Elbow Length Sleeves Pattu Saree Blouse Designs

Elbow Length Sleeves Pattu Saree Blouse Designs

full-sleeves-saree-blouse-dPattu sarees are kind of sarees that come with a heavy border with intricate work that is usually in gold. These sarees are primarily worn in south India, they are kind of loud but elegant at the same time, and are mostly worn in big occasions like festivals, weddings etc.

There are many variations in pattu saree, each with its own unique look and design. Some of the famous pattu saree styles are Uppada, Kachiveram, Benaras, Pochampali, Dharmavaram etc. the names of these pattu sarees are usually based on where they were manufactured for the first time.

Pattu sarees usually have simple blouses but with the rising trend of elbow length blouse they have also been started to be used in pattusarees. We usually fail to notice the sleeve but it dignifies the occasion in its own way, a good sleeve of a blouse brings the whole traditional saree look together.

And an elbow length blouse brings sophistication and panache to whole saree without much effort being needed; they can be worn for a casual party or to a religious occasion without needing much change. So here I am going to familiarise you with some of the trendiest Pattusaree blouse designs that have elbow length sleeve

Simple and Plain elbow length sleeve blouse

tammannahIn these types of blouses the elbow length sleeve is usually devoid of any extra work, it is simple and plain. The pattusaree comes with a large gold border with interactive design that sometimes includes parrots, peacocks etc. this border makes the border of the blouse’s sleeve. Such borders give you more of sophisticated and a posh look.

This look is followed by many celebrities like actors, politicians etc. I have personally tried this look it is very subdued yet has its own unique panache. But this look is not highly recommend for the young as it suits the mature more better and the person wearing it must be able to pull of the look.

(As you can see in the above picture the blouse is simple with just the pattu decorating the sleeve. This simple yet grand look makes this blouse very much suitable for any grand occasion.)

Transparent sleeve with simple kudan or embroidery work

Kudan work is a bit heavy and uncomfortable to carry around but it adds a whole new look to your blouse giving the whole traditional look a modern and designer look. The kudan work on a transparent sleeve is usually light with deigns like mangoes etc. on the centre of the sleeve and simple kundans lining the border of the blouse.

This is again a party wear kind of blouse that goes fine with a traditional saree. I would advise you to get the kundan work yourself so that it compliments your whole traditional look of your pattu saree otherwise your look might be spoiled. This blouse will be suitable of weddings especially with many celebrities sporting this cool transparent sleeve with light kundan work, but you might want to consider the amount of maintenance kundan and transparent material need like hand washing, reverse ironing etc.

(As you can see in the above image the transparent sleeve of the blouse is decorated with simple yet attractive work, both kudan and embroidery. This attire aims to give a sophisticated and dignified look)

Simple transparent elbow length sleeve blouse

transparent-full-sleeve-blouse-design-with-minimal-workThe sleeve in these blouses is transparent without any designs or work decorating it except the border. In these blouses the colour of the transparent material for the elbow length sleeve is either a colour that goes with the pattusaree or a total contrast giving you a unique look that lets you stand out in a crowd. These blouses can also be worn with plain sarees that are devoid of any design.

The transparent material of the blouse is usually a bit glitters to make the whole look of the saree more festive. But this look is not recommended for weddings as it may not be traditional enough to suit the occasion. This blouse will suit the younger generation that can pull off this look very easily. This transparent elbow length sleeve blouse usually has a transparent back or an almost too low back giving the traditional blouse a sexy element to it.

(As you can see in the above picture the actress is wearing a pattusaree with heavy work and has it paired with a backless and transparent sleeve blouse. This sexy side of traditional attire makes it suitable for other casual occasions also)

Full plain elbow length sleeve blouse

plain-printed-long-sleeve-bThe sleeve of these blouses is totally plain without any additional design or embroidery. You may think that the blouse will be too simple to look at with its just plain colour but you could not be more mistaken. This blouse pulls a plain pattu or heavy pattu saree together giving it a dignified and posh look without the need of jewellery or any other embellishment.

The colour of the blouse is usually a bold colour like royal blue, bright orange, dark maroon etc. this compliments a light colour pattu saree that is devoid of much design other than the border . This look is suitable for all casual occasions and even traditional affairs; the look you achieve with this plain elbow length sleeve blouse is suitable for all ages. You can get these plain blouses individually also (stitched or unstitched) in many online website or local saree stores.

(As you can see in the above image, a south Indian actress is wearing a dark pink saree with simple pattu pairing it with a plain blouse of bold dark blue. The colours might be in contrast but whole look is very aesthetically appeasing)

Simple embroidery blouse with elbow length sleeve

trendy-saree-blouse-designs-2015-indian-catalogueIn these types of blouses the elbow length sleeve, the neckline and the back are decorated light yet beautiful embroidery (hand stitched). The blouse is usually a dark colour paired with a light colour blouse making the whole attire stand out. This simple blouse that suits almost every occasion but I fell that a bride has to wear a bit heavy embroidery to stand out on her special day.

I personally can attest that these blouses are very comfortable to wear as the embroidery is usually done in gold thread without any kundans or sparkles. This feature of the blouse makes it suitable for any age group of women for various occasions. I suggest you get the plain blouse piece in a bold colour and then get the embroidery done based on your taste as some might prefer heavy work.

(As you can see the image the simple white saree with golden pattu is paired with the bold red colour blouse that has simple embroidery work. This simple attire exudes elegance)

Blouses with heavy work elbow length sleeve

In these types of blouses the blouse is decorated with heavy embroidery and kundan work making it more special. These kinds are perfect for occasions like marriages where loud attire can be justified. From heavy zari work to just kundan work you can get anything done based on your preference.

The work is usually done in gold colour so it stands out more but you can choose the colour that is compatible with your blouses colour. I personally prefer gold thread work as it makes the blouse stand out and gold colour works with a wide range of colours. These blouses can be specially made or readymade ones can be order, I suggest you get them specially made then you can get the design of your taste. The cost of these blouses can be a bit high due to the high amount of work put into them but for a special occasion like wedding spending a little money shouldn’t be a issue.

(As you can see in the image the bright golden saree with a green and reddish pattu is paired with a elbow length green blouse that is decorated with heavy and artistic embroidery. This attire is most suitable for a wedding)

Embroidered full neck and simple pattu elbow length sleeve blouses

embellished-elbow-length-slThis type of blouse with elbow length sleeve is one of my favourites and is matching the current trend of heavy work blouses and simple sarees. The blouse is made of total pattu and the saree is simple with a small border, whereas the blouse is loud and decorated with a border.

The contrast of the loud blouse with the simple saree makes your whole attire stands out. Usually these blouses also feature a full neck thereby you can avoid wearing jewellery if you want a simple look. This almost traditional fusion is very much in range for all the occasions and for all age types.

(As you can see in the ablove image the simple orange and pink saree with a simple golden pattu is paired with a full pattu pink blouse with a golden border. The sareemigh be simple but the loud blouse makes the saree worth a grand occasion)

Hope these different styles of blouses with elbow length sleeve help you decide the style perfect for you.