The Comeback Of Anarkalis – All You Need To Know

The Comeback Of Anarkalis – All You Need To Know

e7b283f35a42b0667d0a6b0dac8de45fAnarkali dress is a long kurta with a large flare like a frock or an umbrella, and do not have any slit on the sides. To complete its look, they are combines with chooridars or pants and a dupatta or stole. Upon hearing the name Anarkali, some of the ancient movies like Mughal-E-Aazam, Umrao Jaan or Pakeezah comes to our mind, where the leading actresses were seen wearing them.

This ethnic style worn in olden times has become one of the most appealing fashion statements in this modern era, among the fashion forwarded women. The fashion of Anarkali dresses is age old and is still a trendy outfit. The upper part of this kurta is fitted at the bust and the lower portion has 16, 18 or 24 number of pleats which are known as Kalis. They are available in different lengths, from floor length to knee length.

You must be thinking that who all can wear them? What materials are used to make them? Or is it affordable? The brief answer to all your questions are mentioned below in different points, stating the reasons behind the comeback of Anarkali dresses, and after reading them I am sure all your doubts would be cleared to the fullest.

Suits every women of any age and body structure:

pakistani-anarkali-suitsAnarkali Salwar Kameez is a traditional dress, and is liked by all ladies of all age groups. They look gorgeous on every women of any size. It suits you even if you are bulky or if you possess a slim figure. But, ways to wear them for different size of body structure should be kept in mind.

If you are on the bulkier side, then choose those Anarkali suits which have larger flare starting from the waist level. And if you are on a leaner side, then average flare kurti would also look wonderful. Anarkalis look super fantastic on tall women and even more awesome on shorter ladies too.

Worn in every occasion:

ellis-4The outfit has the adaptability and looks great at any traditional events. Whether it is a pre-wedding event, a religious event, or a family dinner, Anarkali suits are the ideal selection for all. They are available in huge variety of styles, flares and cuts which makes our selection wider. Anarkali suits are an evergreen outfit for wedding parties. They have been in fashion not only from the times of Mughals but they have also traversed itself in recent years, maintaining its supremacy over Indian Fashion.

Depending on the material and design of the suit, Anarkali dresses can be worn in every occasion. For daily use, comfortable cotton is worn. Whereas, synthetic material Anarkali dresses which gives glamorous looks can be worn on special occasion.


wpid-onion-pink-shade-withAnarkali suits can be made up of net, cotton, chiffon, silk, satin, brasso or many other fabrics available. The most popular of them all is the net material with inner lining. The inner lining can be made up of cotton, satin or any other gaudy material that has fabulous lustre.

Chiffon materials with floral or showy prints are also used. Full sleeves with net materials are mostly seen in these types of dresses, as they make you look quite exquisite and gorgeous. There is dedicated number of choices available like Georgette Anarkali dress, Net Anarkali dress or Chiffon Anarkali dress, for any wedding parties that can make you stand out in the crowd.

Airy and Practical:

designer-anarkali-suits-onlCurrently, Indian sarees and dresses for all aged women have achieved high consideration across the world, and a past of praise goes to these stunning Anarkali dresses. Designer Anarkali Salwar suits are embroidered vibrantly and are getting a lot of fondness from every fashion passionate woman, not only in India, but also in many other countries.

The attractiveness of an Anarkali suit is that no matter how heavy and expensive it looks, it still is a very breathable outfit mainly during summers. You would still look stunning without adding weight to your current looks. If you are attending an informal event, try and avoid wearing a heavy Anarkali suit and prefer a casual Anarkali dress with minimum flare.

Favourite Ethnic Outfit:

blog_7jan3There have been a variety of dresses that have made their comeback in ethnic wear, but the hot favourite for majority of the ladies is Anarkali dresses. The various embroidery and embellishments used in its making like sequins, beads or laces give them a rich and heavy look.

Since they are available in bulk of colours and styles, it gives you variety of choices to choose from, for any of the casual or special occasions. Irrespective of the age or body type, they make you look undoubtedly attractive and you will definitely earn a lot of appreciation. You can always see this outfit worn by many models on ramps, or any of the designer outlets.

The Striking Elements:

461aa44cebbe7a6542fffc6b9dbStriking elements such as style of your neckline, the elaborate work on the sleeves, dupatta or neck grabs the attention. Anarkali suits have gone through different insights from historic to present times. The heavy prints on it make them look even more fashionable. They are oh-so-gorgeous and make you look almost royal as you walk.


new-fashion-anarkali-frocksThe colours that are most preferred in this season are pink, peach, parrot green and pale blue. These colours are not always necessary to suit you all, so make sure to choose the best one that suits you. These light colours make you look curvier as they hug your curves.

The silhouette of the Anarkali dresses makes you look shorter, so remember that wearing heels over these dresses are absolutely necessary so that they can provide you with the required height and also so that the stylish edges of the dress are visible.

Designer or customized wear:

beige-floor-length-weddingLively and graceful designed Anarkali dresses can be easily spotted in any parties or any public place. These ultimate graceful dresses bestow a splendid and vibrant appeal, and are the most favoured choice for all occasion and for every lady. These dresses do justice to the look of every woman. You may go to fashion designers showroom, where you can find innovative and evolving new styles of Anarkali dresses.

Try them out before purchasing. Check if the style is flattering your body type or on your figure. They may not suit you perfectly, so the other option is to get them customised. By customizing, you can get the perfect fit and the style that you want to wear. They would tend to make you look more feminine and all the more ravishing.


latest-designer-anarkali-suDepending on the design, material and the embellishments used, prices vary. The more the embellishments used, the more will be the price. If you desire an economical Anarkali suit, then there are lots of options in simple cotton and georgette fabrics. Any Anarkali range is directly co-related to the amount of work done on it and fabric used. For royal wedding and bridal suits, the price goes high and gives you a heavy and rich look.

All the above stated factors must have definite cleared all your doubts. Many of you may be hardcore fan of bollywood stars and want to look ravishing and stunning by coping their dressing styles and mannerism. By doing this, you are following the fashion trend completely.

You can get a completely new look by owning these Anarkali dresses with beautiful fabrics, patterns, designs and colour. The confidence level in you would rise to its peak, because you know that you are looking stunning and because these dresses are trendy and are in fashion. The comeback of these dresses became a blessing for all ladies.

The bulky ladies earlier used to think twice before putting on the dress in trend, whether they would look good in it or not. But, Anarkali dresses bring no second thoughts because you know that you are definitely going to look gorgeous in it, and be in spotlight all the time. So, what are you waiting for? Merge your traditional look with the spirit of modern trends, by putting on this amazing looking Anarkali Salwar Kameez.