12 Awesome Plain Saree With Designer Blouse Ideas

12 Awesome Plain Saree With Designer Blouse Ideas

Plain-Saree-With-Heavy-WorkThe women of today have begun to love wearing ethnic outfits as against Western wear. Though western wear is yet formal for a business purpose, the Indian wear keeps gaining momentum because of its ideal outfit mark for weddings, family gatherings and in casual gathering of friends and with people that you work with. Among the Indian Wear catalogue, the saree takes great precedence because of its elegance and style.

The plain sarees are more elegant when worn, as a single color dominates the entire attire and is vibrant with beautiful combination of the designer blouses. It is a trend these days to wear the plain sarees with contemporary designer blouses, and such blouses enhance the ethnicity of the wear and boost the appearance for the women. Below are some great ideas for the designer blouses that you can choose for your plain sarees.

1.Floral designed blouses:

When you speak of flowers, the colors that they are available in are varied. Such is the case with blouses with beautiful floral designs. The floral printed blouses are revolutionizing the ethnic wear among women with their vibrant colors. Choose your plain chiffon saree with a thin border, and pick your floral blouses that contrast and increase the presentable nature of the entire attire. You can also custom make your saree with the border similar to your floral print of the blouse.

2.Quirky prints or block prints:

Block printed blouses that resemble you bandini pattern of prints can also be a unique designer wear with your plain sarees. In these cases the plain saree needn’t be a georgette or chiffon. You may team up your block prints with a plain jute or tussar saree. The block printed work can be done as patches on your blouse with the material from your saree, and you may have a contrasting base for the blouse. Alternatively, if the child in you is still active, choose your animation prints to go along with your plain sarees. They certainly are a show stopper. Ensure that you match the colors of the saree when you choose these quirky prints

3.Heavy worked Designer blouse:

hqdefaultThese have been the cases of fashion; ever since we have seen our mothers wear their sarees. Yet, the ways these designer blouses have evolved are mind blowing. Choose a contrasting and enhancing color to do the embroidery and the heavy work on your plain blouses of the saree. The front and back neck and shoulder patterns can be chosen as per your body fit, to accentuate the heavy work that you have on your blouses. The colors will still be a little subtle, as you have chosen to use the saree color for the base color of the blouse with the contrasting colors just for your embroidery.

4.Mirror worked blouses:

11751925_834760086592539_20The ‘Look-at-me’ designer blouses that are inevitably the show stoppers in a gathering that you go. This age-old design technique still holds good for the reason that they team up well with plain sarees. Make your plain sarees, a little custom made, by pasting a thin line of mirrors all along the saree as a border. The mirror worked blouses can be of the same color as that of the saree, or in a contrasting color too. That is fully dependent on the designer in you!

5.Brocade blouses:

The brocade blouses are good with all types of plain sarees starting from chiffon to kanjeevaram silk sarees. They best team up with tussar or jute silks, and are best worn for functions like weddings and receptions. The golden brocade work of the blouses is also enhanced with gold jewelry, that is worn as accessories to the attire.

6.Matching high neck embroidered blouses:

These blouses are another type in the one, where one chooses the base color of the blouse to be the same as the saree color. Here the embroidery is done heavily with a high neck pattern and the blouses are sometimes worn longer – up to the waist. You can have a distinct netted, zapped using a zip or open back neck pattern, but the front neck is always high and collared. You may also have a thin border on your saree with a material matching the color of the embroidery work.

7.Contrast colored and high necked blouses:

High-Collar-Saree-Blouse-Designs-2014-Catalogue-520x300Similar to the blouse pattern that was discussed earlier, the high necked pattern of blouses can also be designed with contrasting colors. Imagine a beige colored plain chiffon saree with a highly embellished black blouse that is high necked. That’s an awesome combination isn’t it? These contrasting blouses can be full or half sleeved and high collared. Now check yourself in the mirror and appreciate what you see!

8.Netted blouses:

maxresdefaultYet another type of blouses, where there is no imperative need to have contrasting blouse colors. It may look a little monotonous to be using the same color of the saree, but enhance the look of the blouse using a netted pattern of that color. Stitch up the netted blouse in a fancy pattern, add some glitter or stones or mirror work to it. Doing this, the design is sure to stand out well and match up to the plain sarees silky and glossy touch. The netted pattern mostly goes well with the plain chiffon sarees unlike the thicker or heavy ones

9.Designer Boat Neck Blouse:

The boat necked designs are gaining attention with its use along with plain sarees. In contrast to the high necked blouses, the boat neck pattern accentuates the shoulders of the person wearing it. The blouse can have some heavy embroidery around the neck, and hence the entire attire can be worn without any jewelry for the neck. These types of blouses generally go well with the chiffon sarees. But other varieties of sarees like the tussar or jute silk sarees are also tried with these boat neck designer blouses.

10.High Neck Maharani blouses:

These are a unique variety of blouses, where the high neck pattern also includes the heavy neck embroidery. The embroidery work closely resembles the neck jewelry of a queen and hence the name Maharani blouses. These blouses go well with plain chiffon sarees that are a little transparent, and can display the embroidery around the shoulders. These designer blouses are best stitched as full sleeved, but the beauty of the regular sleeves or even sleeveless ones are no less

11.Kutch work blouses:

The Kutch work is quite famous and they are used in a lot of attire and related accessories. The bright and vibrant colors used in the Kutch embroidery, are best observed and appreciated if worn with a plain saree. The plain sarees also can be preferably chiffon ones. Choose your Kutch work for the contrasting colors and in floral or block designs. But ensure that the work also contains a good amount of your saree color, included in the embroidery that is done.

12.Metallic blouses:

nargis-fakhri-in-designer-bThe metallic colors are now commonly picked as the colors that go well with all plain sarees, whether it is chiffon, jute or tussar. Gold, Silver and other alloy shades goes great with dark plain sarees like black, grey, metallic blue and of course off-white. Whether worn as plain or with some block or checkered patterns with the color of your saree, these metallic blouses are sure to catch the attention in a crowd. You are sure to be a visible stand out in an evening crowd.

The designer blouses that go with the plain sarees are not limited to the list shared. Each designer blouse can be done in a way that is a combination of more than one idea that is listed here. For example, a Kutch work blouse can also be a high necked or boat necked type, with a netted pattern for your sleeve. So just go crazy and do them. Fill your wardrobe with plain shades and try each of the designer blouses for them.