Artistic and Innovative Blouse Sleeve Styles!

Artistic and Innovative Blouse Sleeve Styles!

3Blouses are varied by different style sleeves and designs, each giving its wearer a style of their own. Many people don’t concentrate on the sleeve of the blouse, they feel it is minuscule and won’t have much impact on the blouses look but they couldn’t be more wrong. The sleeve of the blouse is indicative of the occasion like a heavy embroidery simple sleeve blouse for a wedding, a full hand blouse for a posh party etc. The sleeve length, colour and design must be suitable with the blouse for any given occasion so that you can be the star of the event.

With the ever changing trend based on the celebrity wear or season and many new creative minds at work have brought about a revolution in the design of blouses that includes their sleeves. Innovative and artistic styles like the daring off shoulder sleeve, adding embellishments like a chain of pearls instead of sleeves etc. have been mostly inspired from the western world and historic accounts of royal attires, giving the traditional saree a sexy touch. From simple full hand to sexy sleeves and from full embroidery sleeve to an elbow length transparent blouse there a number of choices each suiting an individual’s taste. So here I am going to introduce you with my favourite artistic and innovative blouse sleeve styles that are going to leave you amazed

Elbow length full dark designblouse

1This sleeve style for a blouse has taken the whole fashion industry by storm with many celebrities sporting it in many media events. In this design the blouse’s elbow length sleevehas a slight puff at the shoulder giving the blouse panache. The blouse had a full neck and the whole blouse is decorated with multi coloured design with a dark colour background.

Some may feel that the colour choice is bit bold but when this dark coloured blouse is paired with a light colour saree that has a simple border, you will appreciate the colour palate and design of the blouse and its sleeve. I personally have tried it and can say it suits any age and occasion, it give you a posh look and the sleeve has a sliming effect on your arms if you’re worried about it.

Off shoulder sleeve blouse

2Off shoulder top have comeback with a bang and their design of off shoulder sleeve has been intergraded into saree blouses giving a traditional wear a sexy touch. Many may feel that it is too revealing but the off shoulder blouses show skin in a tasteful manner giving you a sexy yet sophisticated look.

The shoulder strap can be used as a normal sleeveless blouse design but that will take away the essence of the whole blouse’s design. I would advise you not to change or experiment with the design of the blouse or it’s off shoulder sleeve because it may spoil whole look you are going for. This off shoulder sleeve blouse when paired with grand jewellery is fit for a grand event like a wedding and without any jewellery or simple jewellery it can be the prefect fusion party wear.

Net sleeveless and high boat neck blouse

3This blouse is sleeveless with a high boat neck and other than the bust rest all is in net making this blouse sheer yet sexy. This blouse is more modern than traditional but is suitable even for grand events and festivities after adding embellishments like kundans, stones pearls etc. This blouse is very alluring without the need of jewellery or any other extra accessory.

This blouse is best matched with a saree that is compatible with the colour of the bust of the blouse and many also pair the blouse with a sheer or net saree giving it more sensual look. I advise you to get the blouse stitched based on your exact size rather than getting a readymade blouse and I feel that this blouse is most suitable for youngsters.

Heavy embroidery full length sleeve blouse

4These heavy embroidery full length sleeve blouse is grand and a bit loud for my taste but that is my preference not yours. The whole blouse is embroidered heavily and that includes the full length sleeve adding grandeur to the whole blouse. There are various types for embroidery like maggam, zardosi etc. so you can choose one of your taste and budget like for simple and cheap ones you can go with simple embroider, for a much grander look with pricey rate you can go with zardosi work etc.

This blouse is suitable for many kinds of saree like if the blouse is of dark colour then it will perfectly with a simple saree, if the sleeve has a pattu border it will be well suited for kanjeevaramsaree or other pattusaree etc. The best part of these blouses is that is suitable for all kinds of events from casual to grand.

Simple puff sleeve blouse

5Puff sleeves are my all-time favourite they add a certain cuteness and innocence to the blouse or top. They have always been in fashion just not in focus and with the rising trend of net sleeves, the puff sleeves have also become net adding a modern factor to this every present design. The puff of the sleeve comes in various sizes, I personally prefer a small one rather than a large on but it all depends on your taste.

The puffiness of the sleeve is made prominent and grand by adding a grand border to the base of the sleeve. From simple casual sarees to grand kanjeevaram silk sarees, this puff sleeve blouse gives any saree a unique look. This style of blouse is even recommended for your special day when you are the star of the show. So when stocking up your traditional attire make sure to include a nice puff sleeve blouse.

Elbow length sleeve blouse with end bell design

Chiffon Bell Sleeves Saree BlouseThis style of sleeve gives you a distinct retro style as the sleeve is of elbow length and the end of the sleeve has a bell design reminding you of 70’s Bollywood actresses. This blouse can be printed, plain or embroidered based on your preference; I personally like a plain one with a nice border that highlights the unique design of the sleeve.

If you want to make the blouse and its sleeve grander you can do so by adding embellishments like kundans, pearls, embroidery etc. This style of sleeve is suitable for many kinds of sarees like pattu, georgette, chiffon etc. but for traditional events it may prove to be a bit much otherwise for a nice party you can go with a classic look that this sleeve gives us. I would advise you to get this style of blouse with such sleeve personally stitched rather than readymade.

Net full length sleeve blouse

7Net has become quite the trend right now from sleeves to the back, blouses are made more alluring and modern with addition of net or transparent cloth. Net full length sleeve blouses are modern touch to the tradition and by adding pattu border and other embellishments like kundans, pearls etc.

These sleeves are generally of the matching colour as the saree but sometimes a little funk and uniqueness is adding by stitching the net sleeve in contrast colour. These sleeves are also quite easily matched with any kind of neckline boat, collar, deep ‘V’ etc. and types of style like half and half, party, formal etc. For multitude of occasions also this sleeve has proved to be perfect though I feel that it is not so suitable for formal grand events like weddings.

Simple bell sleeve blouse

8This is a very distinctive style of sleeve that may not suit everyone’s taste and the bell shaped sleeve comes up to the elbow thereby adds a sliming effect to your arm. This sleeve is made more unique by adding a collar to the blouse giving it a distinct fashionable and artistic look that is quite hard to achieve.

These blouses are best in subdued colours as they are mostly plain without any embellishments and are usually paired with a heavy work or print saree. But the downside is that these style blouses are suitable only for a handful of occasions and that do es not include traditional occasions.

Blouse with full length sleeve and puff

9This a very unique sleeve designs that needs a lot of guts to try. This sleeve is of full length with a puff at the shoulder making it a distinct combination of puff and full length sleeve. For pattusarees the blouse can be altered accordingly by adding a pattu border to the sleeves and neckline, similarly the design of the blouse can be altered based on your saree style. From grand weddings to casual parties the sleeve and blouse design can be fixed accordingly with adding the necessary embellishments. I suggest you try this design of sleeve before buying it.
So be fickle and try all these styles of sleeves we have listed and find out which suits you the best.