Follow These 5 Tips To Naturally Remove Hair Dye From Your Skin

Follow These 5 Tips To Naturally Remove Hair Dye From Your Skin

how-to-dye-your-hair-using-coffee-naturallyThe most ongoing fashion among the youth and also other generation people is the coloring of hair, or rather hair dying with the ongoing trend. It is quite natural that you would prefer to look glamorous with your dress and try a trendy dye color for your hair, but while getting ready you may find that your fingers are drenched in the dye you have applied in the morning to your hair, and you have just a little time left to get ready, and going to a parlor would be a total waste of time and energy, so rather why not try some natural ways in the house to get rid of the dark patch of dye from your skin.

So rather getting panicked with your messy fingers after a dye session you just need to find a solution to remove the stain off. Hair dyes now days are found in different brands and the effect of the dye stain can be different on different skin type so the tips given here are in variables which can work on different skin type so the choice would be yours to opt for the correct tip for your fingers. So do follow these homemade tips as they are natural and would not cause any damage to your finger skin and can help you to get rid of the stain easily and quickly.

Just follow the steps as advised, and do not try to use excessive amount of product to remove the stain as it may cause damage to the skin.

1.The oil massage

Oil is always the best remedy for any skin problem as it not only makes your skin soft but also protects it from different issues or skin damaging elements. The best way to naturally remove hair dye from the messy fingers is by applying two proper oils which are enriched in vitamins and softness. Olive oil or any forms of baby oil are the best stain removers and you have to just apply them gently on the stained fingers.

You can mix it with cleanser and apply it on the stained fingers and then softly rub the fingers with cotton or soft cotton cloth. Sometimes olive oil may be too strong for the finger skin and may cause burn feelings and irritation, so better option would be to go for the baby oil and apply it in a circular form on the fingers and clean it with soft cloth. You will get a clean and neat stain free skin.

2.Apply petroleum jelly

aid2471724-728px-use-petroleum-jelly-for-beauty-uses-step-2Another very easy method to remove hair dye stain from fingers is with the application of petroleum jelly as the lubricant form helps in softening of the skin and slowly removes the stain. Best way is to apply the petroleum jelly on the fingers and then softly rub it on the dye area, if you see that the dye has been slowly mixing with the applied petroleum jelly then clean it or wipe the jellied fingers with wet cotton cloth.

You will see the jelly has totally taken away the stain from the fingers. Sometimes if the dye is too strong then it may still have a light effect on the fingers, if that is the situation then again apply the petroleum jelly and let it sit on the stained fingers for the night and for better action you can cover your jelly applied fingers with cloth or disposable gloves.

In the morning you can clean the jellied finger with wet cloth and you will find that the stain has totally gone. Do remember to wash your hands properly with soap so that the jelly is removed from your hands completely.

3.Nail polish remover

Wash with nail polish

Women fashion can sometimes be useful for many reasons as the products used by them can also help in different purposes like stain removing or even cleaning dirt from electronic goods. Here we are talking about the multi-tasking nail polish remover, which not only is useful for removing the nail polish from your nails but also is best for hair dye stain removal, for this you just need to follow few simple steps.

The acetone present in the nail polish remover does the real magic, but you should not keep the nail polish remover for much longer time on your dyed fingers, as it can cause damage to the skin. Soak a cotton ball in the remover and rub softly over the stained fingers and you will notice that the dye is getting faded away slowly and eventually it vanishes completely from your skin.

Do remember to wash your hands with soap as even a little remover on the fingers can be harmful. If the stain still remains then you should try something else as the hair dye you were using might not get affected by nail polish remover and needs something more strong to get cleaned. Do not get panicked and repeat the remover technique twice to remove the stain as that would surely peel off the dead skin layer causing pain and infection on it.

4.The cold cigarette ash technique

Well, from olden times few simple tricks and home based suggestions have always been helpful for many purposes. Cigarette is usually harmful for health but in this case it would be a blessing. The hair dyes are sometimes very strong and may not be very easy to remove, so the dye stain on the fingers may seem to be very arrogant to go, using cigarette ash can work magical in removing it.

Use cold ashes and mix the ashes with lukewarm water making a soft paste, after this apply or rub the paste on the dye stained fingers with a cotton ball. You have to let it sit or stay on the fingers for around ten to fifteen minutes so that the ashes start their work and the stain starts getting dilute. After cleaning the ashes you would find your fingers free from the stain of the dye which seemed to be hard to get rid of.

This old school method has been surely successful many times specially with hair dye stains and other dye stain too. Do remember to wash your hands properly with soap as the smell of the ashes can be uncomfortable for you as many people are allergic to the cigarette smoke and even ashes, but this useless waste material can be so useful according to the need.

5.Toothpaste the ultimate stain remover

Well this teeth cleaning agent can also clean stain of hair dye even from your face if needed as it has the mild cleansing element in it. You do not need to choose any particular toothpaste brand as anyone would do the same work but mostly the ones having the baking soda intake a bit higher may work faster.

Apply or rub the toothpaste on the dye stained fingers, only on the affected area, you can even use a cotton ball if you do not want to dirty your other hand. Patiently leave the paste for fifteen to twenty minutes on the dye stained fingers; the paste would clean the dead skin cells removing the stain and after cleaning you can get back the fresh clean new skin cells giving the new look to your fingers.

Clean the toothpaste from your fingers with soap water properly. Toothpaste although mild should not stay on your fingers for long as it may enter your stomach through food particles, which can be quite dangerous for your digestive system.

These homemade remedies are best for removing hair dye stain from your fingers after applying on your hair. So for safe side you can wear a pair of hand gloves while applying it, even after this if the stain dirties your fingers, these tips would help you to get the stain off your hands.

If the above mentioned remedies does not work properly on your skin due to any reason then it would be advisable that you go to a proper professional in the salon who would help you to get it off from your fingers as they have different chemicals and lotions which are mild on the skin but hard on the dye stains, as in the parlors these type of hair dye stains are quite common for all.

So rather than fighting to remove the stain by doing different tricks which can be harmful for your skin other than the mentioned tips save your energy and time and meet your beautician. Keep in mind that it is just a stain which would surely be cleaned once proper remedy is being applied. So, there is no need to panic as these stains may sometimes take a little longer than usual to disappear from your skin but they will surely vanish with the time and proper remedy. Just follow the above given remedies and enjoy a stain free skin.