ruthless quality. So don’t delay in fixing an appointment with your saloon.


 Oil those curls

648_curly_hair_scienceYes you read it right. You need to oil your hair at least once a week. Oiling will help in many ways, it will help nourishes your roots and will also rescue you from dry scalp. Hot oil massage helps you relax and lead a stress free life. Markets today are having umpteen diversities of oils which can nurture your hair. If you believe in home remedies you can make oil at home. Internet today is flooded with sites offering the secret oil making methods for radiant hairs.

Say No to everyday Shampoo

shampooWe are not restricting you to take shower but exposing your manes to chemical day after day will make them dull. Do you wish to lose that shine? The fact is when the shampoo works on taking off the dirt from your hair; it also takes away the natural oils and nutrients which boost the growth.

It is always better to shampoo twice a week to enhance hair growth. When selecting a shampoo try and opt for natural shampoos which are a combination of medicinal herbs. It will not have any side effect and the results will be great. Market today is packed with many such countless options.


Diet Matters

What you eat and drink haves a huge impact on your manes. Drink plenty of water, include protein rich food in your diet and eat eggs, spinach, walnuts, yogurt and fishes like salmon. Don’t forget the old mantra that what you take inside reflects outside. Foods rich in iron, omega 3, vitamin A, vitamin D, foliate will prove to be a boon for your traces.

Eat healthy which in turn will help you to achieve long hair. Ignoring your breakfast and not providing sufficient water to your system may disturb the functioning of your body. A complete meal is a comprehensive solution to conquer longer hair.

Say yes to Conditioners

It’s really surprising that people avoid conditioners. Conditioners help in maintain the smoothness of your hair and also fight those rough ends. Although it has numerous benefits but if directly applied to scalp it can create fizz and also lead to dandruff. Dandruff weighs your hair down and makes your scalp itchy resulting in hair breakage.

You can easily dilute the conditioner in water or take it in your hand add gently apply on long strands avoiding the roots. Do not forget to look for the contents when selecting a conditioner, avoiding chemical based conditioner will surely help.


Avoid Hair Dryer

dry-hairIf you are not in rush let your hair air dry naturally. Harsh heat is the monster to the soul of your hair. The heat from blow-dryers takes away the shine and damages your hair. Let your manes air dry at their own pace soon you will see the massive difference in the long run. Next time you plan to expose your flocks to those heat waves don’t forget it is the worst enemy for your hairs. Letting them settle in open air, without tying them in bands will let your scalp and hair breath freely.  

Shikakai Powder

Shikakai-Pods2It needs to be a must in your hair care system. Shikakai is a shrub that grows in India. Shikakai has pooled fame globally for its cleansing properties and it also stimulates hair growth. Shikakai can be used as a hair mask or lather free shampoo which will boost the hair growth and make them strong.

Our ancestors have used Shikakai for centuries, it’s time we repeat history. Looking back to ancient days we realise Shikakai, Reetha, Amla were excessively used by ancestors. The secret to their long hair was nonetheless these magical medicinal herbs which are highly ignored in current era.


Avoid Hair Colour.

Exposing your Hair every few months to those harsh colouring process cause irreparable damage. These chemical based solutions prompts breakage, make them rough and lead to dullness. Instead try to replace these chemical based colours with henna treatments. You will be glad to make this change. Henna nourishes your hair, softens the texture and stimulates growth. Natural remedies and treatment are always healthier than chemical method.

Do not brush wet Hairs

Daily brushing haves ample of benefits, like it removes dirt, dust and also pump up blood circulation. But do not use brush directly after shower as it will promote breakage. Also use smooth toothed brush which is not hard and harsh on scalp. Your selection of comb or brush has a direct impact on your manes. Also when you are combing start from the ends and gently move towards the roots. Combing helps you get rid of knots and tangles but you need to be gentle with your hairs.


Drink Plenty of Water and Drinks

can-you-drink-too-much-water1Stay hydrated. Water helps the body to flush out the toxics speedier, which is a natural formula for faster hair growth. On the off chance that you drink around some 8 glass of water a day, your body will feel healthier as well as your hair will get more grounded. Including fresh juices will be an add-on to improved hair.

Try to drink different fresh juices everyday as it will supply all the required minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants to your body. Including fresh juices in your diet can actually meet all your hair needs. Carrot, cucumber and Aloe Vera juice are rich in minerals which are favourable for manes.

Hair is the first thing individuals notice when you walk in. Long, thick, bouncy, flawlessly voluminous hair has a tendency to be an indication of essentialness and energy put into maintain them. You have to take efforts to make those strands stronger and longer. Even those of us who are honoured with a thick and long hair need to put some exertion into making it look great.

If you religiously follow the tips we offer, very soon you will conquer long hair dream. If you work on your lifestyle, eat healthy, drink plenty of water, do regular workout, get a peaceful sleep, oil your manes regularly you will appreciate the transformation in your locks. Don’t forget “Hair is fibre, much like wool” and needs care and attention. Most of us aren’t as kind to our tresses as we should be. It’s time we change our habits and move towards the essentials required for long and strong hair.