Fascinating Floral Embroidered Blouse Designs

Fascinating Floral Embroidered Blouse Designs

blouse-designsA blouse design gives the whole saree a panache of its own thereby giving you a look like no other. Blouses are decorated with various embroideries and embellishments based on your taste or the current trend, and one such adornment are floral embroidery. Floral means flowers therefore it means that this embroidery features flowers heavy, light, simple or intricate. Floral embroidery is always in trend even during the time of the kings and this can be seen in various historic art work and sculptures.

Floral embroidered includes various types of flowers of various colours and not just flowers this embroider most of the time includes leaves and stems that branch out spread on the cloth. Floral embroidery is quite in trend right now, it can be found on lehengas, chudhidars, saress, blouses and dupattas. Floral embroidered is made suitable for grand occasion with the addition of embellishments like pearls, kundans etc. making a simple cloth grand. May the occasion be traditional, party or casual floral is suitable for all occasions and the current trend is of heavy floral embroidered blouse with a simple saree. So here I am going to introduce you to some of the fascinating floral embroidered blouse designs.

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Trendy sleeveless floral embroidered blouse

1This type of floral embroidery is quite the rage right now with its eye catching lotus type flowers and spreading branches in bright colours. The embroidery of the flowers in very simple but when you look at the whole design together you will be amazed with how beautiful it is. This embroidery is best done on a dark base in order to highlight the intricate design of the embroidery.

This blouse is best done on a fashionable sleeveless blouse with a high boat neck and small opening in the back thereby making the tradition floral embroidery into a modern and fashionable wear. Plain saree of light colour with a simple border will go very nice with this floral embroidered blouse and this attire is best for a casual party.

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Floral Kutch embroidered blouse

2Kutch embroidery is very beautiful and when done with a floral theme it becomes all the more beautiful. In this floral embroidery the flowers are accompanied by symmetrical designs, half circles etc. which is a pleasant change from the usual floral embroidery where the flowers are accompanied by leaves and branches.

This embroidery is done in simple colours with just a little brightness, but with a simple coloured background, so their beautiful embroidery can be seen more clearly. The whole pattern is arranged in a strategic manner, making it more appealing. This blouse is best done in a simple design with a square neck and small sleeves and it goes very well with a simple saree that has Kutch embroidery border.

Elbow sleeve blouse with simple floral embroidery

1This type of floral embroidery is very simple yet sophisticated, it mainly features rose flowers. The rose flowers with their leaves and branches are spread across the cloth in such a manner that the cloth is filled with the embroidery but does not look heavy or tacky. This embroidery is usually stitched in bright colours that stand out on a cloth with dark background.

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This embroidery is best done on a trendy blouse that has high boat neck with almost elbow length sleeves and slight opening in the back to show off a little skin.  This floral embroidered blouse is best paired with a simple saree that has light floral border and while draping the saree I suggest you forgo pleats and just drape it casually. This blouse is better worn for fashionable but fares fine in traditional events also.

Heavy Light coloured floral embroidered blouse

4This floral embroidery has a very elegant and posh look as the embroidery is stitched in a delicate combination of bright and simple colours and whole design is highlighted by adding gold branches, flowers and leaves. What I find distinctive about this embroidery is that the branches and leaves are spread in vertical lines rather than a branching manner making this embroidery very unique.

This embroidery is best done on a light coloured cloth like white that will highlight the delicate design of the embroidery. A blouse embroidered with this floral embroidery is best kept simple and paired with a dark or bright colour saree with a small or big floral border. This blouse is very well suited for a trendy or fashionable occasion that requires you to be sophisticated and elegant.

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Sleeveless blouse with floral embroidered straps

5This floral embroidery is made unique with its beautiful embroidery with awesome cut work and to make it more distinct this embroidery is found only on the shoulder straps of a sleeveless blouse. The floral design is made with beautiful combination of dark and light colours and the stitch work is simple and elegant. This design is made on net shoulder straps of the therefore the amazing cut works gives glimpse of your skin in enticing yet posh manner.

This floral embroidery can be done with any colours but I personally feel it goes well with light colours so that the blouse can be matched with a dark colour saree giving a beautiful contrasting effect. This blouse id best worn for parties or formal occasions rather traditional occasions that need a more conservative and grand look.

Simple Maggam floral embroidered blouse

6Floral maggam embroidery gives a grand look with it beautiful use of gold and white thread and is best done on a dark coloured cloth. This simple maggam work is stitched in such a manner that you can see the beauty of the maggam embroidery without feeling that it is too loud. This embroidery has simple flowers that are surrounded by curving branches filled with leaves making it more aesthetically appealing.

This embroidery is best done on the either sides of the back of a navel length sleeveless blouse with high boat neck. With this strategic placing of the embroidery the whole blouse gets a unique and trendy look. This blouse is paired with a light colour saree for casual events and a light colour pattusaree for traditional occasions.  

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Heavy floral embroidery on net shouldered blouse

7This my all-time favourite floral embroidery design due to it simple yet posh design. This floral embroidery work is generally done on a net or transparent cloth that is present everywhere except the bust of a high boat neck blouse with simple sleeves. The flowers are embroidered in two bright contrasting colours and are outlined with white stitches and the branches and leaves are also done in white thread.

This embroidey is best done on a blouse ofone of the two colours in which the flower is stitched in. Such a blouse is best matched with a simple saree that matches the blouse and has a simple floral border like that of the blouse. I recommend you to get the blouse custom stitches as it may not be available in any store.

Floral embroidery cut work blouse

8This is a simple floral work with cut work is done in golden thread adding grandeur to the cloth it is stitched on. The cut work makes this sophisticated design a tad more alluring. On a blouse this design is generallyon the collar area and the sleeves leaving the bust area totally plain.

I personally prefer this embroidery on a wide boat neck blouse of dark colour with simple sleeves making the design more visible and it is suitable with a light colour saree going with the current trend of contrast. This whole attire is suitable for grand events as well as trendy events.

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Collar neck waist coat blouse with floral embroidery

9This a bright and somewhat loud floral design that is made of simple colour threads and embellished with glitters, mirrors etc. This floral embroidery is best done on a light bright coloured background highlighting the minuscule details of the embroidery.

This embroidery is best when it is done on a waist coat style blouse that is sleeveless and has a collar neck. If you want a grand look add the embroidery all over the blouse and if you want simple add the embroidery on either sides of the front of the blouse. This blouse goes best with a simple saree with floral border and I feel that this whole look is best for trendy events rather than traditional.

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Net elbow length sleeve floral embroidered blouse

10This is simple floral embroidery given a grand look with its gold thread and in this style of embroidery the generally used flower is the rose surrounded by leaves and curving branches.

This floral embroidery is best done on a dull colour blouse that brings out the effects of the gold thread. I suggest you to get the embroidery done on an elbow length sleeve net blouse in which the bust is not only net. This blouse is best matched with a saree of the similar colour as the blouse to create more elegant look. This whole look is best for a casual and trendy event rather than a traditional look.

Hope this helps you choose the perfect floral embroidery with the best blouse design for yourself.