She Rubs Aloe Vera On Her Hair to Promote Hair Growth And...

She Rubs Aloe Vera On Her Hair to Promote Hair Growth And it made Her Hair Shiny Too…

featuredAloe Vera is a wonder plant, which has taken the beauty industry by storm, due to its various uses in a variety of cosmetics, right from the hair to the foot. Though the Aloe Vera plant has been in existence for more than centuries, the wide and commercial usage of aloe and its benefits are known to the world just recently. The major reason the plant thrives in any climate is that, animals and various insects, cannot feed on its leaves due to the prickly texture of the leaves and bitter taste.

The aloe plant is a native of North America and grows in any kind of climate. This can be potted easily, and is a major source of all the necessary nutrients needed for the body. The health benefits and the cosmetic benefits of aloe gel are innumerable and endless. In fact aloe plant is also very cost effective and can be grown without much extra effort. This is the major reason why it is used as an herbal medicine in India and China since ages.

Aloe gel is known to be a very good hair tonic due to the presence of various Vitamins like A, B, C and E. This article throws light on the same and the various benefits of rubbing aloe gel on hair and the scalp.

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Benefits of Aloe Vera on hair:

Control Hair fall:

image-1As we already mentioned aloe plant is abundant in Vitamin C, which is very much essential and needed for hair growth and controlling hair fall. The gel of aloe plant has all the essential properties to control hair fall in a short period of time and promote hair growth.

Aloe gel can be applied on to the hair directly and washed off after some time, or it can be mixed with coconut oil and applied on the hair. Doing this regularly and massaging the scalp will definitely control hair fall and lend thickness to the hair.

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Prevents itching:

image-2Due to its highly natural moisturizing nature, aloe gel is known to provide relief from severe itching in the scalp. It reduces the sebum or oil content of the hair, which is known to be the major source for itchy scalp. Regular application of fresh aloe gel is known to provide quick relief from severe itching of the scalp.

Promotes hair growth:

image-3The continuous application of aloe gel is known to promote thick hair growth. Aloe gel can be applied on to the hair and massaged thoroughly. The aloe gel can be applied as it is or it can be either mixed with castor oil or coconut oil or almond oil too. Also it can be mixed with egg for extra benefits and thick hair growth.

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Cools the scalp:

Due to its slimy and gel like texture, it can be used as an excellent coolant for the hair. In this fast paced life, where stress and tensions are the order of the day, aloe gel acts as an effective coolant to the scalp. Aloe gel can be applied on to the scalp at any time of the day and this is known to provide the scalp an immediate cooling effect. For more effective cooling properties, the aloe gel has to be left on the scalp overnight.

Reduces Dandruff:

image-5Due to the antiviral and antifungal properties in it, the aloe plant and its gel is known to reduce dandruff and prevent the recurrence of dandruff in the scalp. Regular application of aloe gel on to the scalp, kills the bacteria and micro organisms which cause dandruff, and provides quick relief from the irritation and itching sensation.

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Soothes the scalp:

Aloe gel is also known to soothe the scalp due to the presence of vitamin E in it. The scalp will be soothed of the severe irritation and itching, due to the constant scratching of the head and the scalp in particular. It is also known to provide quick relief from cuts and bruises on the head and scalp.

Repairs hair damage:

image-7Due to its watery texture, aloe gel is known to repair hair damage. Hair is known to be very sensitive, and now a day’s many chemical based products are flooding the market. Due to the high usage of the chemical based products on the hair, they are known to lose their natural shine and sheen. To prevent hair damage and repair the hair, aloe gel is recommended. The gel has to be applied on the length of the hair and the tips in particular, to prevent the hair from splitting and becoming coarse and rough.

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Conditions the hair:

Aloe gel can be used as an excellent conditioner for the hair. The aloe gel conditions the hair and lends it a smooth and silky feeling. The aloe stem can be cut and the gel can be applied on wet or damp hair, starting from the root to the tip. Alternatively, after washing the hair, the aloe gel can be applied on to wet hair and wrapped with a towel. The gel has to stay on the hair for a minimum of twenty minutes. Later washing the hair with a mild shampoo is definitely helpful for hair to get that silky smooth feeling.

Softens the curls:

image-9Those who have severe curly frizzy and unmanageable hair, aloe gel are the best solution to soften their curls and make their hair manageable. To make this, a glass of plain water, aloe gel of substantial quantity and a few drops of any essential oil are needed. The freshly cut aloe gel and water has to be blended well using a hand or electric blender to a smooth consistency. And once the desired consistency is achieved, a few drops of essential oil like lavender or rosemary can be added for extra fragrance. This liquid can be stored in spay bottles and sprayed on the hair as and when necessary. It is for sure to control the frizz in the hair and also helps in softening the curls.

Leave in conditioner:

image-10Aloe gel has numerous endless benefits. The gel of the aloe plant can be used as a leave in conditioner. It can be either used on damp or wet hair and dry hair too. A plastic spray bottle is needed for this. The spray bottle has to be filled with aloe gel which is squeezed from freshly cut aloe leaf. This gel has to be mixed with a few teaspoons of glycerin. Spraying this mixture on the hair and combing it thoroughly makes the hair free of knots and lends the hair a superb shine. This spray is extremely beneficial for people with severe dry and over processed stylized hair.

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Hair mask:

image-11As we already said, the benefits of this tiny leaf and its plant are endless and unlisted. The aloe gel can be used as a protective hair mask. Freshly taken aloe gel has to be mixed with either coconut oil or avocado fruit or banana or it can also be mixed with egg and mayonnaise, and can be used as a protective hair mask. Doing so regularly will definitely help the hair in all ways.

Remedy for colored hair:

image-12Aloe gel can be used as an excellent soothing cream, to treat the roughness caused due to excessive use of hair colors and hair dyes. The aloe gel can be mixed with Shea butter and applied on the hair and tips of the hair, once the hair is colored or styled. Applying the Shea aloe mix will definitely nullify the negative effects caused due to excessive use of hair colors and hair dyes, and lends the hair a beautiful soft and shiny look.

So, these were some of the benefits of using Aloe vera gel on your hairs. Aloe vera gel not only gives you soft and silky hairs, but solves most of the hair related issues as well. So, what are you waiting for? Just rub this aloe vera gel on your hairs and get long, thick and lustrous hairs.

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