Tips To Layer Your Indian Outfits This Summer

Tips To Layer Your Indian Outfits This Summer

featuredLayering cloth is an art in itself, and not all are a pro at layering various outfits and to look good too. Layering of clothes can be defined as dressing up using many garments, which are worn on top of one another. Layering can be done on various outfits like the sari to the jeans depending on the situation, place and weather condition.

Improper layering can mar the outfit, no matter how well the dress is designed. Here are certain tips to layer the clothes, especially Indian outfits during the summer season.

Right inners:

image-1Choosing the right kind of inners is the first and foremost tip to be followed while layering the clothes. Ill fitting inners can be too embarrassing, since it makes the other clothes to not get layered properly. Inners need not necessarily mean the lingerie alone; it can also be camisoles, or undershirts etc.

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Easy Layering:

image-2The clothes have to be layered in such a way that, it should be easy to wear and remove. The top most layering cloth like the blazers, sweaters, gloves or stoles should be easy to remove, or alter the style of wearing, which can be easily done in public places without any embarrassing moments or difficulty.

Length wise layering:

image-3It is very much important to layer clothes according to the length. When the clothes are all of the same size, it tends to look too bulked up or puffy. When your clothes are all the same length, they are prone to looking too puffy. To avoid any kind of embarrassments, stylists suggest that a short sweater or jacket can be worn or layered on a long kurta or a top.

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Color coordination:

Color coordination and knowledge of layering them is equally important. Always choosing contrast colors are the best option while layering clothes. If a light outfit is worn, a dark colored blazer will do the trick and vice versa.

Correct way of layering:

image-5The layering of clothes should be done in a wise and correct way, such that even if an extra layer is added or removed, it should look good. This holds good for multiple layering of clothes.

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Silk Blends:

image-6These are fabrics which are made out of natural fiber, and can be an ideal outfit for summer seasons. A flowing dress can be stitched out of the silk blend material and can be worn for evening parties. A chunky neck piece or dangling ear rings are the best accompaniments which can add more grace to the outfit. It can be layered either with capes or jackets.

Lacy outfits:

image-7Lacy outfits are not only sexy to look, but also the easiest way to dress up in summer season. If the lacy outfits are without sleeves, it will be better suited for the hot weather. To layer a lacy outfit, the best way is to wear a bright colored denim skirt and a multi color wrist band or hair band will perk up the outfit more.

Denim Shirts:

image-8These shirts are the one which never go out of vogue, and can add an extra aura or edge to any summer outfit. These can be worn on short summer dresses or can be used to cover up vest and shorts or swimming suits by tying a knot. Doing so will add more sexiness and charm to the person wearing it.

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Jump suits:

image-9Jump suits are other necessary thing which can be used to layer Indian outfits for the summer. Jump suits can be either long or short and they are always in style and never go out of fashion and easily worn over Indian dresses like long tops and skirts.


Kimonos are the national dress of Japan, and these can be used to layer various Indian outfits in the summer season. Various styles of kimonos can be used for this, like the chiffon kimonos, the printed kimonos, which go well with plain kurtas, or tops and fringe kimonos too, add to the style quotient which can be used for layering.

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image-11Scarves are another item, which never go out of style. Apart from protecting the hair and the skin from the blazing sun, scarves can be put to various uses in layering. It can be worn or layered in various ways to add more charm to the outfit worn.


image-12Capes too can be put to use while layering summer outfits. Capes can be worn on salwar suits, plain tops, or even long skirts and the imagination is boundless to use capes as a layering accompaniment.

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image-13In corporate style of dressing, where more emphasis is on shirts and pants, females can wear cotton blazers to add more kitsch to the plain shirts and skirts, or shirts and pants. Cotton blazers with funky and geometric prints can make a long and boring summer day more refreshing, and bring in enthusiasm to work.


image-14Saris are an indispensable part of Indian culture, and it can be made more attractive in summer. It is always good to wear light colored cotton saris, when one has to go out in the hot sun. A sleeveless blouse can be worn to beat the heat and as a layering option, a stole can be added. Make sure that the stole added to the sari as a layering option will match the color oF the sari or is in contrast color to a plain colored cotton sari.

Crochet shrug layer:

image-15Another layering option which goes well with Indian dresses like the long skirt is the crochet shrug. The shrug can be worn to cover the upper part of the body which acts like a protective covering, and also adds an extra oomph to the otherwise routine outfit.

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image-16Jackets are other piece of clothing which can be used as a top layer to bring that oomph factor in the dress. Jackets can be either full sleeved or sleeveless too. These jackets come in various materials like denim, cotton, lace etc. According to the dress worn and according to the climate of the place, jackets can be used for layering clothes. Jackets can be worn on tops, long skirts, and certain times models walk the ramp along with the jacket, which is used on the sari.


image-17This is another piece of fashion which never goes out of style. A well fitted and figure hugging belt speaks volumes about the styling sense of the person. Belts can be worn on tops paired with skirts; they can be worn on long tops too along with long palazzo pants.

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image-18Instead of bulking up using various layers of garments in summer, any outfit can be paired with lots of funky accessories like hair bands, wrist bands, neck-pieces, sling bag etc. These have to be chosen carefully according to the outfit worn like sari, long skirt, kurta or any other Indian outfit.

Layering gives a completely different look to your otherwise routine outfit. Layering should be done carefully, and should go well with your attire, or else you can end up looking completely out of place. So, follow the above given layering tips, and look all the more beautiful.

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