9 Things About Shampoo, No One Told You Before And Now!

9 Things About Shampoo, No One Told You Before And Now!

09-13-things-your-hairstyliEverybody uses a shampoo and there is nothing which you think you do not know about it. But, to your surprise, there at least 9 things about a shampoo that no one told you before we did! All these 9 facts are surprising yet informative so don’t miss out on them as you will use a shampoo quite often and these will help you in the cause!!

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1.Applying a shampoo

1When it comes to selecting a shampoo, we see natural ingredients, brand, price tag, etc., etc. But, no matter what shampoo you use, the process of application is the most important thing. You will have to massage your scalp thoroughly and wash well whenever you use a shampoo. You are not done by just spreading across a shampoo on your hair!!

If you thought natural ingredients are all good, then you will have to do a little extra research. There are some not so great ingredients check out in the next picture!

2.Some not so great natural ingredients

2The natural ingredients like lemon, menthol, mint, etc., are not so great for hair. Lemon is known for inducing irritation in the scalp, while mint & menthol can cause allergies in scalp. They can be used once in a while with other natural ingredients but do not use them regularly!

The next picture is about the advertisements and promotions of a shampoo! If you select a shampoo by a lucrative ad on television or social media read this!

3.Enjoy the ad but don’t believe it

3The lucrative ads with some top actresses and models may be so entertaining. Don’t make your shampoo decisions by such lucrative ads. The promises made in the ads need not necessarily be true. So don’t believe or expect what is shown in a commercial!

I am sure you would love the lather you realize while shampooing. Is it good while shampooing or does it require a slight change? Find out about all these in the next picture!

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4.Small quantity big result

4More shampoo, more lather does not mean effective cleaning. The lesser quantity of shampoo you use, the more effective it will be. You will reach the scalp better and there will be cleaning instead of the lucrative lathering.

5.Classy ingredients might not be so classy for you

5Many ingredients like olive oil, milk, etc., might not be enough to yield instant results with one or two washes. Such classy ingredients formulate just up to 5% of a shampoo. So, you will have to wait for at least 5-6 washes to know the worth of a shampoo you have selected!

6.Drug store can be the new hair spa

6You must have seen several branded shampoos being used in parlours and earlier even I used to rush to my nearest salon to get my hair shampooed using those expensive parlour exclusive shampoos. But, you will be surprised and happy know that most of the expensive shampoos used in the salons/parlours are easily available in the drug store near you! No need to spend a bomb for shampooing your hair now!

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7.Clarifying shampoo

7There is something called clarifying shampoos that are available in the market and are particularly directed towards coloured & easily damageable hairs. If you use a lot of equipment like straightener, colour your hair every now and then, your hair becomes more prone to damage. Normal shampoos could further make things worse. So, go for clarifying shampoos that will help keep your hairs healthy and strong!

8.Wash your hair thoroughly

8We often monitor a shampoo’s performance every few days (based on the frequency of use). Poor results from a shampoo can also be because you do not wash your hair thoroughly. The foaming or shampoo agents might just accumulate in your scalp making your hair less comfortable and itchy!

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9.Wise selection of shampoo ingredients

9A lot of shampoos consist of foaming agents and various other chemicals that do not do all good to scalps. The most promoted or advertised ingredients of a shampoo might well consolidate less than 5% of the ingredients list in real! We have some chemical names that shall alarm you from using that particular shampoo. Ammonium/Sodium lauryl sulphate is an alarming ingredient which you should avoid at any cost!!