30 Latest Fashionable Blouse Designs For Modern Women

30 Latest Fashionable Blouse Designs For Modern Women

download1Blouses are used from ages to up the sexy quotient of a female, and also it is used as a protective covering on the bra to shield the breasts from injury and other untoward incidents. In olden days just pieces of clothes were stitched together or even flowers were tied in a string in the shape of blouses to cover the upper or the breast portion of a female.

As time passed and human being learnt civilized manners, the exploration for various kinds of clothes started, and the blouse evolved as a style trend. Flaunting blouses of various kinds is the in trend now. It’s not surprising to see females, who are not into show biz or working and modern mindset females, who are not celebrities too, want to get their blouses styled in unique ways and be the talk of town or centre of attraction anywhere they go.

Modern women are agile, confident, and do a lot of multi tasking at a single time. Like them, the clothes they wear also should ooze lots of charm and sexiness, to give females their own distinct appearance. Here are various kinds of blouses which are listed to suit the taste of the modern women.

1.Simple Style Blouse:

These are blouses which can be worn at any occasion like wedding, party, going for a simple shopping session, etc. As the name goes this is a simple style blouse with no extra work or decoration to it. It looks elegant on aged and plus sized females. Various materials like cotton, silk, nylon can be used to stitch these blouses.

2.Round neck blouse:

peacock-blue-and-goldThese are simple designs too, but a bit more artistic and a bit revealing than the simple style blouse.  This can be called the deeper version of the U neck blouse. The blouse is designed, so that the back of the blouse resembles either a semicircle or a full circle, according to the wish of the user. These round neck blouses can be worn with both modern and traditional kind of sarees.

3.Full sleeve blouse:

Full sleeve blouse never go out of fashion at any given point of time. These pattern blouses have made a comeback with a bang, but with certain twists to suit the taste of the modern women. The best suited neckline or neck design for this kind of full sleeved blouses would be the high neck. The best suited colors to get full sleeved blouses stitched would be black, maroon, cherry red etc. These go best with netted or shear sarees.

4.Back button blouses:

These are blouses where the button or hook of the blouse will be at the back side. These blouses can be stitched out of various materials, and imagination can run wild if the tailor who stitches is very creative. Lots of artistic work can be done on these kinds of blouses.

5.String blouses:

blouseThese are blouses which come with strings attached at the back. Various kinds of neckline like the round shape, the U shape, the V shape can be used for this kind of blouses.

6.U Neck blouse:

u-shape-blouseThis blouse has a neckline which is shaped like the alphabet U on the back side. This kind of blouses help in hiding the straps of the bra and gives the female an elegant look. To add more charm to the blouse, various embroidery motifs can be designed on the back side.

7. V shaped neck blouse:

This blouse has a neckline which resembles the alphabet V, and hence the name V shaped blouse or the V neck blouse. These have a deep V at the back of the blouse and obviously the female who flaunts it has to have a good back to bare it out. Beads or stones can be added for more glitter and charm.

8.Pot neck blouse:

e22441d04148836407d85bf9ed9afdfb-1These designs resemble the pot we make use of dally at home. These designs are in vogue for a long time, and they never tend to go out of fashion. If the female is short of ideas or getting bored of the same kind of designs, she can easily opt for this sensuous pot neck design and shine at parties.

9.Square neck blouse:

These are geometrical themed blouses and the neck line resembles a square. These are simple yet well fitted and well designed blouses. These look good especially on plump females. Silk sarees go well with these kinds of blouses.

10.Puff sleeved blouse:

These are blouses which have been on the fashion circuit for a long time, and this never goes out of style. Wearing these blouses with south Indian style of silk sarees, lends the female an elegant and stylish look at the same time.

11.Velvet blouse:

velvet-blouse-designs-sareeAny material stitched out of velvet gives a royal and a rich and suave look to the wearer. A blouse stitched out of this material is no exception for that. Blouses made out of velvet with a stylish neckline, makes even a dull or not so colorful saree look gorgeous. The best colors suited for velvet blouses would be red, brown, plum, pink etc .This can be made all the more sexy to look by using various kinds of embroidery or bead work embellishments too.

12.Party wear blouse:

party-wear-saree-blouse-desThese are blouses which are meant particularly for high end parties only. These blouses can’t be worn at traditional weddings or functions and hence the name party wears. Obviously these kinds of party wear blouses will be embellished or decorated with heavy work either using sequins, small pieces of glass or mirror work or small shells etc. These can be paired with plain chiffon sarees, which is sure to up the sexy quotient of both the wearer and the saree itself.

13.Flower shape design blouse:

The design at the centre of the back side of the blouse will be in the shape of a flower. The flowers can be of simple designs or complicated ones. To stitch such flower shaped designs, lots of hard work will be put in, and contrast colored threads can be used to stitch these flowers for more glamorous look.

14.Beads blouse:

These blouses are designed in such a way that only beads and no other material is used. Beads may be small or big according to the taste of the female. The use of beads denotes the creativeness of both the tailor who has stitched the blouse, and the female who will wear the beautiful blouse. It is for sure that the female becomes the centre of attraction at all parties and will be talk of town for her stylish ensemble. These beads blouse can be worn with plain sarees, and care should be taken that the ornaments worn should be to the minimal to accentuate the beauty of this blouse.

15.Deep neck blouse:

anushka-sharma-images-3Sexiness is the word that can go with this kind of blouse. Various thread work or other kinds of embroidery work can go well with this blouse. Also it can be worn with any kind of saree, either traditional or modern. Plump or plus sized females too can wear this kind of blouse, without any inhibitions.

16.Knotted Blouse:

These blouses can be paired with any kind of saree or long skirts. This kind of blouse makes a female look sexy, due to the way it is stitched and not all kinds of female can carry it off. In this kind of blouse, there will be no hooks or buttons, but two sides of the cloth on the backside of the cloth can be tied together to fasten the blouse.

17.Butterfly sleeve blouse:

puff-saree-blouse-sleeve-designs1These blouses are styled in such a way that the sleeves stitched resemble the wings of a butterfly. These blouses look gorgeous, when the material used to stitch them will be either netted or lace or sheer. Various kinds of thread or batik work add to the beauty of these blouse design.

18.Contrast colored blouses:

327fba051d3f77d045dd0738648These blouses go well with any light colored saree like peach, white, light pink etc. The best colors of the saree and blouse would be exotic combination of black and white and vice versa. Women with toned arms and shoulders can apply for sleeveless blouses, and a low cut designed neckline at the back will make the female sexy to look.

19.Patch work blouse:

These designs are stitched using patch work. Different colors of cloth are used to create patches on a plain colored blouse. These look elegant and good when worn with light colored sarees, as there will be a lot of colors or patchwork on the blouse itself. No extra adornments or embellishments are needed for this kind of blouse and it is cost effective too.

20.Corset Blouse:

Corset blouses are the ones which are tight fitted, and which highlights the beautiful torso of a well shaped female. These blouses will not have straps or sleeves too. These can be worn by females who have hour glass bodies and well toned and fat free torsos. This best suits the females with a fair and whitish complexion rather than the dusky skinned females.

21.off Shoulder Blouse:

off-shoulder-blousesIf a female does not like sleeveless outfits or blouses, this blouse is tailor made for her. Off shoulder blouses will be stitched in such a way, that the collar bones will be revealed in a stunning and shocking way without looking vulgar. These can be worn by females who have well toned bodies. Women who have heavy arms or biceps and who are plump should not experiment with this kind of blouse design.

22.Graphic art blouse:

Graphics have become the talk of the day. These blouses have designs in such a way, that the graphic designs look predominantly in these kinds of blouse design. These blouses cannot be paired with the regular and traditional sarees and can only be worn by models that walk the ramp.

23.Boat neck blouse:

black-raw-silk-long-sleeveThese are designed for females who are slim and tender, and who attend parties regularly. These kinds of blouses can be paired with sheer sarees. Various kinds of embroidered designs or stone work can be done on the front side of the blouse to add more glamour.

24.Bustier blouse:

4-shilpa-reddyThese blouses have got the name due to the shape they give to the bust area. Also in bustier blouses, there will be an in built bra giving more firmness to the breasts. Bustier blouses are mainly worn by celebrities, due to the glamour that comes with it. These can only be paired with modern trend of sarees or long skirts, and plump sized or plus figured females should avoid wearing these blouses.

25.T-Back Blouse:

These blouses are stitched with a T shaped string at the back. In this kind of blouse, the entire back will be bare and it needs lots of gut and oomph to wear these kinds of blouse. Minimal embellishments are needed to add more glitter to this kind of an outfit.

26.Backless blouse:

These kinds of blouses are well suited for females who have long and toned neck. In these kinds of blouses bras need not be worn by females, and the neckline is stitched in such a way that the breast area is fully covered and only the back is visible. Rigid or thick materials like silk and cotton cannot be used to stitch this kind of blouse.

27.High neck blouse:

high-neck-saree-blouse-desiWomen who have long and toned necks without any scars or blemishes, are the ones best suited to wear high neck blouses. As the name suggests these blouses give maximum coverage to the skin, and is not suitable for those who like showing off their skin. Women who have short or plump necks must avoid wearing these blouses.

28. Collar Neck Blouse:

Collar neck blouses highlight the neckline, and are useful to those females who do not want their cleavage to be exposed. The collars can be accentuated by adding tiny beads or stones for that extra zing and glitz. Females who have broad shoulders and well toned collar bones can go for these blouse designs without any second thought.

29.Crisscross shaped blouse:

These blouses are designed in the shape of a crisscross, and have no straps or sleeves. This concept of crisscross blouse has been inspired by sarongs. These are shortened version or shortened variety of the sarongs and are meant only for the bold and the beautiful. These are the in thing in beach side parties and destination styled weddings.

30.Sweater blouse:

jacketsareeThese kinds of blouses are stitched in such a way that they resemble sweaters knitted out of wool. These are made famous by various models that walk the ramp. These are fully covered and can be worn by females of any age.

So, these were some of the best blouse designs for modern women. So, what are you waiting for? Just get your blouse stitched in any one of the design mentioned above, and be the centre of attraction at the next party.