How To Use Fenugreek Seeds For Hair?

How To Use Fenugreek Seeds For Hair?

dfHair problems torment the people and do not spare the young or the old. The home remedies are most sought after as they appeal to the crowd because of the below benefits:

Ease of preparation and use

Minimal or zero side effects

Cost effective

Fenugreek seeds are natural healers to a lot of ailments of the human body. It is readily available for a quick use and has a whole lot of benefits contained within it. The Nicotinic acid property of Fenugreek promotes hair growth and hence these are certain remedies for baldness and thicker hair. Since fenugreek seeds are natural and can be home grown, the benefits that come with the natural remedies apply to the usage with fenugreek seeds.


Dry Fenugreek Powder

The very quickest way to use fenugreek seeds is to grind them fine into a powder (use dry seeds for the same). You can mix one teaspoon of this finely ground fenugreek powder in 2 teaspoons of oil and make it into a paste. This paste can then be gently applied to areas of baldness or hair loss. The paste can be left on the area till it dries and can then be washed off using a mild shampoo. For frequent uses, you can store this powder so as to repeat the process for favourable results.

Fenugreek paste

Soaked fenugreek seeds can be utilised to make various hair masks in order to treat hair problems like dandruff. Many feel that the bitterness associated to the fenugreek is a reason for dandruff removal and scalp cleaning. A similar product that one can recollect are the neem leaves.

Soak fenugreek seeds overnight and strain them off the water in the morning. The strained water can be utilized to wash your hair. Let not the fenugreek water is washed away with shampoo immediately. Leave it on for a few hours before it is washed off. It serves as a natural conditioner and helps the hair get a smoother texture. It also boosts the volume of the hair.

The soaked fenugreek seeds can be ground to a smooth paste and be applied to the scalp of the hair. This makes the simplest of the hair masks and treats the root follicles for better hair and for a faster healthy growth. If there are scalp problems to be treated such as the dandruff, apply the fenugreek paste with a teaspoon of lemon juice added. Lemon and fenugreek act strongly against the dry flakes on the scalp and reduce the itchiness. Repeated masking of the scalp with this paste heals the scalp of the dandruff.


Fenugreek paste with coconut oil

An alternate hair mask with fenugreek is possible. The fenugreek paste can be mixed with coconut milk and applied on the scalp and the hair. Leave this mask on for a full 30 to 45 mins before it is washed off with a mild shampoo. This mask if followed diligently would result in bouncy and voluminous hair.

Fenugreek seeds with raw coconut water

An age old technique of using fenugreek seeds with coconut is available. Take a coconut and make a hole on this in one of its eyes. Take care that you do not spill the coconut water while making this hole. Once you have a hole big enough to drop fenugreek seeds, put 2 teaspoons of fenugreek seeds into the coconut.

Seal the hole with dough made from wheat flour or maida flour (just to ensure it is airtight). Keep the coconut upright to avoid spilling of the coconut water. Let the seeds soak in the coconut water overnight. The very next day,

Gently split the coconut and you will observe that the seeds are now fully soaked with the nutrients from the coconut water. Grind this into a fine paste and use the same as a hair mask. Add lemon if you need to treat the dandruff problem as said above.


Fenugreek paste with curry leaves

Curry-Leaves-For-Hair-GrowthAnother excellent use of the fenugreek seeds are when they are made into a paste along with curry leaves and applied subsequently as a hair pack. The nutritive value of curry leaves for long hair coupled with the medicinal properties of fenugreek seeds blends together and gives Indian women the long and luscious dark mane that they are ever proud of.

Fenugreek paste with curd / yoghurt

Curd has quite a good cleansing ability and hence curd mixed along with fenugreek seed paste can be applied on the scalp for the treatment of dry flakes on the scalp and fungal infections that lead to loss of hair. Ensure that the paste is applied very gently and leave this pack on for at least 2 hours.

The pack can be removed with lukewarm water and rinsed off. Curd in the pack cleanses the scalp and the fenugreek seeds prevent further damage to the scalp. In addition it also conditions the hair excellently.

Fenugreek paste with egg whites

egg whiteFenugreek seeds when made into a paste can also be mixed with an egg white. Egg whites have the inbuilt conditioning ability for the hair. Mix well an egg white with fenugreek paste. Ensure that the egg white is fully blended as it can turn out to be very slimy if not blended well. Apply the mixture as a pack to the hair and be left on for at least 2 hours.

Wash off the sliminess of the fenugreek paste and the egg white using lukewarm water and a mild shampoo. Repeat this for weeks to see great results. The hair is long and shiny due to natural conditioning that the egg whites give to the hair; the fenugreek seeds help in boosting the hair growth immensely.

In all of the above steps, it is enough that the hair packs is rinsed off with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo if needed. The hair packs with the fenugreek seeds have natural conditioning ability to make your hair silkier and smoother. Fenugreek seeds are the most vital ingredient whenever you want to attend to a hair problem concerning dandruff or itchy scalp.


Fenugreek seeds – Home-made hair oil

fenugreekA regular habit that you can inculcate to use fenugreek seeds for hair care is to prepare home based oil for your hair with them. In olden times, the women of the household heat coconut oil with curry leaves, dried hibiscus leaves or petals, fenugreek seeds, shallots and a little pepper.This oil is cooled, strained and stored for daily use. The oil is a natural coolant for the body and assists in hair growth.

The stress and food habits of today’s men and women results in a lot of hair loss and this simple quick remedy assists in a great way. Replace your hair serums and store brought oil canisters with this home based oil. You will visibly see natural hair growth and alleviates sinusitis that can occur to increased stress and sweating of the hair. Occasional massaging of the scalp with this oil can stimulate the roots of the hair and assist the hair follicles to grow. New sprouts of small hairs will be a sure vision to witness.

Fenugreek seeds or Methi seeds do not just serve as an external applicant for hair treatments. When consumed as part of the food, it immunizes the whole body and its iron rich properties help in the growth of hair. Fenugreek leaves are consumed as delicious dishes in parathas and in other North Indian delicacies as well.