Do’s And Don’ts Of Shampooing Hair Using Step By Step Method

Do’s And Don’ts Of Shampooing Hair Using Step By Step Method

featuredFirst impression is the last impression. Good and healthy hair leaves a good impression on others, that we take utmost care of our hair. Healthy, shiny and bouncy hair makes you stand out in the crowd. Some of us are blessed with shiny and long hair, while others too crave for long, thick and shiny hairs to look more beautiful and gorgeous. By taking good care of our hair, we can make them healthy but by shampooing the hairs in the right manner, we can make them look shiny and bouncy as well.

We often don’t realize that we are shampooing our hair incorrectly, thus making them damaged and dry. Washing our hair too often also leads to hair damage, because the more we wash them the more oil our hair produces. There are different kinds of shampoo available in the market for both men and women, and the most essential thing is to choose the right shampoo for our hair type. After shampoo, conditioning of our hair is also of utmost important. Combination of both shampoo and conditioner, and using them in the correct manner is the most essential step toward making our hair look at its best.

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Thus here in this article, we are stating the correct tips to shampoo our hair and make them look thick, shiny and healthy:

Comb your Hair:

image-1Majority of the dead cells and dirt on your hair gets removed, by combining your hair before you bath. Combing before shampoo thus becomes really important, and it also lessens your efforts when you are shampooing them.

Rinse your Hair:

image-2Rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water before you shampoo. Lukewarm water helps to open up the cuticles, which in turn remove all the dirt that is accumulated in the hair. Your soaked hair opens up the oil glands from the scalp, and is able to absorb the oil of the conditioner, making them shiny and healthy. But remember to use only lukewarm water and not hot water, because hot water dries up your scalp and bring hair fall problems.

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Condition first if you have long hair:

image-3If your hair falls below your shoulders, then it is always advisable to condition your hair first before applying shampoo. The ends of the hair start drying faster, which causes splitting of the hair. Conditioner fills the cuticle with sufficient moisture and oil, protecting them from splitting and makes your hair shinier and stronger. Simply take a little amount of conditioner in your palms and use your hands to massage it gently in your hair, specially the ends of the hair. Then rinse it off with water after 2 minutes.

Apply Shampoo:

image-4The most important step is to shampoo your hair. Take out some shampoo in your palms, and dilute it with little amount of water. Rub the diluted shampoo in your palms, and with the help of your finger massage the shampoo to the roots of the hair, till the time heavy foam if formed. Don’t ever rub the shampoo to the scalps with your palms, they might lead to breaking the cuticles and make your hair rough. Keep your fingers light while massaging, and avoid nail contact to the scalp. Remember, apply more quantity of shampoo to the roots of your hair and lesser at the ends of the hair. Let the shampoo remain in your hair for just a minute.

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Rinse off the Shampoo:

image-5After shampooing, rinse off the shampoo using water. Use your fingers to remove all the shampoo from your scalp. If by any chance, hair is not rinsed properly and shampoo particles remain in your hair, your scalp may become dry thus leading to damaging your hair. So, very carefully and gently rinse off the shampoo using vertical strokes, and squeeze out excess water from the ends of your hair.

Re-application of Shampoo:

image-6If your hair is not properly washed, then re-apply shampoo with half the amount of shampoo previously taken. Once the foam is formed, wash immediately and properly. Generally, re-application of shampoo is required in long hair. However, washing your hair frequently and daily may lead to dry and brittle hair, and the hairs natural oil washes away. Shampoo your hair only when you feel they are greasy.

Apply Conditioner:

After rinsing off the shampoo from your hair, squeeze out excess water from your hair. Then apply conditioner on your hair from mid length to the ends. Remember, not to apply conditioner on your scalps as they have sufficient oil present. With the help of your palms, apply the conditioner on your hair and clip it up. You may also wear a shower cap and finish off with your shower. The longer the conditioner remains in your hair, the better it is for the hair shine. The cuticle gets enough time to absorb its oil, and build the hair stronger.

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Rinse with Cold Water:

image-8After finishing with your bath, open the clipped hair and rinse it with cold water. Cold water tightens the cuticles and pores of your hair, and gives them ultimate shine and strength.

Dry your Hair:

image-9Don’t rub your hair roughly to squeeze out the water, but simply pat dry and roll the towel in your head to absorb excess water. Until and unless it is an emergency, avoid using blower to dry your hair. Blow dryers can damage your hair, if used regularly.

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image-10Never ever comb wet hair, as it may lead to hair fall issues. Let your hair dry on its own, and then comb your hair gently. Even if you are in a habit of using a blower, use it only on dry hair and not damp hair. Using blower on damp hair, damages your hair to a great extent. Combing your hair again and again would prevent dandruff from arising, and will forever keep your hair shiny and bouncy.

These were the basic hair washing guidelines, which each one of us should follow. With growing age, the quantity of our hair diminishes, because of several hair fall and damaging problems. With proper step by step hair wash, the life and strength of our hair last longer. There are certain things that we should always keep in our mind. Firstly, we should avoid washing our hair daily as the oil from the scalps does not get sufficient time to reach the ends, thus leading to dandruff problems. If your hair is oily, and gets oily the very next day of washing, then it is advisable to either tie a knot or make a bun. You may wash on alternate days if required.

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Secondly, don’t take excess shampoo or conditioner in one go to shampoo your hair. If required, then re-apply diluted shampoo, but take little at a time. Massage shampoo on the scalps, and conditioner on the ends of your hair. They would bring glow and shine to your hair. Thirdly, use lukewarm water to rinse off the shampoo and cold water to remove the conditioner. This would prevent breakage and dryness of your hair. For people with colored hair, it is suggested not to over rinse your hair, as rinsing too much makes the color to fade and makes them look dull.