5 Ethnic Layering Trends That Are Rocking 2016!

5 Ethnic Layering Trends That Are Rocking 2016!

featuredEthnic attire and looks have made a comeback with a bang, and has many celebrities sporting it in many media covered events. These ethnic attires are modified with a number of different trends giving the usual ethnic look a touch of sexiness, innocence and panache like never before. Ethnic attire usually are thought to be only for traditional or religious occasion where a person is to look conservative, but the fact that ethnic attire gives a person sophistication like no other attire whether it a simple chudidar or a heavy saree or lehenga goes unnoticed by us.

Ethnic attire can be modified with the preferred taste or the occasion to which you are going and this attire goes quite well with heavy gold jewellery as well as quirky silver fashion jewellery. This conservative and classic ethnic attire are matched with various different styles to create a beautiful fusion. One such style that is added into ethic attire is layers. layers were quite the trend in the 70’s and 80’s but they are back with a bang and have become quite the hot trend right now. From simple layers to much more artistic layers, they are being added to different types of looks. The fashion scene has been filled with layers from Lehengas to palazzos; everything that looks like layers is being sold like hot cakes especially with many Bollywood celebrities sporting them. So, here I am going to give you 5 Ethnic layering trends that are rocking 2016.

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Awesome east and west fusion in layers

image-1Eastern fashion and western fashion are world apart. While eastern fashion has a more traditional and conservative look, whereas on the other hand western fashion has a more contemporary and sexy look. But the combination of these two diverse fashions by adding layers gives you a beautiful fusion design, which will surely leave you awestruck. Layers are quite common in eastern fashion in Anarkalis, Lehengas, etc., but the current trend demands a fusion of this simple traditional attire with modern elements like transparent sleeves, cropped cholis, criss cross odhnis or dupattas, etc.

The western touch is not such a big one, but it is subtle and well placed in a manner that it will leave you amazed. The western touch is generally very light without much embellishment, making it in complete contrast to the heavy embellishment that is usually done in the tradition eastern layers of the attire. I personally like this kind of attire because it is perfect for a number of occasions and is also very comfortable, thereby making it easy to manage and wear. I love pairing this kind of attire with fashion jewellery rather than usual gold tradition jewellery, which I personally feel will make the whole look louder. This attire is very much suitable when done in a contrasting combination of light and dark colours that bring out the contrasting features more boldly. I suggest you to wear this attire in traditional events as well as parties, but I don’t recommend it for casual occasions as it might be too posh for those.

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Anarkalis with a jacket

image-2Generally many fashion friendly clothes are suitable for slim people rather than healthy ones, but there are a few exceptions and one of those is Anarkalis. Anarkalis are great ways of flaunting layers as it suits people of any sizes, because it flows through giving you a look of being tall and slimmer size. Anarkalis have been modified in various ways for various trends, but the trend of adding a jacket either pre-stitched or separate has given this traditional Mughal attire a modern touch.

These jackets are generally sleeveless but some do have sleeves for a much contrasting effect. And to make the contrasting effect more intense and bold the jacket is generally in contrasting colour with the Anarkali, and while the Anarkali is plain the jacket is embellished with heavy work.  Personally this is not much of my taste, as it is most suitable for casual traditional occasions where you need to look traditional but not loud, and I tend to avoid such occasions. Many stores sell the Anarkali and jacket together as they are either pre-stitched or are given by the store, but I suggest that if you have the patience go to different stores and buy a readymade jacket with heavy embroidery that suits your Anarkali, thereby adding a personal touch. This attire I feel is most suitable for youngsters, as they can pull it off very effortlessly.

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Double pallu Sarees

image-3Sarees are the epitome of traditional wear in India, as it gives an enticing glimpse of skin here and there while radiating the wave of sophistication, all in layers. These simple saree have been modernised by adding many features to their blouses like collared neck, transparent sleeves etc. but the current and raging trend is of adding more layers to this already layered attire. The layers have been added by adding a ‘second pallu’ in the form of an odhni or dupatta (attached within your saree) usually on the opposite shoulder to which you have draped the saree pallu, or on the neck in similar fashion like you would drape a chudidar’s dupatta or odhni.

In a simple saree only the front of the saree is decorated with a layer, but in this special feature saree the ‘second pallu’ gives a sexy look to the back of the saree. The ‘second pallu’ is generally of the same shade and colour of the main pallu, but the main pallu is embellished and the ‘second pallu’ remains simple and plain. As you can see in the pic how posh and sophisticated it looks when worn, and not to mention the confusion of others as to from where your ‘second pallu’ has come. This attire is perfect for traditional events, but I personally suggest that you wear it to fashionable traditional events rather than grand traditional events, where loud traditional attire only suits and this style of sarees are mostly recommended for youngsters.

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Silver and gold layers

image-4Silver and gold have always been colours that gives out a look of royalty and sophistication without being loud, that is quite hard to achieve in other colours. Gold and silver have always been added to any attire in the form of heavy embroidery usually zari, giving any cloth a grand look, but the latest trend is of adding the whole colour in the form of layers as well as embroidery, making traditional attire grander. This adding of layer is mostly done in Anarkali gowns or Anarkalis or palazzo Anarkalis, where there is abundance of layers, rather than in sarees or chudidars where there is just a single layer that is usually very small or just simply a long one that does not add much volume.

Some may look at the attire and feel that it will be too loud, but I assure you that when worn, this attire looks super sophisticated and royal rather than loud. This attire I personally prefer in gold rather than silver, as gold is much grander yet subtle than silver. This attire is very much suitable for any grand occasion, even for a bride who wants to looks modern with a touch of tradition and grandeur on her big day.

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Going the whimsical way with voluminous layers

image-5Layers in the form of ruffles are quite common, but adding voluminous layers to traditional attire is quite an artsy touch of whimsy to this posh attire. These layers are usually just three or more, that add to the volume of the attire giving a more voluminous look. And these voluminous layers are usually done in Lehengas and Anarkali Lehengas or palazzo, which practically demands for layers. For Lehengas, these layers give a look of almost an Oscar gown or a princess gown that almost every girls dreams of wearing.

When these layers are done on Lehengas, the layers are quite together and highly embellished with heavy embroidery, sparkles etc. making it suitable even for a bride on her big day, where you have to look grand. On the other hand, when these layers are added to Anarkali Lehengas they are much more subtle and fashionable (usually in cotton) rather than traditional and grand, therefore making it suitable for casual parties or posh events. There are many types available, therefore I recommend you to go to different stores (whether online or in person) and checkout the collections they have, then try them out to get the correct one for you. I personally feel that this attire is most suitable for youngsters whose age is most suitable for looking bubbly and sexy with a touch of elegance, but then again that’s my opinion.

So, make your simple attire more fashionable and whimsical by adding layers from our above list of trends.

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