Beautiful Patiala Salwar Kameez Designs

Beautiful Patiala Salwar Kameez Designs

India has been the place of origin of many things. Fashion is not an exception here in this category and Indians have been equal contributors there in terms of ethnic wear and jewelry. From the land of Punjab, India, the beautiful Patiala Salwar Kameez has travelled far and wide across the world, making a strong fashion statement among the women of the world. It is a heritage that has been passed down from the Royals of the land besides good and tasty things that have travelled down across the lineages. The kings and queens have been wearing these Patiala suits as garbs since age immemorial. The highlight of the garment is the comfort that one gets by wearing them.

A Patiala Salwar Kameez normally requires double the length of the material to be stitched. This humongous material source is a pre-requisite to make those beautiful pleats on your Salwar and these pleats meet at the bottom of the Salwar. Some of the best Patiala Salwar Kameez designs are featured here:

Shahi Patiala Salwar Kameez

This way of stitching a Patiala Salwar Kameez is generally the big and grand one with numerous pleats and worn with a short top as against a knee length top. The short top is sure to display and show off the pleats arrangement and how they culminate well near the ankles. So get set to show off the beauty of your Patiala Salwar pleats, choose a short length Kameez. One may also choose the same material, colors or print for the Salwar and the Kameez. Almost all Patiala Salwar are expected to be of the Shahi type because of grandeur.


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Contrasts shine bright

The Punjabi Kudis of India are known to wear bright colors for their Patiala suits. They shine so bright and help the women to show off their dancing prowess in the attire that they wear. It is a perfect dress that is preferred for pre-wedding festivities like Mehendi and Sangeet, where dancing is a tradition and comfort is highly sought after. One cannot forget the Patiala suits of Anushka Sharma in Band Baaja Baraat. So just party all night long, in the comfort wear of the land of Kudis. Wear this attire along with some Desi Sandals that is embroidered and multi-colored. Other great accessories to the Patiala attire would be colorful bangles that jingle when you move your feet on the dance floor. Yet another accessory are the earrings; hooped rings or even jhumkas, that beat against the slender neck of the woman sporting the Patiala Salwar is a great sight to watch.

Brocade Patiala suits

One material that will go well for a Patiala Salwar will be the brocade materials. Pick some good brocade works of the golden thread in a fine and bright color. Stitch this material into a Shahi Patiala Salwar Kameez with a good amount of pleats that meet up at the ankles. Team this type of Patiala Salwar with a completely sequined short kurta or with a kurta that has some neat and elegant mirror work done. You do not need a reminder that the colors can be varied and shall be a combination where the kurta and the Salwar complement each other very well. Alternatively, you can also choose a stiff brocade material to go as the kurta with a plain but heavily pleated Patiala Salwar. This will be another design where in you can display the beauty of the material in the suit rather that in the Salwar. It also puts the women at ease to be a comfortable with a simple and plain material for the Patiala, as against heavy and sturdy brocade Patiala Salwar. The plain Salwar can have the bottom borders done using the brocade material that is used for stitching up the top.

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Floral Patiala Salwar

A common Patiala wear that is mostly used for casual occasions are the Floral Patiala Salwar with matching dupattas. These Salwar are mainly cotton based or chiffon based. Commonly sought after by the college girls and the office goers, they are certainly a comfort wear helping you rush through crowded streets and run to catch your trains. This floral printed Patiala Salwar is best worn with a plain top or kurta. It gives you the casual avatar that you need in the fast world but also let the other heads turn towards you when you walk through the busy crowd. These Patiala Salwars can be worn with heeled footwear’s or flat sandals. These floral Patiala sets are readily available in the stores these days, that you just walk in and pick the pattern and print of your choice. The women of today are surely stocking up more sets in their wardrobe because of its readily available nature and its widely available variety.

Sleeveless Patiala Salwar

The top of the Salwar can sometimes be made sleeveless to add more glamour to the wear. Deep neck patterns with ornamental work like the one done with mirrors or stones add a lot of beauty to the Patiala Suits. The intensity of the work can be differed to make the Patiala suit simple or grand. Just go over the top with blended designs that enhance the suit and the appearance of the one who is wearing it. The sleeveless Patiala suits are well tailored to fit the body of the women who wears it. One can always remember Kangana Ranaut of Tanu Weds Manu and how good each of her Patiala suits were. The body hugging design of the Patiala Salwars does suit people who share a similar physique like Kangana.

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Laced Sleeves

Instead of having the Kameez done as a sleeveless one, alternatively design it with laces. Laced sleeves can either be short or long, depending on the designer in you and what you seem as a best fit to you. A long sleeved lace top with a Patiala bottom is quite the agreeable attire. When you opt for laced sleeves for the Salwar tops, you can go in for subtle colors or pastel shades. Adding to the sleeves of lace, combine the Kameez with intricate or embellished patterns to make it more appealing. Laced sleeves can be replaced with ones that are transparent and of georgette or chiffon material. The Patiala Salwar can also be made from similar material and normally huge meters of chiffon are needed for the design and fit.

The fashion of Patiala Salwar in its bright colors and the associated traditional sentiments are well seen in display in almost all of the forums – be it gatherings that are Social, Bollywood parties, Pre-Wedding festive gatherings and so on. Style icons like Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Tamannah have sported the Patiala Salwar in various movies of theirs, and have revolutionized the kind of attire that the Salwars have been.

The fashion industry certainly owes it to them for making their clothing famous. The trendsetting combinations of the Salwar and Kameez of the Shahi Patiala wear have also been introduced to the fashion world through them in the recent times. Bright pink and orange, Yellow and Green, Blue and Red are some of the wild combinations that you can recollect seeing in movies such as Jab We Met, Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania and Tanu Weds Manu. There is no question as to why the girls of today prefer this comfort wear over stylish Lehengas or Anarkalis, even for occasions that they are very conscious of wearing an ethnic outfit. So, happy shopping and great sporting this fashion wear that you can adorn and walk free – be it amongst a big crowd, a fashion ramp or dance to the Bhalle Bhalle songs of Punjab. Do not miss out on the accessories that were discussed in each of the designs – footwear, bangles and earrings to get the outfit complete!

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