6 Exquisite Blouse Designs for Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees

6 Exquisite Blouse Designs for Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees

2Kanjeevaram Silk is a beautiful silk manufactured in Tamil Nadu’s region of Kancheepuram therefore is also known as Kancheepuram silk. Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees are traditional wear in south India with its beautiful pattu making every occasion it is worn to a grand occasion. These contrasting yet beautiful borders of Kanjeevaram silk sarees are usually done in golden thread and are traditionally in stripes, floral, temple and checks. These saree are very grand majestic therefore making it perfect for grand occasions and festivities. Especially in South India where gold jewellery is worn for every important occasion this saree compliments the jewellery.

Though Kanjeevaram silk saree are considered traditional, they are modernised or made more grand by adding embellishments like kundans, pearls etc. especially on the blouse which is usually plain. With the changing trends of heavy beadwork, net back etc. kanjeevaram silk sarees blouses have also been altered. This trend of Kanjeevaran silk sarees paired with modern blouses has become quite popular with many South Indian and Bollywood celebrities sporting them in media covered events. From your wedding day to an auspicious occasion Kanjeevaram silk saree with the right blouse will make you the star of the show. So here I am going to introduce you to 6 Exquisite Blouse Designs for Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees

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Go grand with heavy work blouse Sleeves

1Kanjeevaram Silk saree are grand and a grand blouse befits this saree perfectly. Personally I feel it is loud but loud and grand is what a bride needs, to make her look special on her wedding day. In this style of blouse the whole blouse including the sleeve is adorned with golden thread embroidery and embellishments like sparkles, kundans, mirrors etc. making the blouse even more grand. The sleeves can be kept simple or made more modern and sexy by stitching them in net or transparent cloth and adorning it with embellishments thereby making it even more elegant.

There are various types of embroideries that give your blouse a grander effect but I personally suggest zardosi and maggam embroidery.  If you feel that getting the whole blouse embroidered is too much you can do the embroidery in a certain pattern and to get to know about various patterns just Google it. I suggest you to get an elbow sleeve or full sleeve with heavy work because that is the trend right now. I guarantee you that this heavy embroidered sleeve blouse when matched with a good Kanjeevaram silk saree and the perfect jewellery you will surely turns heads in all grand events you go to.

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Be simple with cap sleeve Blouse

2Cap sleeve is a simple sleeve in blouse designs; it gives your saree a very elegant, simple and sophisticated look. These sleeves can be easily changed with the changing trends like with the current trend of transparent or net sleeves, these cap sleeves can also be made with transparent cloth adding an alluring factor to an otherwise simple look. I personally feel that adding too much embellishment to this small sleeve will not present the effect you wanted from these embellishments, so it’s best to go simple by adding a simple pattu or plain border to the sleeves.

These cap sleeve blouses suit almost all kinds of pattu sarees especially Kanjeevaram silk saree that demand elegance from the wearer. Cap sleeve blouses are not the most comfortable but they do have a kind of slimming effect on your arm. While wearing this blouse with Kanjeevaram silk saree I suggest you wear the pallu of the saree in pleats giving you an authentic traditional look. Cap sleeve blouses exhibit a very posh and dignified look from the wearer so this type of sleeve is highly recommend for a bride on her special day.

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Try sexy with net blouse

3Net sleeve blouses are quite the rage right now with many celebrities sporting them in various media covered events. Net cloth is used in all types of sleeves full length, elbow length, puff etc. and not just the sleeves the back and collar area are also sometimes found in net cloth adding a factor of sexiness to this traditional attire. These net sleeves can be simplified by adding a simple border, risqué by adding small embroidered flowers and grand by adding heavy embroidery with embellishments like kundans, mirrors, pearls etc.

Net sleeve blouse are suitable for any occasion with just a few changes in the design of the blouse like for a traditional look the make only the sleeves net and for a sexy look make everything net except the bust. The traditional Kanjeevaram silk saree looks are being altered with the changing trend to give this complete traditional look a touch or trendiness. I suggest you to get a net blouse custom stitched rather than buying an already stitched one because then you can get the design of the blouse done to suit your blouse and your taste, if you want embellishments ass then later on. From grand to casual events net sleeve blouse suits all therefore this is a must have in every woman’s wardrobe.  

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Go the Vintage way with puff sleeve blouse

4A puff sleeve exudes a vintage and elegant look without much effort and this elegant look is necessary to pull off wearing a Kanjeevaram Silk saree. Puff sleeves have always been used to epic royal or even diets in old movies thereby making a classic design loved by many. So adding this sleeve to your blouse will give you a classic look and the sleeve allows you to wear arm jewellery like arm band or ‘vanki’ which is quite popular in south India. This classic puff sleeve is made modern by adding the net cloth for the puff but I suggest you don’t add net feature anywhere else in the blouse because it will spoil the whole look.

These puff sleeves can be made grander by adding a pattu border or a nice embroidered border and small bells or embellishments to the end of the sleeve. This type of blouse is best with a wide neck blouse that allows you to wear your favourite jewellery adding to your classic vintage look. When draping the saree I suggest you to drape it in pleats because that shows off the beautiful border of the saree adding to the vintage look you were going for but this is just my opinion.

Coloured mirror embroidered blouse

5Mirror work adds folksy aspect to this traditional attire and when a mirror work is matched with a Kanjeevaram silk saree you get a unique fusion on folksy and south Indian traditions. Mirror work alone is tacky so it comes accompanied by embroidery making the whole blouse unique and quite appealing. My personal favourite mirrors work is that of Kutch embroidery with mirror it goes well with a kanjeevaram saree but it is not such a trendy choice.

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They are many ways to design your blouse based on mirror work but my personal favourite is a long sleeve blouse with a collar in dark colour and mirror work is done with golden embroidery around the collar giving a grand effect to the blouse making it suitable for weddings also especially when paired with the Kanjeevaram sarees. If you are going for a sexier traditional look, then the blouse can have high boat neck and simple sleeves but with the whole blouse must filled with mirrors of different shapes like triangles, squares etc. in order to match with kanjeevaram saree’s grandness. I recommend you a sexy deep back with ‘dor’ (2 threads used to tie a knot on the back of the blouse. When wearing a kanjeevaram saree with this design of the blouse, leave the pally to flow rather than doing it in pleats.

Artistic Jacket style blouse

6The design of this blouse is quite similar to that of a jacket but with the artistic addition of elbow length sleeves and stylish lapels. This blouse is of naval length thereby altering all the usual designs of blouses for kanjeevaram saree, this blouse takes a lots of guts to pull off. This design of blouse is best done with a pattu cloth of the same colour of the kanjeevaram saree so that your whole outfit will match.

This blouse prevents you from wearing much jewellery as your neckline and arms are mostly covered by the blouse but it does have a sliming effect on the look of your arm. I suggest you this blouse custom stitched rather than buying from the shop because then you can add any embellishments or change the design based on your taste. What I love most about this blouse design is its feature of buttoning the jacket till the lapels; it almost gives you different kind of panache that mostly jacket or waste coat wearers will understand. Another suggestion I would like to give is that drape the saree sideways rather than the usual styles.

Hope these exquisite blouse designs make your kanjeevaram silk saree more dashing