10 Major Causes Of Hair Fall –Find What Leads To Your Hair...

10 Major Causes Of Hair Fall –Find What Leads To Your Hair Loss!

vsvsHair fall today is a major concern among men and women. People experience acute loss of confidence, because of hair fall and bald patches. Both the genders begin to shed hair at a very tender age of 30 and there about, which is a major setback to their appearance. While there can be several reasons for hair fall, it will be worthy to identify the 10 major ones and design a roadmap to fix them. The list goes as follows-

1 Hereditary

Many men and women are bound to get bald patches or hair fall at a particular age. This phenomenon is largely inherited from the ancestors. When we inherit some great qualities from our ancestors, some common problems like hair fall can also be a family tradition.

It is a common tendency of genes or hormones to react in a particular way, leading to bald patches or hair lines or excessive hair fall. Hereditary hair fall is obvious and unfortunately not much can be done to reverse this particular phenomenon.

2 Physical or mental stress

Stress has become a common friend for many individuals in this lightning fast life schedule. There are two types of stress, which many people are actually unaware of. Physical stress is related to an accident or any incident, which has caused physical damage to an individual. Pregnancy can also be a cause for temporary physical stress.

Women often complain excess hair loss during pregnancy. There is no need to panic as it is temporary and it will stop once you deliver the baby. Trauma, pain, stress about the incident leads to physical stress, which can lead to hair loss. This is a temporary phenomenon and should resolve once the hurt body part is healed.

Mental stress is a much more serious type of stress that can lead to persistent hair fall for a longer period of time. There are so many things to get worried about in life and constant worries add up to stress. Emotional or mental stress can be regarded as a major reason for hair fall at a tender age of 30-35 years or there about.

3 Excess and deficiency of vitamins

Vitamins are essential for body growth and development. However, excess or deficiency of certain vitamins can cause adverse effects. For instance, excess of Vitamin A is considered to be one of the reasons that trigger temporary hair fall.

On the other hand, deficiency of Vitamin B could lead to hair fall. This truly emphasizes on the need for balanced diet, which has good proportion of vitamins, nothing in excess and nothing in lower quantities too.

4 Iron deficiency

Iron deficiency is a major problem, which is currently being faced by a lot of women. Good 30% of women between the age of 25-35 years are known to be deficient with iron content in their body. Iron deficiency could also lead to hair loss, temporary and permanent as well. It is essential to maintain sufficient levels of iron. Take assistance of a doctor and take iron supplements if necessary, to maintain desired levels of iron in your body.

5 Protein deficiency

Proteins are extremely essential for body building and equally for hair growth too. Protein rich food prevents hair loss and has numerous health benefits. Deficiency of Protein, which is commonly seen in malnourished or under nourished people, lead to significant hair loss. Ensure you add fish, meat, eggs, milk, beans, etc., in your diet to prevent such deficiencies.

6 Disease prone people

People prone to certain diseases are also likely to experience hair loss. Disease by itself might cause hair loss or the reason behind the disease might always be the reason for hair loss too. For instance, anaemia which is deficiency of red blood cells is caused by lack of iron in the body. As discussed earlier iron deficiency leads to hair fall and hence, people infected with anaemia often complain about hair fall.

Hypothyroidism is another disease, which induces hair fall. When the glands in the throat stop functioning in an appropriate manner, hypothyroidism might occur. Hypothyroidism might actually be a hereditary disease and can lead to excessive stress due to anger and various other hyper activities.

7 Improper maintenance of hair

Hair is surely an asset that enhances an individual’s appearance. Assets do require maintenance and effort. Often in the busy schedule, hair maintenance goes for a toss and the hair begins losing some great texture and qualities. 35% of people have observed hair fall once they have failed to oil, shampoo and maintain their hair efficiently.

In addition to hair fall, they experience various other problems like dandruff and infection, which does no good to existing hair fall issues. Regularly oiling, shampooing of hair could help minimize infections and keep the scalp clean and healthy. Such procedures are known to induce swift hair growth in the long run too. Hence, emphasizing on the need for maintaining hair, even in the busiest schedules, is extremely important.

8 Harsh treatment to hair

Hair is probably even more sensitive than the skin of our body. It is important to avoid use of harsh chemicals on hair for styling needs. Gel or spray liquids that are quite commonly used to set a particular hairstyle for long durations are actually quite harsh on the hairs.

Hot equipment like straightener, blow dryer, etc., do no good to hair and can cause severe damage. Using hair dryers, iron straighteners, curlers, etc., cause a great deal of damage to the hair. These procedures have short as well as long term impact on hair loss, which will require great deal of effort to be fixed or reversed.

9 Dramatic weight loss

Weight loss too soon or in a dramatic manner is bound to have some side effects. One of them is hair loss. During the course of dramatic weight loss, one might be deprived of some essential nutrients and growth elements, which directly influences the growth and development of the hair. One might also be over stressed during the dramatic weight loss schedule, which could finally lead to hair loss.

Losing weight excessively is not advised by doctors or dieticians due to these side-effects. Keep your hairs in mind before experimenting with instant weight loss diet plans.

10 Side-effects of medicines and chemotherapy

Certain medications or medicines lead to temporary or permanent hair loss. Popular cancer therapies result in brisk hair fall, which can be recovered once the therapy is stopped. There are many other medicines and chemotherapy procedures that are used for specific cures, but lead to temporary or permanent hair loss. Inappropriate medicine doses could also lead to hair problems.

It is important to take chemotherapies or high power medicines on advice of doctors/experts, realizing all possible side effects of the same.

The list might well go on, but the above listed 10 are the major ones that could impact your hairs adversely. Some of the causes can be fixed quite instantly, while others require consistent maintenance and care. Maintenance and care of hairs is essential irrespective of whether you have hair fall or not. If you want to avoid hair fall and keep your hairs as an attraction and a confidence boost, do not forget to nourish and care for your hair every day!