10 Hair Care Mistakes You Commit Everyday

10 Hair Care Mistakes You Commit Everyday

HHairs are very important part of grooming and everyone loves their hair. Healthy hair not only makes you beautiful but also boosts up your confidence. You do lots of things to make them thick and shiny and are possessive about your hair; after all, this is the first thing people notice about you. But there are many hair care mistakes that people make in their daily lives.

Hair not only shows your personality but also creates your identity. Looks change starts with hair style. It is very essential for women to keep their hair shiny and healthy, as it is a symbol of beauty. Beautiful and long hair always leaves excellent impression on others. Taking good care of your hair can make your hair better, shiny and healthy. Shampoos or conditioners are not enough for beautiful hair.


One of the most important things in hair is hairstyle. Hairstyle makes your looks or breaks your looks. Some people neglect the importance of hairstyle and concentrate on other body parts. Before you know about mistakes you commit everyday regarding hair care lets share some points why you should avoid hairstyle mistakes.

Attractive Personality and good looks: Hairstyle plays very important role in enhancing your looks. Why to go for ordinary hairstyle when you can look more attractive? Mainly people rarely change their hairstyle. If you are an entertainer than you need to change your hairstyle often, however if you are professional than you need to look professional which means simple hair cut. You can see in every movie or advertisement people need to change their hairstyle according to the look. You can also take help of professional hairstylist to check with your hairstyle as well as there are certain app and software which can easily show you, which hairstyle is good for you.


Face Cut: you must know your face cut and should choose hair cut according to that only. Don’t go for experiment. You might have observed many people whose hairdo doesn’t go with their face cut. When you meet up with this kind of individual, you always talk about their untidy hairstyle. As discussed earlier you should discuss it with expert and must select good hairstyle.

Lifestyle: your hairstyle should be according to your life style. Hairstyle can also help you in your career success. If you have noticed celebs, everyone have unique hairstyle, which helps them in their career.

If you are professional and working in some company than you should avoid complex hairstyle as it takes time and will not suits your profession.Now you know the importance of hairstyle, so now before going for haircut keep these points in mind. Now let’s discuss hair care mistakes you commit daily.

Sleeping with wet hair

There are certain women who sleep with wet or damp hair. If you do the same avoid doing it. There are lots of twist and frizz when your hair is wet. If you sleep with drenched hair it will get knot and in dawn you will find lots of hair on your pillow. Even in morning you will not be able to comb them properly. So best is to avoid this situation. Be patient give time to get hair dry than only go to sleep. If it’s quite urgent you can use dryer however try to avoid it.


Usage of Shampoo

How often you shampoo your hair? You should not need to clean your hair daily. If you shampoo daily than you are extracting natural oil from your hair, which makes your hair dehydrated and fragile. If you work in dirt or if you need to clean your hair daily you should go for oil head massage before shampoo or go for herbal shampoos.

You know sometime reverse shampooing is also a good thing. If you love coloring your hair and color from hair gets fade easily. To avoid it you should massage your hair with oil, then wait for half an hour and then wash your hair using conditioner first, clean conditioner than use shampoo. It will help in keeping color long lasting.


Wet Hair Combing

If you comb your hair when your hairs are wet then there are maximum chances that your hair will split. Once your scalp is wet it gets soft and the pours get open due to which hair lose its strength and starts falling. Wet hair gets lots of knot and tangles which makes your hair frizzy. You will not able to comb them properly and will end up with lots of fallen hair. You should wait until your hair gets dry naturally.

Styling Tools

H9If you are using any styling tools like dryers, curlers, straightening rod or any other tool you should know the heat level. Heat level should not need to be on high, maximum or low are the range you should select. If you will choose high than it will dehydrate your hair and will damage them.

Low level is best although time can be increased. You should avoid using styling products before using styling tools. Styling products contains alcohol, which gets burn when you use styling tools, which in result will fry your hair. So never apply any hair products before using styling tools.


Curly Hair Combing

Are you using same brush or comb for curly hair? Curly hair requires unique brushing practice beside with different comb so don’t comb wavy hair. Curly hair looks beautiful but also requires special care and treatment. These springy hairs need special brush which is meant for curly hair only.

Dry and wavy Hair

Do you feel your hair is dry and frizzy and they are making you uncomfortable in front of others? You should moisturize your hair properly with natural oil. Otherwise your hair will become drier and will starts splitting. You can go for trimming as well but you should apply lots of oil. Alike your skin your hair also needs moisturizer, which helps them in getting proper moisture.


Excessive use of chemicals and styling tools

Many girls go for rebounding, straightening, curling and drying on a regular basis. These things release heat, which damage your hair. These things make your hair thin and then hair starts falling down. Try to avoid bleaching and coloring as well. Try to keep your hair simple and natural. You should avoid daily blow drying.

Usage of Conditioner

You might get surprised to know that conditioner should be used for locks of hair only. Conditioner is meant to condition our hair not our scalp. It makes our roots weak. You should use mustard oil, coconut oil or olive oil at least 30 minutes before conditioning.


Towel Usage


Every time when you clean your hair you use towel to dry them. You scrub and rub your hair with towel. Towel absorbs complete moisture of your hair and makes them dehydrate. Instead of towel you should use gentle fabric or t-shirt. T-shirt or gentle fabric will be gentle on your hair and will keep them little moist, which is important for good hair.

Wearing Wet Hair

If you need to go out with wet hair avoid tying them up. If you will tie them in wet state then it dual the flaking of hair, which leads large hair drop. You should avoid these everyday mistakes to make your hair beautiful.