15 Ways To Restyle And Revamp By Giving A New Twist To...

15 Ways To Restyle And Revamp By Giving A New Twist To Your Old Kurta

featuredThe ever comfortable kurta is always liked by people of all ages. It can be either paired with jeans or worn on a long skirt, if it is short in size or it can be worn on a plain chudidar pant too. Such a versatile piece of clothing is always helpful for people who are lean or plus size or who are tall or short.

The mantra for now is to reduce, reuse, recycle, which helps in protecting the environment and also which will be lighter on the purse too. There might be kurtas which are quite costly, which cannot be discarded or thrown away; there might be some which will be dear to the wearer, due to the sentimental value it carries. Due to one or the other reason we tend to pile up lots of clothes in our wardrobe and over time it becomes an eyesore.

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Creativity is the only thing needed here, and a bit of tailoring knowledge can be put to good use to work out wonders from this used or old kurtas. Here are various ways in which old kurtas can be restyled and revamped and made into a new piece of clothing.

Ways to restyle or revamp the kurtas:


image-1Getting bored of using the same kurta again and again, here is a new way of making it all the more attractive. If any alterations are to done, it can be taken to the tailor. To add more zing to the boring kurta after the alteration, small and various kinds of bells, embellishments can be glued to the existing kurta and a new kurta is yours.

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image-2If the kurta has a nice embroidery or motif, it can be turned into a quirky and sexy blouse by making the necessary alterations at the right places. Depending on the length of the kurta, blouses can be made either into a short blouse, a crop top blouse, or a normal square cut blouse. Sequins, appliqué work or beads can add more glamorized look, and nobody would be able to make out that it was your old kurta styled into a new blouse.

Short Sleeveless top:

image-3If a female loves sleeveless short tops, revamping the old kurta to one is the best idea to save some bucks and also make use of the old kurta in a better way. Short sleeveless tops can be easily worn on either long skirts, or jeans too, they can also made use of in summer season when the weather will be really hot.

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image-4Human imagination knows no bounds and so many things can be created out of used things or items. Scarves can be made out of old kurtas and used to either tie the hair, or can be used to protect oneself from the blazing heat or blowing wind. The material of the kurta to be made into scarves can be either of cotton, or some flowing material which will be easy to alter and re stitch into a scarf.

Night dress:

An old kurta can be made into a seductive night dress. A bit of creativity can turn a boring kurta to a beautiful night gown, without much cost. If needed, the kurta can be shortened, and a house coat can be worn over the altered kurta night dress. Or to make it all the more attractive, lacy straps or see through material can be given as an inner lining to it.


image-6Long length kurtas can be altered to make beautiful capes, which are known to give any boring outfit a new twist. The kurta material should be a flowing one either made of satin, lace, netted, etc. so that the kurtas can be easily altered to make it into a cape.

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Hand bag:

image-7As we already read that, creativity plays a major role in re creating new things, out of old or used or waste things. Such creativity with a bit of stitching knowledge can go a long way in helping out to transform an old kurta into a new hand bag. An old kurta can be cut into the shape of a square, a circle or a rectangle, depending on the size of the bag needed. An inner layer of rainproof material can be stitched to make it more useful during rainy seasons. Two handles need to be stitched so that it can be your own kurta bag. Accessorize it with funky items and make it all the more attractive.

Baby Sleeping Bags:

image-8If the new mom, who has just delivered a baby, has lots of unused or old kurtas, she can have a new favorite pastime. She can stitch sleeping bags out of her old or used kurtas, so that it will be cost effective and not harmful for the baby, since it is homemade and the mommy knows what is the material used. Baby Sleeping bags should be made of cotton kurtas which are soft, and care must be taken that no zips or buttons are attached to it or any other things which might harm the baby must be removed and restyled in such a way that it gives a very comfortable feeling to the tot when it sleeps in it.

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Baby Sling Bags:

Another useful way to make put old kurtas to use would be, to turn it into attractive and colorful baby sling bags. When the baby would be of around 5 month’s time, the mommy might find it difficult to lift the baby all the time. So the best idea would be to carry the little one using a sling bag without any trouble. These sling bags have to be stitched using strong kurtas. Kurtas which are not so strong or are about to be torn must not be used for this, since the safety of the little one cannot be ignored. Also skin friendly materials must be used to stitch these bags, so that it won’t have any allergic effects on the baby’s skin.

Letter Holders:

image10Lots of unused kurtas can be put together and made into cute letter holders, which can adorn the walls of a house. Letter holders can either be square or round or triangular shaped. Three or four layers of the letter holder can be done, where one folding will be for the important letters, another will be for storing utility bills etc, and so on. Quirky and funny cartoon characters can be glued on the top of the altered letter holder to make it look more attractive.

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Door or window curtains:

image-11Another cost effective way of decorating the house, is to make use of the old or over used kurta into an attractive door or window curtain. The kurtas have to be re stitched into curtains, depending on the height of the door or the window. Beads or circular rings can be made use of to make it all the more noticeable and attractive.

Pillow covers:

image-12If there are lots of unused cotton kurtas at home, it can be turned into beautiful and attractive pillow covers. To make the pillow covers more attractive, they can be painted with fabric colors, or an exotic flower design at the middle or the corner of the pillows is sure to make it all the more colorful and vibrant.

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Patch work:

image-13If there are lots of unused kurtas of light colors, it can be brightened by using patch work on the kurtas. Various patches from other dresses or materials can be cut into quirky designs and sewed or glued to the kurta. Patches of red, bright orange, lemon yellow would definitely turn a boring kurta into a brand new kurta, and the female wearing it can be the centre of attraction, wherever she goes.

Lampshade covers:

Like how old kurtas can be made into attractive pillow covers, like wise they can be turned into attractive lamp shade covers too.  For more color and attractiveness, lots of satin ribbons can be added at the top and bottom of the lamp shade. Also sewing small bells and sparkling beads too adds to the charm of the lamp shade, and make it more attractive.

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Pack gift items:

image-15Last but not the least; kurtas can be altered, so that they can be used to pack gift items. If the kurta is of cotton material it will be all the more good, since cotton is known to be environment friendly too. Attractive gold ribbons can be used to pack the gifts which make it all the more good to look.

So, these were some of the creative ideas to make good use of your old kurta. So, now whenever you feel like discarding any of your old kurta, just think again. As you can now restyle and revamp it into something really attractive as well as useful.

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