Beautiful Kutch Embroidered Blouse Designs

Beautiful Kutch Embroidered Blouse Designs

designer-embroidery-blouses-designsKutch is a district in Gujarat that is famous for its rich culture, handicrafts, desert scenery and embroidery. Kutch embroidery contains stitches like double button hole, pattern darning, straight, running, square chain and satin stitches, the design of the embroidery varies from one tribal sub group to the other. This colourful embroidery is usually done on silk, satin and cotton fabric with cotton or silk threads giving the embroidery a unique look and feel. This embroidery comes in various ethnic styles like rabari, suf, paako, mutava,GarasiaJat and khaarek each with its own distinguished look and these embroideries are made grander with mirrors.

This kind of embroidery is very traditional as well as fashionable at the same time. Kutch embroidery has come back into fashion from lehegas, chudhidars to blouses everything is made more traditional with the help of this embroidery. What I love the most about Kutch embroidery is its colourful and detailed designs that give a lot of character to whole traditional look. This embroidery is very rich as well as simple without being loud or too expensive with the growing trend of heavy work blouses matched with simple sarees the demand for Kutch embroidered blouses has increased. So here I am going to introduce to some of my favourite Kutch embroidered blouse designs

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Full sleeve and high collar blouse with heavy Kutch embroidery

1This colourful yet somehow aesthetical appealing Kutch embroidery is done all over the full sleeve high collar blouse. This distinctive and intricate design feels almost unreal, a number of distorted patterns are embroidered in such colours and in such manner that you will be amazed when you look at it. The whole embroidery is given a grand Kutch embroidery touch by adding mirrors.

The colour palate of this embroidery is serene combination of bright, dark and light colours making it suitable for many sarees. I suggest that you get a simple saree with a simple border to go with this fantastic blouse because an embroidered saree is just too much. This blouse may not be so suitable for grand events but adds a folksy and traditional element to the blouse.

Simple blouse with Kutch embroidery straps

2This is a simple blouse design that has only the straps filled with Kutch embroidery, giving an inimitable look to the blouse. The blouse is in dark colour and the embroidery on the straps in colourful and simple. I recommend you to get a black blouse that brings out the bright colours of the Kutch embroidery and its intricate design.

Embellishments like mirror are added and you can see how much a simple blouse strap changes the whole look of the saree. This blouse is suitable for a light or bright coloured saree that has a nice Kutch embroidery border.

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Vivid checkered Kutch embroidery on boat neck blouse

3This Kutch embroidery has vivid checkers of two colours in their various shades; the colours need not be matchingas contrasting colours also add a unique fashionable aspect to the blouse. Like many Kutch embroidered blouses I recommend you to use a black colour blouse that makes the amazing Kutch design stand out.

In this design of the blouse is of simple short sleeve and other than the bust rest is in embroider making the design all the more appealing to wear. This blouse will match will almost any bright and light coloured sarees that bring out the beautiful Kutch embroidery. I have personally tried this style and you can actually feel the artistic touch of the hand workers who have done the embroidery and it will surely make you the talk of the event.

Sleeveless colourful Kutch embroidered blouse

4This colourful sleeveless Kutch embroidered blouse is very aesthetically appealing. The embroidery contains a number of colours (mostly bright) that are stitched into small squares arranged in such a manner that you will be mesmerized by the craftsman’s artistic talent. This blouse is sexy and modern with a beautiful Kutch embroider adding a unique traditional touch making it all the more appealing.

As this blouse contains bright colours I would recommend you to wear a dark colour saree with a simple border to highlight the amazing embroidery. If you’re getting the blouse stitched personally make sure not to experiment because the amazing Kutch embroider may lose its essence if it is stitched the wrong way. This blouse is perfect for a party or traditional even though it is sleeveless

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Sleeveless collared blouse with innovative Kutch embroidery

This sexy design blouse is too good for words; this blouse has the collar and bust in cloth while the rest is in transparent material decorated with Kutch embroidery. The transparent material in between the brightly coloured Kutch embroidery adds alluring touch to the blouse.

The embroidery is very simple yet looks quite complicated with a large circle like pattern on the base of the throat and the rest in symmetrical fashion embellished with mirrors giving this simple blouse a grand traditional look. This blouse is best paired with a light colours saree that has a simple border. This blouse is modern and sexy without exposing much skin thereby making it a must have in every woman’s wardrobe.

Simple light coloured Kutch floral embroidered blouse

6This Kutch embroidery is very simple and colourful, the floral design is filled with large flowers that are outlined or highlighted by white embroidery. What I personally like most about this Kutch floral embroidery is that flowers, branches, leaves etc. are in shades of colours that too not just one colours but also contrasting colours giving the cloth it is stitched on a bright look.

This embroidery is best done in light colour background and the design of the blouse is best kept simple with a normal sleeve and a square neck. This blouse is suitable for a range of sarees, I recommend you to use a plain saree with a simple border. This blouse is suitable mostly for casual events.

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Amazing multi-coloured Kutch embroidered blouse

7This amazing Kutch embroider is made of bright and contrasting colours in such a pattern that you will surely be mesmerized. The combination of colours is what I like most about this embroidery, the colours that are combined generally don’t go together so well but when they are seen this blouse they look well matched.

This design is best on a pot neck blouse with a simple sleeve and make sure that the embroidery cover whole blouse intensifying the effect of the awesome handiwork and artistic prowess of the people who have done the embroidery. I recommend getting a light or extra dark colour saree with a small border of the same design as the blouse. Blouses with this embroidery are perfect for the folksy yet traditional look that a trendy event needs.

Blouse with simple circle and mirror Kutch embroidery

8In this style of Kutch embroidery the colours used are simple yet of bright shade giving the whole cloth a unique look. This embroidery contains large circular patterns that are adorned with small mirrors in the centre giving this simple pattern a very traditional touch.

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The stitching of this embroidery is very simple yet when the whole embroidery is completed you will feel as if the embroidery is intricate and complex. This embroidery is fit for a simple blouse design that has a simple ‘U’ neck and small sleeves. This Kutch embroidery blouse is best matched with a dark colour saree that a border similar to the blouse’s design fit for a casual occasion.  

Sexy crop top style blouse with colourful Kutch embroidery

9This Kutch embroidery is an amazing fusion of floral and symmetrical patterns that is very aesthetical appealing. This embroidery is generally done in bright and contrasting colours with a dark background and embellishments like mirrors thereby making the embroidery’s patterns more prominent.

Like shown in the image if feel that this embroidery will best when done on sexy crop top style blouses with a star neck making this traditional embroidery fit for western designed blouse. This blouse is prefect for nice simple dark colour saree and if you want a more western look, this blouse goes amazingly with a nice blue or black jeans pant.

Dark colour blouse with bright Kutch embroidery

10This Kutch embroidery is filled with whimsical yet appealing patterns like half flowers, wave etc. all done in bright eye catching colours. This type of embroidery is best done with black as a background highlighting the beautiful and quirky designs. This design is best to be done in a thought out pattern rather than filling out the cloth because the patterns of the embroidery maybe totally obscured.

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I feel that this embroidery is best done on a simple boat neck blouse that has elbow sleeves which can also be decorated with this amazing Kutch embroidery. This blouse is well matched with a light colours saree that has a simple border and this whole attire is suitable for number of occasions from a casual party to a trendy event thought I would not recommend it for weddings and other grand events.

Make sure to experience the beautiful handiwork of the Kutch artisans by decorating your blouses with these different Kutch embroideries.