2017 Top 5 Trending & Most Selling Foot Jewellery Anklets

2017 Top 5 Trending & Most Selling Foot Jewellery Anklets

Any apparel is incomplete without accessorising your feet and the best as well as ‘in’ trend for this problem is anklets. Attire for any occasion can be made sexier and more enticing with a good anklet. They come in various form ranging from a simple chain that highlights the delicate curvature of your beautiful feet to the more traditional Indian ethnic designs that add a unique grandeur. Whatever the season or occasion is, a pair of anklets or a single anklet will surely give your footwear great company. Looking to find the perfect anklet for yourself? Then read on to find the top 5 trending and most selling foot jewellery anklets for 2017

Indo-Western Style gold bell anklets

These funky indo-western style gold bell anklets give your whole outfit a unique traditional touch without going overboard or being too loud. The gaudy yet attractive look that the anklet gives is perfect for traditional Indian outfits and with the right heels they look flawless on a flowly dress. This anklet has a sturdy plait style centre chain that is decorated with a simple yet mesmerizing pattern as well as a few cute bells that ring at your every step.

These beautifully crafted gold plated anklets are made with skin friendly and durable material that will not only embellish your beautiful manicured feet but will also take care of your delicate skin. These anklets are extremely comfortable and you won’t notice them on your ankles until someone compliments you about them. You can buy this rocking piece of jewellery at Indian Fashion with an amazing 50% offer. Waste no more time and add panache to your outfit by including these anklets to the attire, whether it is western or Indian.

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Unique Heart Shape Simple & Luxury Foot Jewellery Anklets

‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ said Leonardo da Vinci and these anklets are the perfect example for this phrase. These unique heart shape simple and luxury anklets add a subtle yet sexy touch to your ankles, which is perfect for any kind of attire or occasion. These gold zinc plated anklets have a fashionable heart drop that adds beauty to your already beautiful feet hence making it a buy for all the girls and women out there.

Women with any feet size can purchase these anklets as they are adjustable for all feet sizes. These anklets are lightweight, comfortable and are made from skin friendly material (zinc alloy) therefore making them perfect for daily use as they are hassle free. Indian Fashion offers you these gorgeous anklets at a shocking 40% discount and they also have a gift wrap option. So make yourself or the girls in your life feel special by gifting them these breath-taking anklets by shopping with Indian Fashion.

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Vintage triple chain anklet

This vintage trip chain anklet is a great fusion between bohemian and Indian traditional jewellery design. The gold coloured anklet has three chains; the first chain is studded with small yet eye-catching pearls, whereas the second and third chains are of simple yet gorgeous gold patterns. When worn the whole effect of anklet is very enticing and it is a great accessory for traditional attires, which demands a certain amount of grandeur. You can also pair this anklet with a simple patterned dress that is not too modern otherwise you might spoil the whole look that the anklet is trying to project.

This anklet is lightweight and easy to wear hence making it perfect for the modern woman who wants a distinctive traditional touch. But it is highly recommended that you pair these anklets with sandals and avoid heels or any other footwear because it may spoil the beauty of the anklet.


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Authentic Blue, Turquoise and Khaki Seed Bead Anklet, Boho Anklet

Bohemian jewellery has an inherent attractiveness that seems to flawlessly merge with any attire or occasion; this quality of Bohemian or Boho jewellery applies to this anklet also. This beautiful blue colour seed bead crystal anklet adds a striking colour to your beautiful ankles and the anklet is decorated with small gold coloured butterflies, a few red beads, a stunning Sultan’s signature and is finished off with a cute gold colour clasp.

This lightweight anklet is delicate and unique thereby adds certain elegance to your whole look. This anklet is easy to wear and goes perfectly with a range of attire like beach wear, cut-off jeans etc. The only disadvantage of this anklet is that it is not as suitable for grand traditional affairs as it may seem a bit too simple but I recommend that whoever purchases this anklet pair with sandals and not heels.


Cape Cod Anklet

Cape Cod anklet is cute and unique way of expressing your love for the beach and all its different treasures. This adorable anklet has a collection of charms and those charms are a starfish, an anchor, a crab and a clam thereby making it perfect to wear for a beach day. They also make great gifts for your loved ones who love the beach or anything beach related. This lightweight anklet is adjustable and is made of glass pearl enhanced with a sliver plated and brushed gold finish.

This anklet is recommended to be paired with sandals or you can also go barefooted if your wish, otherwise the charms will go unnoticed. You can wear these anklets with beach wear, flowly knee length dresses or even cut-off jeans but these anklets are not so great for posh events where a certain amount of elegance is demanded.

Be a beauty, be a diva, be whatever you want by not just following the current trends; but by creating your own trends through accessorising your outfits with Indian Fashion’s awe-inspiring collection of anklets that are available at super affordable prices. Visit and buy now before the amazing offers runs out!

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