She Followed 5 Daily Routine to Boost Hair Growth Which Includes Herbal...

She Followed 5 Daily Routine to Boost Hair Growth Which Includes Herbal Massage, Vitamin Intake etc.

my-6-months-hair-growth-challenge-update-11Our hair is like a crowning glory when it comes to our looks. Having long, lustrous, thicker and healthy tresses is the dream every girl sees but majority of us end up having dull, rough and lifeless locks. Because of our hectic lifestyle and use of chemical products, exposure to pollutants and ever increasing level of stress, getting lengthy hair has become a challenge.

Maintaining lengthy, lustrous tresses is not a simple task. It takes dedicated and effective hair care regime that should be simple to follow, considering today’s hectic schedule. If you are dreaming about getting lengthy locks like Rapunzel’s, here we have some important tips which will help you grow your hair longer and thicker.


1.A Perfect Diet :

When considering re-growth of hair, you can easily rely on many of the simplest and effective solutions available at your doorstep. While it does not ascertain fast growth, it would certainly be advantageous in assisting the process. There are a lot of reasons that counts for effectiveness of a healthy and balanced diet. It keeps hair healthy and no doubt the healthier it will be, faster the growth will be. Additionally, a healthy diet helps in adding thickness and volume to hair, giving you the feel of lengthy hair.

A good diet to nourish your scalp and hair includes whole grain products, broccoli, yogurts, carrots, nuts and fruit. Feeding yourself with unhealthy meals can result in secretion of unhealthy oils that could damage your scalp and hair. Unhealthy, brittle and damaged hair is very difficult to manage.

Also, it looks unappealing, lifeless and dull. Including a healthy diet on your daily schedule can be a simple solution. However, it demands from you lots of persistence to carry on. However, if you choose to have balanced diet to help your hair grow, the results would be really wonderful.

2.Use Wide-Toothed Comb :

high-quality-Hair-Care-Massage-air-Flat-Comb-Brush-Wide-tooth-Pin-Reduce-Hair-Loss-Healthy.jpg_640x640Experts usually advice to replace your fine toothed comb with a wide-toothed one. When your hairs are dry, start combing your locks from the bottom, moving upside progressively. This can help you prevent unnecessary hair loss. Keeping your hair tugged constantly and in a careless manner may result in physical injury, promoting hair loss. Broad bristle brushes will also work great for dispensing the natural skin oils down the scalp to hair.

It is advised to brush your hair twice each day. Comb before going to bed. This will improve blood circulation towards the scalp while you are sleeping (everyone knows our hair grows probably the most when we are lost in dreams).

3.Vitamins :

Vitamin-FoodsAmong the finest methods that help strengthening your hair and improve their health rapidly is consuming vitamins. Taking care of hair in a proper manner is no doubt the best way, but consuming vitamins might help accelerate the hair growth procedure. Hair supplements available are easy to consume, plus they offer wonderful results.

You are required to take daily dosage of Folate pills along with Biotin hair re-growth. This will provide strength to hair and add some visible volume. Vitamins A, E, and C are considered to be ideal for smooth, lustrous hair. Of course, have a discussion with your physician before you try to change your diet or add supplements to your daily routine. Many of these products are easy to get and are ideal for ensuring healthy and quick growth of your hairs.


4.Let’s eat some onions!

Yes, onions! This food is an ideal pick to be incorporated in your routine to allow your hair look as healthy as possible. Whenever your tresses are in their healthiest condition, it will automatically grow faster and become longer. This mixture is a must thing you should put on your hair and it ought to be applied any time you wish to wash your locks. However, do not apply this mixture if you are applying hair dying items, as it might strip off the colour.

To prepare the paste, take 4 garlic cloves and a red onion along with 2 bits of cinnamon. Boil all three ingredients and allow them to cool down to 70 degrees. After this gently rub the mixture over your hair. After keeping it for fifteen minutes, wash off your hair gently using tepid to warm water. The purpose of this mixture is to make your hair get thicker while keeping your hair strands from breaking off in the end.

Like a long term solution, this solution enables hair to grow longer. It will also allow it to look thicker at a faster rate. By providing to your hair these vitamins and nutrients, you actually nourish it and help it to develop faster while appearing healthy and full.

5.Herbal Massage :

Calendula Herbal OilWhenever you massage your hair with oil, you’re actually feeding it with the vitamins and nutrients it requires. Additionally, it also makes your hair look shinier when used. Many people do not like to oil hair frequently. Rather than using it multiple times a day, you can just give your scalp a gentle massage using warm oil.

Use oils like coconut oil, castor oil, or essential olive oil that could work wonderfully on almost all types of hair. This nourishes hair, allowing them to get desired strength. Consequently, you will see your hair will start growing at a considerably faster rate as a result of these hair re-growth oils.

6.Exercise :

Butt-exerciseI’m a firm believer in working out for not one but millions of different reasons. Out of all one is hair re-growth. Allegedly it helps in improving circulation of blood, promoting fast hair growth.

7.Stop Mistreating Your Hair With Styling Tools :

The greatest causes that lead to brittle and damaged hair is application of too hot tools. Give a break to over-styling your hair. Rather, adopt some of the natural methods to straighten or curve hair.Addressing your hair to styling items in excessive amount, use of harmful chemicals as well as heat are primary reasons that cause hair thinning.

It cuts down on the thickness, and forces hair to lose its natural sheen, making it look dull and dry. Keep yourself at a distance from different straightening/curling tools. Try to limit blow drying your hair. If you wish to add curls or straighten your hair, look out for some natural techniques that are less dangerous.


8.Taters :

You might be thinking about “Potatoes? How can a potato be actually helpful in growing out my hair faster?” Although it might sound surprising to you, taters are ideal for stimulating hair growth. It’s not that you take an entire potato, rub it in your hair and expect to see results. To ensure it will work for you, you need to place three taters inside a juicer to extract all its juice.

Then, add to the juice one egg yolk, a little water and a teaspoon of honey. Take this mixture and apply over moist hair. After allowing it to rest for half an hour, wash off gently with tepid to warm water. It is also advisable to get laser hair removal treatment once in a week for several weeks. This is counted among the best natural home remedies which is really simple yet effective. You’re sure to witness amazing results following a few days of doing this.

9.Do not Shampoo your Hairs Daily :

shampooIt does seem awful; many women don’t use conditioner, which is the nastiest thing you are doing with your hair especially when you are trying to grow them stronger and longer. It is in fact shampoo that you must skip as much as you can. Here’s why: Main reason of shampoo is to clean your hair from product build-up and dirt, but it can also wash away necessary natural oils that keep hair healthy and soft along with it.

10.Oil Treatment :

Hot-Oil-Treatment-For-Damaged-Hair-HomemadeHairs that are long up to your shoulders or afar can be some years old and mainly needs more TLC than another normal conditioner. Experts suggest using moisture based oils and masks weekly. Oils can leave a scum on hair, apply it to damp hair, and leave it on for 10 minutes, then shampoo and condition as normal.

11.Brushing the hair :

brushing-hairBrushing the hair before and after washing it enhances blood circulation to the scalp and split the best nutrients in the hair more equally. Do not brush your hair when your hair is wet.

12.Supplements :

You can use hair growth vitamin supplements for your hair, when you are not able to cover your dietary requirements in your regular diet. Vitamin H, C, and A; plus, zinc, copper protein (keratin), iron and silica help in the search for longer and healthy hair.


13.Natural methods :

Aloe Vera is the best thing to use for your hair for making it grow longer and thicker. Mix an egg with Aloe Vera and massage it on your hair as a treatment. Let this Aloe Vera and egg combination sit for about 15 minutes, after this wash it off using a mild shampoo. Use it on regular basis for desired results.

For all those who wish to have longer hair, it’s time to give these tips a shot. By using these natural home remedies for hair re-growth, you’re sure to see wonderful results in a couple of days. The easiest way to get the hair growing like anything is to ensure they get as healthy as possible.

Incorporate in your lifestyle a couple of those techniques to stimulate your hair develop at a significantly faster rate. No doubt hair plays a significant role in our beauty. To be able to look gorgeous and appealing, we have to have healthy, thick and lengthy hair. Thankfully, now everybody can have such hair by incorporating these natural home remedies.