hairChamomile is an extraordinary herb that originates from a blooming plant daisy family that is utilized for a large number of years and principally knows for its dozing and stomach issue recuperating properties. Chamomile tea has been perceived for its medical, beauty and hair advantages. Chamomile tea has been found to benefit hair in several ways from restoring its shine to stopping abnormal, massive hair loss. So here are some benefits of chamomile tea for healthy hair.

Promotes hair re-growth

ba_037_38Chamomile tea assists in preventing inflammatory condition, promote re-growth of hair and raise the generation of collagen protein within the body. The antiseptic ingredients in chamomile tea remove dead cells and impurities that may block hair follicles, preventing their clogging and allowing hairs to grow again.

Eliminates dandruff

dandruffChamomile is also found to be highly effectual in preventing and eliminating dandruff. Not only chamomile tea hair rinse will help fight dandruff, sooth scalp irritation and nourish your hair, but it can also add beautiful shine and golden glow to otherwise dull looking locks.

Best for oily hair

Oily-HairCompounds found in chamomile tea can balance the pH levels of the scalp, normalizing the oil production. It acts as an astringent, regulating the production of oil and preventing the accumulation of excess sebum on the scalp. It also nourishes and hydrates the hair.

Strengthens the damaged hair

Hair-01Chamomile tea is rich in vitamin C and E which ensure a shiny and soft hair and protect against the damage caused. Also, these ingredients are known to strengthen the hair and restore the health of dry, damaged hair.

Prevents split ends

0315_split_ends_700x400Chamomile tea is very efficient in preventing split ends. This tea along with antioxidants helps in strengthening hair and prevents breakage.

Retains natural hair color

If you have darker hair this tea helps in restoring its luster and natural darkness, as besides coloring the gray hair, chamomile tea can also bring out the natural highlights of black and dark brown hair. A chamomile tea rinse brightens up the blonde hair instantly. If combined with henna, it makes natural highlights for dark hair as well.

Chamomile rinse for smooth hair


To take advantage of chamomile tea benefits for hair, you can simply rinse your with this tea after using a regular shampoo- your hair will look shinier and softer or it can be added to various hair masks and homemade hair treatments. Furthermore subsequently on account of its remarkable properties, it is viewed as an undeniable healthy skin and hair treatment.

Promotes healthy hair growth


It is found to speed up hair growth and excellent for relieving the most common hair problems. It can increase the metabolism and higher metabolic rate leads to faster hair growth and can increase blood’s circulation to the scalp and stimulate hair’s growth by providing higher amounts of nutrients and oxygen. For restoring hair’s health and beauty, chamomile tea can be used both internally and externally.

Other teas you can use for a healthier and beautiful hair are green tea, black tea, and rooibos tea, peppermint tea that helps in strengthening the hair, boosting hair growth, fighting hair loss and making it look shinier and healthier.

Chamomile tea benefits are numerous, but you should be wary of drinking too much of it, as it can also upset you your stomach and cause diarrhea. You should also avoid chamomile tea if you are pregnant, as it can act as a uterine stimulant. Ask your doctor if chamomile tea is a safe and healthy choice for you, before including it into your daily diet. It is a natural cure and has various hostile to aggravation, calming and against microbial properties.