Natural ayurvedic hair care tips and secrets for natural looking black hair

Natural ayurvedic hair care tips and secrets for natural looking black hair

3Having a natural looking black color as your handsome crown is really an add-on to your whole look. But what if you have those few gray strands? It is really frustrating right? A lot of us see coloring the gray hairs a solution for the issue. But we definitely understand that using hair dyes is only a temporary solution and you have to follow the same procedure at least once in 2 weeks. But nature has provided some herbal remedies that can easily help us get a natural looking black hair. Get to know those tips here!



Amla is an excellent tonic for premature graying or whitening of hair and also prevents hair loss. Mix 3 teaspoon of Amla juice, 1 teaspoon of almond oil and few drops of lime juice in a bowl and mix well. Apply this mixture to hair and scalp at nights and rinse in the mornings. This mixture is very beneficial in treating premature graying of hair and makes your hair silky smooth and jet black.

Lemon and coconut oil


Lemon combined with other ingredients helps remove dirt, dandruff and fight against fungus/bacteria present on your scalp. For 1 cup coconut oil you can add 4 teaspoon of lime juice. Apply this mix on the hair at a say before you take head bath more preferably at nights and wash off the next morning. Never use the lemon juice alone on your hair as it might bleach your hair.

Curry leaves and butter milk


The curry leaves is one of the fantastic ingredients to solve the gray hair problem. Mix 1 cup buttermilk with a paste of 1 teaspoon of curry leaves. Apply on your scalp and massage gently. Wash after 30 minutes. Follow this tip every week and see the change in your hair color.

Deep condition with hot oil


You hair needs to have a certain level of moisture all time wherein periodical massaging of hair with oils helps you grow healthy long black hair. Massage your hair with coconut oil, herbal natural oil, or almond oil, for at least 20 to 30 minutes twice in a week for good results. These oils are very much beneficial in preventing your hair turn white.

Ayurvedic Hair wash



You can prepare the ayurvedic hair wash which helps to keep the gray hair at bay. To prepare this wash you will need ½ kg of shikakai, ¼ kg of fenugreek, ¼ kg green gram, 1 cup of curry leaves, I cup of tulsi leaves and 100 grams of reetha. Mix all the ingredients and store it in a container for future use. You can use this instead of shampooing your hair with any store-bought product.

Ayurveda hair packs


Make a paste of 2 bundles of fenugreek leaves, 2 teaspoon of lemon juice and 4 heaped teaspoon of curd. Apply this mix to your scalp and massage. Wash off after 20 minutes. Follow this once in 15 days regularly and you will have a bouncing black ultra-smooth hair.

Shikakai and amla pack


Not necessarily we need to use shampoo to clean off the oils from our hair. You can prepare homemade herbal pack which also acts as shampoo. You can soak 4 teaspoon of shikakai powder, 8 teaspoon of Amla (Gooseberry) powder in Luke warm water at night. The next day morning apply this mixture on hair and scalp for at least 20 minutes and rinse off. You do not need a shampoo after this as the shikakai cleans the roots of the hair and fights dandruff while amla makes hair grow stronger from the roots and prevents premature graying.

4 mixed oils

The combination of 4 essential oils works wonders on your hair. And those 4 important oils are castor oil, almond oil, sesame oil and coconut oil. You can take any variety or combination of such carrier oils and go ahead with good hot oil massage. Applying heated oil will warm up the sequence over your scalp and hair becomes nourished quickly. You also need to take the hot oil over the tips of your finger and massage it over your head in a circular motion.

Carrot seed oil and sesame oil


If you are suffering from premature gray hair, an effective ayurvedic remedy is carrot oil and sesame oil.  For this, you need to make a mixture of 4 tablespoon of sesame oil and ½ teaspoon of carrot seed oil.  Mix it with a spoon to create a wonderful mixture. Now, massage this oil on your scalp and even make sure that it touches the roots. After massaging wash it away with mild shampoo and lukewarm water.

Brahmi and amla pack


This pack will include dry amla, henna powder, brahmi etc. Take all these ingredients ½ cup each in quantity and mix it really well. Apply it over your hair and get a wonderful result. Getting black hair naturally is now possible with this hair pack.

You must have heard your grandparents speaking about some herbal and homemade remedies like these. Yes and these are the ways which can make your look black naturally. Not just these, there are many more wonderful remedies that help in having a natural black tresses. So if you really want to have a smooth, shinning and black hair naturally then definitely Ayurveda has the goodness of natural ingredients which can effectively be utilized in order to get the results you are looking for.