Read To Know How To Prevent Hair Loss Due To Dandruff

Read To Know How To Prevent Hair Loss Due To Dandruff

ddsNow days, hair loss is not limited to old age. We see younger generation facing hair fall and hair loss. Though there could be many reasons which may lead to this, like stress, medication, some sort of infection, pollution or simply not taking care of your hair. But one other reason which contributes majorly to hair fall and then loss is – Dandruff.

In this article, we will share some home remedies that removes dandruff from the head and eliminating this problem will eventually take care of the bigger problem which is hair loss. Although, there are medications available and you may try anti hair fall or anti dandruff shampoo but if you want to steer clear of these harmful chemicals you may try the methods explained here.

Also, not every shampoo will suit every hair type, so be very careful if you are opting for shampoos and treatments available over the counter.

So let us have a look on the ways to stop hair loss due to dandruff.

1 Treat dandruff

Well, this is no rocket science. If you know you are facing hair fall or hair loss due to dandruff then you need to work at the roots, literally. Treating dandruff will solve this problem. Again, lots of such products are available which can treat the dandruff. If you want to treat this without affecting and damaging your scalp look for home remedies.

Lemon –

Wash-preserved-lemonsUsing lemon juice directly on your scalp can take care of your problem. Lemon has anti bacterial properties that can treat dandruff. Cut a lemon in half and scrub it directly to your scalp. Keep it for 30 minutes and then wash with normal room temperature water.

Apple cider Vinegar –

 this miracle product is also every effective in treating dandruff. Mix 1 small cup of apple cider vinegar in a bucket of water and wash hair by carefully applying it on scalp. No need to wash it with normal water. You can leave it with this wash.

Aloe Vera –

Take juice from Aloe Vera and apply it on scalp directly. Keep it for 20 minutes and then wash it.

Coriander juice –

Coriander leaves are used in Indian kitchen a lot. In curries, salads and daals. But it is very beneficial in curing dandruff and also stopping hair loss. Coriander leaves are full of proteins and vitamins and very beneficial for hair. To use this, take few coriander leaves and boil it for only 5 minutes in 2 cups of water. Apply this on your scalp with cotton or your fingers and let it be for 30 minutes. Wash hair with shampoo and lukewarm water.

Onion Juice –

Onion-Juice1Shell out an onion and slice it. Use very little water and blend it properly and apply it directly on the scalp. With the help of your fingers make sure the juice spreads out evenly on the scalp. You would find even doctors recommending this onion juice as it is highly affective and the use of onion juice in getting rid of dandruff is quite known. Keep it for an hour and then wash with normal water and herbal hair wash shampoo.

2 Keep your hair clean

This is very natural method of staying away from dandruff. Not keeping your hair clean will eventually lead to dandruff and that itself will lead to hair loss. If you go out daily, make it a habit of washing off your hair every second day with a neutral shampoo which is not too hard on your scalp otherwise hard shampoos will steal away the natural oil of your hair. Hair devoid of natural hair will again lead to dry scalp and dandruff.

3 Never tie wet hair

Always tie hair when they are completely dry. Do not comb them neither tie them when they are wet. Reason, doing so will weaken the roots and will lead to hair fall. Tying wet hair also means wet scalp for a longer period which causes itching and more dandruff. Use a blow drier or let it dry naturally and only then tie your hair.

4 Use herbal paste

Using herbal paste in such condition can help too. This paste contains henna powder, fenugreek seeds powder, egg, curd and Indian gooseberry (amla). Mix all these and make a thick paste and then apply them to your hair and scalp. Keep it like this for an hour. Then wash your hair off as you would normally do. Use lukewarm water and herbal shampoo. Use it once in every 15 days and you can get rid of dandruff problem forever.

5 Hot oil treatment

Mix coconut oil and almond oil in equal proportions and keep it in a container. Before using it, warm the oil mixture and then use the oil on the scalp. Hot oil penetrates inside the scalp and really helps in providing nutrition to it. A well nourished scalp will fight off dandruff in a better way.

6 Use only your own hair brush and towel

Personal hygiene is important. So make sure you are not using any one else’s hairbrush or towel. Doing so can make you vulnerable to other people’s infection and hair problems. Keep your hair brush, towel and pillow covers clean too. That can help stop the dandruff spreading.

Like dirt accumulates on the scalp, it can accumulate on brush, towel and pillow covers too. Even if your hair is clean but these things are not, using them will make your hair dirty again.

7 Never use conditioners on your scalp

Let us face it. Conditioners obviously help but using them near your scalp can invite dandruff like anything. Conditioners are supposed to be used from only mid hair length to hair end. It should not be used near the roots at any cost. Not washing off conditioners can also cause damage. Wash off any shampoo or conditioner in flowing water properly till you can feel no residue. Same goes for hair serum. Do not use it too close to the hair roots.

8 Avoid using hard water

Avoid using hard water to wash your hair. Try washing them with clean water as hard water leaves residues on the scalp causing itchiness and dandruff. Hard water also causes your hair to go brittle and dry and rough. Also avoid swimming in pools without your hair covered. Chlorine mixed in pool water can cause dandruff too.

9 Avoid using hot water to wash hair

Hot water damages your hair like anything. So yes, it is a cold day and you would like nothing more than a hot shower but do your hair a favor and keep them out. Hot water makes your scalp go dry and then dry scalp will result in dandruff.

10 Drink lots of water

Try and have at least 3-5 liters of water daily. Apart from other health benefits, drinking enough water keeps the skin and scalp healthy. Dry skin causes flakiness and dandruff. Itching makes it worse so keep yourself well hydrated.
So here were few simple tricks that can help you get rid of dandruff and hence prevent hair loss. Remember these are home tricks and some simple things you can try. If you think the dandruff issue still persists, please visit a specialist and take consultation. Dandruff can be serious if being caused by infection so does not leave it un-treated.