Ever Wondered Why There’s A Tiny Pocket In Your Jeans?

Ever Wondered Why There’s A Tiny Pocket In Your Jeans?

headYour jeans do have many pockets nowadays. All pockets have different utilities. But, the tiny pocket in the front of the jeans sometimes confuses me to think why it is there? What’s the history behind it? What’s the practical need for it? If you too are bombarded with such questions, you will definitely have to go about the below info!!

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1.Tiny pocket pic

1Those of you who are confused and wondering which pocket I am talking about, here is a pic showcasing the small/tiny pocket popping out!

2.Safe keeping storage devices

2Pen-drives, memory card readers, memory cards, sim cards, etc., are very tiny to be kept in the pocket. They are not too small to be stored in the wallet and not too big to be kept in the jeans pockets. Hence, this tiny pocket comes to rescue when you need to safe keep the storage devices while travelling!!

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3.Condom pocket

3Some people have nick-named this pocket as the condom pocket, as many youngsters store condoms in this pocket. You know condom enhances pleasure with safety! So, I said it right!!

4.I have the change

4Carrying coins has become essential nowadays. You might well be refused the product/service if you do not have change, such is the scarcity of change nowadays also. Also, you would not like tipping everybody unnecessarily as you know each cent counts. With tiny pockets in your jeans, you need not worry about the inconvenience of carrying change!! You have sufficient space to keep some of the below coins; don’t you?

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5.Safe keeping watch

5Jeans were originally used by the hardworking cow boys who toiled hard on fields. Instead of keeping the watch (old chained watches) in jackets and other places, a jeans brand decided to add this tiny little pocket. Levi brand was behind this innovative thought, which still goes on in most jeans brands. Inspirational!!