The 1st Year Birthday Celebration Is Just So Funny To Watch

The 1st Year Birthday Celebration Is Just So Funny To Watch

safe_image (Small) (3)The first year birthdays are always special for everyone in the family. Crossing a year is much more a greater milestone that the infant undergoes in his or her life. It is a great time for the entire family where they plan a wonderful gathering with all friends and family and have a great bash out with all of them. Here is one such family that organized a wonderful event to celebrate the 1st year birthday of their little one. Though the girl in the video does not really remember the first birthday party, after watching this video when she is old, she will definitely love it a lot.

Celebrating the First Year Birthday

Celebrating the birthday of your 1st year old is just an amazing thing. The celebration of first birthday of your child is going to happen only once in lifetime. Hence every parent wants to make it the best. You need to choose best birthday decorations and accessories.


The birthday boy or a girl definitely enjoys the individual attention and loves to make everyone laugh around. So with a low budget part with small number of friends and relatives would be sufficient to make the day beautiful for both parents and the baby. But it is very important for the parents to remember that no matter how many guests you have at the party, it is your baby that needs your special and undiluted attention.

Now days most birthday parties whether they are first or not are themed parties. The birthday cake, decorations, accessories, party favors, invitations and clothing all go according to theme; even there are bibs that come according to your theme. Choose the theme that will make the first birthday truly memorable.


Whether you have decided to give a small first birthday party for the family and close friends or you are going to throw a big bash for all the relatives and friends, you can get all the supplies in the market or online you need to get your celebration started. All those supplies such as decorations, party favors, clothing, and invitations help to keep the party in character. For your baby’s special birthday party planning suggestions and tips keep reading on.

Guest List and how much one should spend on birthday parties

Your one year old may be not habitual of new people or new places. Probably your baby also does not understand how to play with other babies. Sometimes babies enjoy individual attention. These things make parents to think for an intimate, small family party with close friends and relatives which can be low budget too. It is not that much important how many guest you have; most important thing is your baby and if your baby feels over stimulated by a large number of crowd then keep in mind that your one year old without any doubt want your attention.


The amount one should spend on birthday party especially first birthday party of baby is up to that person and it totally depends on what kind of party that parents want to have for their child. Whatever kind of party you give whether it is small or big bash, keep in mind that in any kind of party the most important thing is food and it costs more followed by decorations and cake. If you are thinking what society or your surrounding people will think if you will give small birthday party then you are wrong; above all your kid and your happiness is most important.

The Birthday Cake

With the increasing creativity of the bakers there are innumerable choices when it comes to cake. There are simple cream cakes, pastries, photo cakes to fondant cakes which make the birthday parties delightful. In recent days it has become a great trend to get a huge cake with lots of colors and creative stuff on them. Also the minion, mickey, car and other cartoon character themes are going way too famous that almost every party has this theme. And definitely do not forget to gift a separate taste cake for your baby.

A small Cake for the Little Girl

il_340x270.648843447_mc9jIn this video you can see the lovely little girl is celebrating her birthday party with a really special gift. The mother of the baby prepares a lovely and yummy chocolate to her daughter and decided to give the whole cake to her. What you see in the video will really break the laughter out in you. The little baby girl in the video is Madison who turned 1 on the special day.

You should look at her glittering eyes when her mother presents her with a tasty chocolate cake. There is nothing sweeter than witnessing a baby’s important milestones like this one. At first Madison dips her finger into the chocolate icing and has a taste. And yes you know what goes on next! She definitely loved the taste of the cake and then she could not at all resist the flavor of it and goes for the next big bite. She does not care about others around while she picks up the whole cake and trying to eat it in one bite!


After taking the whole new big bite and she raises up her head to show off the face filled with the whole chocolate icing. The entire family erupts with laughter as the little girl smiles with total satisfaction. You can tell from the hilarious look on her face that she’s in heaven.

Deciding right time for birthday party

If you are planning to organize the birthday party for your baby then there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind. Most importantly, do not have the party during the nap times. This is when the baby probably throws all the tantrums just because he or she is unable to get a good sleep.

Since baby’s take a morning and afternoon nap everyday it is better to organize the event in the evening where the baby is up and running around actively. You need to keep your baby’s birthday party brief; for this small age an hour or so is probably good enough. Another important thing to keep in mind is that if you are calling same age children then you need to check out their nap times too with their parents. As if one starts crying then they all might follow each other.


Choosing a Party Place

To choose a perfect party place you first need to decide number of guests and what kind of party you are going to give. If you can cut down your list of guest then home is always a better place to through a first birthday party. Home is usually a most easiest place for you and your baby; as you can easily host the party and at the same time your baby will feel very secure than any other place. If you cannot cut down your guest’s list and you want to through a big bash then you can think about a local community center, a restaurant, and even a park.

There are chances that you may forget some little things while organizing birthday party. Below mentioned are some points that you should always think and consider while throwing a birthday party especially when it is your baby’s first birthday party.


  • If you decide to give outdoor party then think about a place where you and your guests with children can have option to change diapers. Hence the place should be clean, handy, and well equipped.
  • There are chances that your guest list will have such guests who are doing breastfeeding for their children and apart from that you might will also doing breastfeeding to your baby. So your birthday party place should have some place for nursing where breastfeeding mothers can nurse their babies quietly and privately.
  • When it is party time of course precious ornaments will come out. But you need to keep them away from children’s reach. Along with ornaments you need to keep in mind about breakables. Kids will not stay at same place throughout the party and definitely all the time you cannot keep eye on each and every kid so take precautions.
  • There are chances that maximum babies and kids will not play together during party time so you need to keep them busy individually. To handle this situation you can keep variety of toys available at the party place.
  • Your baby must be crawling or walking or even climbing when he or she will reach one year old mark. You need to think about safety. At the place of party keep the essential safety gates and other childproofing devices.


You need to keep away hazardous devices such as forks, small objects which can be swallowed. You need to keep a watchful eye on such objects and need to clear them away immediately. You will be too busy during the party so make sure that some reliable and interested person will take photographs and videos of the party. So that you will not miss the shots of your baby’s first birthday party. Do not rush behind the things. Relax and enjoy the party, after all it is your baby’s first birthday bash.