5 Wonderful Home Remedies for Dry Hair

5 Wonderful Home Remedies for Dry Hair

beauty-tip-frizzy-hairHair maintenance is no joke and it’s not easy to come across really effective home remedies for dry hair. Dry hair comes with a lot of trouble that several kinds of grooming might also not be able to solve. Dry hair tends to get rough with time and things get worse with split ends.

And if you are the kind whose hair is prone to tangles, then it can get really annoying. Lack of oiling and moistening can make your hair even drier and lead to loss of shine and softness. Needless to say, if you ignore the problem of dryness in your hair, it might lead to chronic hair loss. Did you know that dry hair not only causes to hair loss, it can also lead to the problem of dandruff.

Ever wondered what causes dryness in your hair? Hair tends to become rough and dry when hair shafts fail to absorb or retain the required amount of moisture. This makes your hair brittle by resulting in hair breakage and gives that unflattering lackluster appearance.A lot of things can lead to this problem. So of them can be illness, nutritional deficiency, usage of hair products that are high on chemicals, excessive shampooing or hair washing, exposure to sun, chlorinated water, and frequent blow drying.

This is exactly why it’s extremely important to take good care of your hair, maintain a healthy and nutritious diet, use quality hair care products and reduce the usage of heated styling tools or hair dyeing/coloring products. If your hair seems dull, tangled, and rough and if your scalp feels itchy – then these are some of the most common symptoms of the fact that you are suffering from dry hair.

Don’t start fretting and getting into the habit of bombarding yourself with a horde of chemical treatments. Instead you should opt for natural remedies as they can effectively treat your dry strands. In this article, we will tell you about some of the effective home remedies for dry hair.

Hot Oil Massage


This is an age old remedy that effectively treats and prevents dry and damaged hair. This helps in improving your scalp’s blood circulation, stimulates the sebaceous glands to increase the production of sebum which acts as a natural protective layer for your beloved hair.

Wondering why hot oil when you can directly massage your hair with normal oil? This is because hot oil makes sure that the oil penetrates properly to each and every root of your hair. It is a great remedy for providing nourishment to your hair for it transfers also the key nutrients in the oil to your hair and scalp. It lubricates your dry hair and puts an end to your hair’s roughness. For best results, massage your hair and scalp with hot air at least twice or thrice a week.


Coconut, almond, or olive mail


Take about 4 tablespoon of any of these oils and heat it a little

  • Make sure that you just warm the oil and not bring it to a boiling temperature
  • Apply it all over your scalp and gently massage it all over
  • Massage for at least 15 minutes and let the oil get absorbed by your scalp and leave it for about 2 hours
  • You can also leave it overnight for a better effect
  • After this wash your hair with a mild shampoo followed by a conditioner



Vinegar is definitely one of the most effective natural conditioner for your hair and has been used since ancient times. It works on the cuticle and the outer layer of your hair and makes your hair look smooth and shiny. Shampooing opens up the cuticle and not restoring it makes your hair look dry and rough after washing. This is exactly why usage of vinegar on your hair comes into rescue. Vinegar also cleans the residue present in your hair shafts, restores the natural pH level of your hair, and prevents itchy scalp.


  • One cup of normal vinegar or apple cider vinegar
  • 3 to 4 cups of water


  • Take the vinegar and mix it with water to prepare the hair rinse solution
  • After shampooing your hair, apply this rinse solution to hair and massage gently into your hair and scalp
  • Let the solution sit there for a few minutes before you wash your hair with water
  • Dry your hair gently with a towel
  • Do it about once or twice a week to see a visible difference

Note: Don’t use excessive vinegar for it can make your hair further dry. Don’t use it too much as it might pose trouble to your hair. Use it only about 1-2 times a week.


avocado-hair-mask-avocado-aAvocado is one of the other great home remedies for dry hair. It is loaded with saturated fats, vitamins A and E, proteins and various other nourishing minerals. This is what makes it highly beneficial for dry and damaged hair. It also moisturises your hair shafts and strengthens it.


  • One ripe avocado
  • 1 teaspoon wheat-germ oil
  • 1 teaspoon jojoba oil


  • Peel off the avocado and mix wheat-germ oil and jojoba oil to it to make a smooth paste
  • Apply this mixture to your hair (after washing it) and scalp
  • Leave this mixture on your hair for at least half an hour
  • After that, shampoo your hair with lukewarm water
  • Follow this remedy for about once or twice a week for best results


Bananas also work miraculously for dry and damaged hair. It is a rich source of potassium and its high moisture content prevents those hideous split ends. It also softens your hair and improves its elasticity.


One ripe to overripe banana


  • Mash the banana evenly and spread it all over your hair thoroughly from the roots to the ends
  • Leave this on for about an hour
  • After that, wash your hair with lukewarm water
  • Repeat this procedure for about twice a week for most effective results




We all know that beer is an excellent conditioner of your hair for it repairs damaged cuticles and nourishes your hair follicles. This is why it makes your hair soft, shiny and smooth.


One bottle or can of beer


  • Shampoo your hair properly
  • Spray a small amount of beer on to your hair
  • Let it dry up completely
  • Once it gets completely dry, you will automatically see a visible difference in your hair,Follow these few home remedies for dry hair to bring the natural shine and beauty of your hair back.