10 Super Gorgeous Heavy Work Designer Blouses

10 Super Gorgeous Heavy Work Designer Blouses

downloadSarees and Blouses! They are the ever friendly topic of discussion in most Indian women. Sarees are the classic Indian traditional wear which makes you look attractively gorgeous. With its glamorous and beautiful attire, a sweet flavour of our traditions is added to every woman’s appearance.

Fashionable sarees tend to look more beautiful if worn with designer blouses. Wearing designer blouses has really become popular in today’s world, as they tend to enhance your look by making you look different. Variety of traditional and contemporary designs of blouses is available for all ladies of all age groups. There may be many blouse designs available for your different sarees, but the most important part is to select that design which suits your body shape and thus enhance your personality.

There are certain ways, by which you can overcome the confusion, of selecting the right design blouse for yourself as per your body type.

Slim and Athletic Figure:

For such body type, there lies no area of confusion in selecting your blouse design. As you own the perfect body and curves, any style or any designs would make you look stunning and gorgeous. Be it halter necks, corset style, long sleeved or noodle straps, you would definitely look drop dead elegant in any of the chosen designs.

Voluptuous Figure:

For such body types, full sleeves and quarter sleeves blouse are the best options. Avoid styles like puffed sleeve, noodle straps and halters because these styles tend to bring your sagging arms and shoulders to limelight making you feel uncomfortable. Look out for light embroidered fabrics with smaller prints which are light weighted for your perfect styled blouse.

Top Heavy Figure:

top-blouse-designs-for-leheBlessed with heavy bosoms is not a worry at all in today’s date, to choose a right type of blouse for your beautiful saree. Opt for plain blouses made out of lightweight fabrics such as crepe, satin, georgette etc. Avoid embellished blouses and blouses with heavy work on the chest area. They would nonetheless add extra weight to your heavy bosoms. And also avoid deep necklines, and prefer bare back blouses to show off your glowing skin. Just use the logic right, and by choosing the right type you would look all the more desirable and stunning.

Small Busted Figure:

strapless-band-blouseThese figure types are fortunate as they don’t have to think twice before selecting the patterns and various colours for their blouses. Try opting for heavier fabrics such as tuusar silk, velvet or brocade for your blouse designs. Prefer to use heavy embellishments and padded blouses to give an illusion of fuller bust. You may also prefer high neck, collar or halter neck blouse styles to cover up your lean neck.

Broad shouldered Figure:

karina-kapoorTo avoid making incorrect fashion choices, avoid all the thin straps and padded blouses. Ladies with such figure type should go for wearing broader necklines blouse with short sleeves so as to intelligently cover up your broad shoulders. You may even wear bare back blouses to highlight your sexy back.

So, once you are aware with the right style of blouse for your body type, get yourself stitched a perfect and stylish blouse in a boutique. You would be more confident that you would catch many eyes on you because you would be wearing the right type of blouse that would suit you perfectly. After knowing your body type, you are now free to customise your heavy work designer blouses and grab the attention of many. Below mentioned are the some of the super gorgeous heavy work designer blouses:

Kundan work blouse:

Kundan is a traditional form of gemstone. Kundan embroidery is an mixture of Zardozi and Kundan work. After completing the Zardozi embroidery by using gold and silver threads, Kundan pearls and gemstones are studded in it. And when these are used to make blouse, the blouse becomes rich and heavy. They are fashionable and highly in demand. Generally, kundan work blouse are worn by brides to make them look like a diva.

Transparent Full Sleeved Blouses:

the-white-and-red-fancy-lace-work-full-sleeve-maggam-blouse-design-with-resham-and-transparent-backWith the transparent fabric and revealing skin, these full sleeved blouses look sophisticated and trendy. Even though the rest of the blouse is simple, the hevey work on the sleeves gives an intricate look. It has an advantage of hiding your heavy arms by the mind blowing designs in the sleeves and makes you looks seductive and stunning.

Classic Puff Sleeves Blouse:

puff-sleeves-blouse-style-1Puff sleeves blouse designs have been in fashion since the time of kings and queens. Puff sleeve blouses when teamed up with traditional kanjivaram saree or a fancy print saree, enhances the entire outfit. Puff sleeves are stylish and when given a heavy look with stones studded in the embroidery work, add to your beautiful and stunning look.

Embellished Elbow Length Sleeves Blouse:

Currently, embellished elbow length sleeve blouses are in high demand. It gives a rich, heavy and stylish look to your blouse. Jewels are embellished into it giving it a heavy look. Its wear is not only limited to bollywood celebrities, but is also common in normal middle class. It is mostly worn with wedding sarees. Sleeve length and style make a remarkable impact on the look of a blouse. It is one of the most important design element and an essential part in making the bride feel at ease and confident on her special day.

Spaghetti Strapped Blouse Design:

stylish-saree-blouse-brooch-design-10Spaghetti strapped blouses look sensuous and only those with toned arms should wear them. It is difficult to be carried, so if any of you have heavy arms avoid wearing them. Once these are studded with gems and Swarovski stones, they give you a heavy designer look. Mandira Bedi is often seen wearing these styles of blouse.

Net Blouse Design:

Net fabric can be added into the blouse in variety of ways like in neckline, back or sleeves. They are very much in fashion nowadays as they give you a fashionable and sensuous look. Even to your simple sarees, net blouses give a modern touch making you look super gorgeous.

Princess Cut Blouse Design:

necklineWomen love these princes cut blouses because they give a very contemporary and conventional touch to your beauty. And when it comes to fashion, it is one of the most adapted neck designs. Recently, in the Bridal Fashion Week, bollywood actresses are seen wearing them.

Embroidered Blouse Design:

774645_377030002393048_7287Earlier heavy studded sarees were worn with simple blouses. Nowadays, trends have changed. Now, sarees are seen in single colours or with colourful borders, while the blouses are given a heavy look by designing them beautifully. Embroidered blouses looks heavy and are eye catching when worn with single coloured saree.

High Neck Blouse:

High Neck Blouses gives you a fresh and amazing look when compared to traditional blouse designs. They add a royal touch to the ethnic attire. Elaborate embellishments when combined with different fabrics, gives you a very heavy look. Most designers are making use of these combinations to create a high neck blouse. Enhance your look in any parties by wearing this style of blouse.

Plain Elbow Length Sleeves Blouse:

tammannahSimple plain elbow length sleeves silk blouses are highly in trend these days. Big borders on the sleeves gives you an elegant look, and is also highly used as a wedding saree. They enhance your beauty and make you look stunning.

Neatly Accessorized Blouses:

Accessories can be used in those blouses which are not embroidered beautifully. Make sure to choose those accessories which would enhance the look of your blouse even more. They give a heavy look to your blouse to make you stand out in the crowd.

Round Cut Out Back Neck Blouses:

high-neck-blouseThese blouse designs have round cut out detail on the back. An elaborate maggam work, kundan work, stone work, or zardosi work on the outlines of the cut out back gives the blouse a startling look. A beautiful tassel tied on the back adds extra charm to the blouse.

These were the trendy and super gorgeous heavy work designer blouses options which would not only enhance your looks but would also make you stand out in the crowd. The beauty of any saree is highlighted only when they are worn with trendy blouse neck patterns. Indian beauty is best noticed in saree, so all you ladies, identify your body type and get your blouse designed accordingly.