Tips To Make The Food Tasty, Healthy And Attractive

Tips To Make The Food Tasty, Healthy And Attractive

cover-pictureNutrition plays a very great role in the food we consume. Without nutritious food it is really difficult to have a healthy body and mind. No matter how much ever importance we give to nutrition the same importance has to be given to the taste of the food too.

To feed children food is a really daunting task for the moms and kids find all excuses to not have vegetables or other foods which are good in nutrition.  In such a scenario the food what we serve to the kids have to be made really attractive to see and also taste yummy so that required proteins and nutrition enter their body to help them cope with all the activities they do.

Here are some tips where food can be made attractive and at the same time yummy too.


It is the most important meal of the day. In fact the entire day’s stamina is got from the breakfast we have. A good and nutritious breakfast daily is the key to good health. At no cost breakfast should be skipped. You can include milk, fruits, porridge, jam bread or cornflakes in the breakfast to make it healthy.

2.Fresh Foods:

Nothing tastes great like freshly cooked food. The aroma of fresh cooked food is a great appetizer and is a healthy option too.

3.Natural Foods:

5Having natural foods are another great way of maintaining good health apart from adding variety to foods. Instead of having fruit juice, fruits can be consumed as it is. This not only cuts the sugar content consumed but also provides essential strength to the body.

4.Varieties of Rice:

Varied colored rice can be prepared at home using vegetables like carrot, beans, cauliflower etc. Also blood increasing foods like beetroot can also be used to enhance the color and taste of the rice. You can even add chutney or curd to the rice to give it a fresh flavor and taste. For kids you can consider adding cheese to the rice and make cheese corn pulav. This way it can be healthy, tempting and delicious all in one.


Lentils which form a major part of nutrition can be made into variety of dishes like dosa, idly, pancakes etc and fed to your little ones. You can even add various flavors to the lentils or finely chopped veggies to enhance the taste.


oatsOats can be added to dishes like chapatti to enhance the taste of the dish. Oats has lots of fiber content which helps in quick digestion and also increases the stamina of the kids.

7.Fruit Salads:

04-12Various types of fruits can be mixed and made into fruit salads. It can be made more tasty and attractive by mixing nuts like cashew, almond etc. Honey also can be added for extra flavor. Alternatively, you can make a fruit custard with jelly and bread. Not only will be look appeasing and tempting, but will also be quite healthy.

8.Break Fast Cereals:

The mom can give kids breakfast cereals which are available in plenty. She can mix it with a variety of fruits, dry fruits, milk, various veggies etc and can see that the child’s tummy is full.

9.Healthy Soups:

Soups made from tomato, sweet corn etc is a filling dish as well as a healthy potion. Adding bit of fresh cream and bread crumbs makes the soup tastier and no person will want to miss out that yummy starter.

10.Milk Products:

Milk and dairy products are very much essential for the growth of any person, especially children. Milk must be made a compulsory food for kids. The taste of milk can be enhanced by adding various malts available in the market. Also cheese, butter and ghee can be used extensively in the dishes prepared at home.

11.Dry Fruits And Nuts:

dry_fruits_basketDry fruits and nuts are another healthy option to add taste to the food. They are healthy and provide the body with essential vitamins and proteins. Walnuts and almond are rich in Vitamin E which is very much essential for the overall development of the body.

12.Green Leafy Vegetables:

Another power house food is green leafy vegetables. Various spinach dishes like spinach rice, chapatti, curries can be made using spinach and given to the child.

13.Fruit Smoothies:

Fruit smoothies from seasonal fruits can be served after dinner instead of a dessert which contains high calorie. Smoothies are healthy options and also tasty too.


o-JAGGERY-facebookMore use of jaggery is recommended instead of white sugar whenever sweets are prepared. Jaggery contains lot of iron content which helps in improvement of blood levels, which in turn increases the stamina. You can even mix jiggery with curd and consume it. Not only is it tasty but healthy too.


download (1)Eggs are another option for healthy food which can be consumed on a regular basis. Eggs can be made into bread egg rolls, egg sandwiches, pancakes, omlettes, fried egg or poached eggs etc. you can even scramble them and give it to your little ones in their lunch boxes.

16.Processed Foods:

Processed foods should be avoided at any cost. The rich salt content in processed and canned foods leads to obesity in kids and other health problems too, follow suit.

17.Lunch Boxes For Kids:

51OmlrH+8sLLunch boxes for kids should be prepared in such a way that it contains all the essential nutrients packed into one. A portion of fruits, idly or dosa, cereals etc should be given to the child to make the lunch box more attractive and also it has to be made mandatory for the kid that the lunch box has to be emptied in school.

18.Small And Frequent Meals:

Having small and frequent meals is another idea which can be used to make food attractive. In fact doctors advise that every hours snacking on healthy foods like walnuts, fruits, fruit juice etc not only satiates the appetite but also reduces cravings for other heavy foods.

19.Forceful Feeding:

Kids are nasty eaters. They should not be forcefully fed anything. They have to be made to realize the healthy contents in the food and given advice to relish the food they eat.

20.Stir Fried Foods:

downloadStir frying foods is another option to make food we eat fat free and use little oil. Instead of boiling the vegetables, stir frying them helps the vegetables to retain its natural flavor. This enhances the taste of the dish.

21.Omega 3 Foods:

2015-08-25-fish-oil-gives-promising-results-in-cancer-study-fb Omega 3 fatty acid foods which are abundant in fish, mutton etc has to be consumed on a regular basis if non vegetarian food is consumed at home.

22.Seasonal Foods:

Making use of seasonal foods is another tip which can make food tasty. Apart from cutting cost spent on vegetables, a variety of dishes can be prepared using the vegetables and fruits available in the particular season.


Sprouts are another wonder food which adds taste and zing to the lunch or dinner. Having a bowl of sprouts daily, cuts cholesterol level in the body apart from increasing stamina due to the high fiber content in the sprouts.

24.Cottage Cheese:

642x361-Is_Cottage_Cheese_Good_For_YouCottage cheese can be replaced by tofu which is a healthier option and also makes the dishes taste good. Tofu can be easily made at home and it has wide use in preparation of curries, gravy etc.

25.Soya Products:

All soya products like soya milk, soya chunks etc are filled with goodness of health to the brim. In fact in many households natural milk is slowly being replaced by soya milk due to its high health benefits.


Marinating sea foods or meat with lemon, turmeric etc not only makes the dish safe to consume due to the antiseptic properties in turmeric, but also the acidic content in lemon helps to keep the meat or fish tender and helps it in getting cooked faster.

27.Lemon Juice:

lemon_2964364bLemon juice is an integral part of healthy, tasty cooking. It not only adds the needed citric content to the dish, but lemon has abundance of Vitamin C which is very much essential for hair growth, skin maintenance etc. Adding any bland dish with a dash of lime juice makes the dish heavenly to taste.

Elders also need to make sure that they have all the vegetables served to them, and not waste food. Also having one meal of the day together with family, not only increases the family bonding but also gives an authentic taste to the food consumed.