4 Powerful Secrets For Better Health

4 Powerful Secrets For Better Health

hqdefaultBody is the most beautiful gift of nature. Keeping it healthy is our responsibility. A healthy body can very well handle all the physical and mental stresses of life. Health decisions are not easy ones to be made. To get a healthy and perfect body you might have to give up on many things like your favorite food and might have to undergo a tight workout schedule. Not everyone is capable of reaching the goal of a perfect body build but you can definitely keep your body healthy if you follow the 9 tips given below.


1 Keep Your Body Moving:

shutterstock-couch-potatoIf you spend most of your time sitting and thinking of ways to get away from making your body to work, then it is not a good sign. Sitting more may make you feel that you are relaxed but inside your body there are a lot of disturbances in the metabolic activities. In this way it paves a way for many health problems like, if you do not do enough physical labor, then your body eventually stops releasing insulin from the pancreas which is the enzyme that breaks down the carbohydrates into glucose. If there is an imbalance in the levels of glucose then you turn diabetic. Many other problems occur if there is not sufficient body activity. So, stop being lethargic and move your first step towards the healthy body.

2 Hold Positive Thoughts In Your Head:

manmeditating_0Thoughts have a direct connection with the health of the body. Your feeling is driven by your thoughts. If you wish to have a good health then you must have the confidence that you are going to reach your goal no matter what it takes to get you there. If you are positive in your thoughts then there is nothing in this Universe that can hold you back. So, think positive and head towards a healthy body.

3 Maintain Personal Hygiene:

Maintaining a proper personal hygiene is very important factor from the health perspective. Personal hygiene is a set of practices that an individual does to keep his body clean and groomed. Without proper hygiene, body is more susceptible to germs and it indicates through the skin diseases and if the germs go into the stomach it may cause stomach infections.

4 Embrace Good Food Habits:


Food is a fuel to the body. Bad food habits are like the backstabber that will look very alluring and trigger the temptations in you but they are not going to do any good to your body. To keep your body healthy, you need to choose a healthy diet that constitutes of all vital macronutrients like carbs, proteins and fats in a balanced quantity.

5 The 5-Meal Mantra:

5-meal phenomenon is ideal for a good health. 5-meals in a day will include breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and post-workout meal.

6 Exercise Daily:

If you have good food habits but you do not enough exercise to burn the calories then you are making a room for excess fat and disturbed metabolism. Keep yourself active and do workouts on a daily basis which will trigger your metabolism in right direction and you will lose fat while gaining health.

7 Good Night Sleep Tight:

We all have heard “early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise”. It is not just a saying but it is very true. A good sleep at night has a very important role to play in maintaining the good health. Your body needs rest for 8 hours after an exhaustive day to make it fit for the tasks on the next day; I am assuming you have not passed your day just sitting around. It is believed that an 8-hrs sleep at night is very crucial with the health aspect. If you are really not able to sleep properly, you can try some meditation to get it. Also, try to keep your room as dark as possible so that your body gets a complete environment for sleeping. But if your sleeping troubles persist, you must see a doctor.

8 Food Vs Supplements:

sad-man-eating-fast-food-burgerMany body builders go for dietary supplements that provide them nutrients that are not able to consume from the diet. It definitely helps you in gaining a bigger body in shorter time but it is better to go for supplements after carefully evaluating them for the toxicity, reactions, effects and side-effects in the long run. However, it is preferred to have your macronutrients from the food rather than taking it from the supplements. If you follow a good balanced diet then you will not need supplements.

9 Keep A Good Company:

As it is said that the friends you be few but well-chosen, always choose a good company for yourself. Good company implies to the people who possess good and healthy habits that should motivate you to stick on to your good habits. Your friends must encourage you to do more hard work if in case you are losing the beat of the healthy body.

10 Routine Check-Ups:

Most of us rush to the doctor only at the hour of need; otherwise we are not concerned about what is going inside our body and wait for it to show some signs. This is a very wrong practice. You should keep seeing a doctor at regular basis and get yourself medically examined at least every three months. Constant monitoring of your body can help you prevent bigger problems well in time.


‘Happy Long Life To You’

If you want a good and long life then you need to take care of your body. If you have a healthy body then you can spend more happy time with your family, on vacations, with your grand children rather than waiting for hours outside the doctor’s room.

Fueled Up For Future’

What you eat in your diet as a fuel for your body. Also when you have good eating habits your body stays healthy, if your body is healthy you are energetic and have a better life expectancy.

Careful About Your Looks’

There are many outfits that can make a fat person look slim and a slim one to look lean. Likewise, cosmetics can help you get the desired look. Good health and good skin make you look good naturally. It is so much better to possess a natural beauty rather than a made-over look.

‘Keeps your might in the right state’

Healthy habit not only makes you physically strong but it also provides you a mental stability. If your mental health is good there are off chances that you will ever need anti-depressants in your life.

Human body is the best designed machine than any other machine invented so far and has a very complex internal structure yet powerful. It is very robust as it can handle huge amount of stress and still can work well. But if it is not fueled with a proper balanced diet, after several days its one or more parts may breakdown. So keep your body healthy and live long.