10 Useful Tips to Select Salwar Kameez If You’re Short

10 Useful Tips to Select Salwar Kameez If You’re Short

salwar-neck-designs-for-botton-style-u-neck-kameezAmong all the outfits, Salwar kameez is the apple of the eye of every Indian woman. It is the ever green dress of Indian culture. You name the occasion and this outfit will have something to offer you. This attire if worn properly and chosen wisely, transforms any average looking woman into a stunning and lovely beauty.

Here, we will give you 10 powerful tips to keep in mind while selecting your salwar kameez if you’re short.

Length of a kameez

patiala-salwar-kameez-500x500When you step in the shop for selecting a kameez, please identify the trap zones and the safe zones depending on the length of the kameez. The first section to avoid is that of the short little kurtis! The length of the short kurtis is usually up to mid thighs. They reveal your legs in such a way, where the gap between your upper body and the lower body looks prominent. Whereas, a very long kameez will give more focus to the dress rather than the person wearing it. Also, if you are going for the Anarkali, try to select Kalidar Anarkali than a choli style. Unlike Choli style, Kalidar would not focus only on your upper body breaking the continuity of the attire. So finding the right length along with a continuous pattern of a kameez is very important for short girls. The ideal length would be little longer than the usual length of the kameez. The best suited kameez would be the one which is up to your knees or slightly below them.

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Slits in kameez

dhoti-salwar-kameez-suits-designs-clothing9-blogspot-com-12The slits in a kameez also plays a very important role in building a tall image. The slits and the height go hand in hand. In other words, if you have higher slits on the sides, they will help a woman to look taller. This happens because of legs appear long due to deep slits in your kameez.

Borders and flares

Plain-Saree-With-Heavy-WorkBorders define the contours of your outfit. Avoiding the borders and getting the matching salwar to the colour of your kameez creates the flowing and complete look to your traditional wear, and therefore height. Do not get trapped in the broad borders, especially if they are at the end of a kameez. Stick to the thin borders and refrain from their length going beyond your mid calves. Straight-cut or A-line kurtas with salwars of similar dimensions would appear as a whole outfit contributing to your length.

Flares make a person broader. Wide flares intensify the broad look. Therefore, to create an illusion of being tall would be to choose narrow and limited flares.

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Stripes and prints

The important advantage of salvar kameez is that it offers so many alternatives through which we can soften flaws in our body and still look great. The vertical striped pattern is a secret for those who want to look tall. Thin stripes will enhance the lengthening effect. However, it should not be overdone. Salvar with a vertical pattern will go with a relatively simple kameez and vertical design dupatta. This vertical striped design provides slims look to the body generating a delusion of the additional height.

Same is true about the prints on your suits. Large and bolder prints will make you look broader and thereby you will look bulkier.Go for a small print while selecting your traditional outfit. Polka-dots print would be the best for that visual effect of length. Another option would be to select long prints. For example, a work of slender leaves motif would exactly do the trick of the additional height and thin body structure. Moreover, tiered silhouettes are another pattern suitable for the creation of extra height. The pattern of concentric circles would result in a beautiful geometric vertical design producing the visual effect of a taller body.

Styles of Sleeves

Chiffon Bell Sleeves Saree BlouseIn order to develop an impression of a tall image, the continuity congruent to the body frame is the key of a lengthening effect. For that, the unity of the suit matters rather than uneven pattern of the ensemble. Puffy sleeves looks trendy, but attractattention towards them quickly and lose on the measure of the totality of the outfit. Same happens with the sleeves adorn with the heavy embroidery. They highlight your arms and reveal your petite stature. Simple sleeves blend well with the completeness of the attire. While considering the illusion of height, the simple lacey sleeves or sleeves with minimalistic embroidery of a vertical pattern would work wonders in adding length to the dress.

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Type of Salwars

salwar-neck-designs-for-botton-style-u-neck-kameezNo matter you have curves or not, the slax and churidar with a short kurti would be a disaster for short girl. Churidar with a short kurti will expose your small body frame and make you look shorter. Additionally, Regular salwars and palazzos are loose in fitting and broadens the body structure adding the horizontal visual effect to your personality.Instead, churidar with a long kameez complement each other and augment the get-up of the attire. On the one hand, churidar fits to your body thereby eliminating the effect of the extra flesh. On the other hand, the long kameez provides continuity appropriately hiding your legs and lessoning the unwanted shortening effect created by a churidar.

Remember, your salwar divides your body visually in two parts. Do not wear a low waist salvar which will portray the odd division of your body. Consider wearing salvars exactly on your waist line making your legs look longer.

Types of  fabrics

There is a large variety in fabrics and every fabric presents their own style. An appearance of the height is conditional upon the stiffness of the material. For example, the material like organza would enlarge your look horizontally. If you’re short and slender, you can opt for the cotton or velvet material which will add the volume to your slim frame without widening the look. On the other hand, the flowy material like georgette and chiffon would hug your curves and reveal your beauty. Therefore, a right and wise fabric choice of your ethnic wear to look taller is absolutely a must thing.

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Colour of your suit

jacketsareeThe Color of a suit provides your personality that element of confidence and firmness, which you may lack due to the small body structure. While choosing a suit, go for darker shades in solid colours. Your probable choices would be Green, Maroon, Brown, and Navy Blue etc. When you wear the dark shades, they absorb the light and blend into the background. On the contrary, the light shades contrast to your background and put your smaller frame in an unnecessary spotlight. If your complexion goes well with light shades, then do not worry! You can mismatch the light and dark shades between your salwar and kameez. Another tip to create the illusion of the height is to use a monochrome color theme. In a monochrome colour theme, one colour is worn from head-to-toe. This consistency in colour of salwar and kameez gives an appearance of a vertical line of colour.It offers an elongated and taller flare to your personality.


Do not forget to observe the neckline of your selected kameez. Select a neckline which would render a look of an elegant and slender neck. You can choose a kameez with a V-neckline. Also a scooped neck with a diagonal fall will make you look taller than your usual height. Moreover, a kameez with a Chinese collar would give a tall appearance to short girls, who are well endowed on top.

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Draping methodology

Adding the height to your body is easy if you drape the dupatta in a right manner. The main thing to remember is to create a vertical and elongated impression for an on looker. If you are a short and slim; you can simply drape your dupatta on your shoulder and let it flow freely overyour arm like a sari pallu. This vertical look will add to the layer to your clothing and form a taller body frame for a viewer. On the other hand, if you are at heavier side with a short stature, Go for a one-sided dupatta and drape around the body in a diagonal fission. It will render a continuous and even look to your body. Such a uniform look to your outfit will make you look slender and hence taller.

So girls! Do not hesitate if you are one of those short cuties. Use these ten powerful tips while selecting your salwar kameez and look fabulous and taller than your usual self!