Best Homemade Henna Hair Packs For Dandruff & Hair Fall

Best Homemade Henna Hair Packs For Dandruff & Hair Fall

hair2Henna leaves are a great boon to the Indian hair care industry. With the advent of many natural products in the hair care industry, henna leaves have become a mandatory ingredient on account of its medicinal values. Henna leaves have been a natural home based ingredient in all the hair masks or packs to treat various deformed conditions of the hair. The henna leaves are believed to also boost the hair growth, give it that dark colour and prevent premature greying of the hair.

So here are some of the quickest ways to make henna hair packs at your home’s kitchen and give it the hair spa for the long mane that you always desired. The prerequisite is that you have home-made henna powder that you can blend with various ingredients and use it for the condition that you need to treat.

In order to make henna powder at home, dry freshly plucked henna leaves in shade or in a corner of a room until all moisture is removed from the leaves. Dry grind the leaves in mixer till they are finely powdered and then store the same for all of the henna packs preparation. So let’s begin:


Henna with lemon and tea:

Is-Henna-good-for-hair-HennTake the required amount of henna powder (this depends on the length and thickness of your hair) and soak them overnight in a decoction of tea. You can either use black tea leaves or green tea leaves to prepare the tea extract. Cool the tea extract before you add henna powder to it. In the morning, add the juice from half of a lemon and gently apply on the scalp.

Apply this evenly and keep the hair pack on till it dries. Wash this pack off with a mild shampoo. You can additionally condition your hair with a natural conditioner before you completely rinse off.

Henna with yoghurt or egg whites:

Use the same set of steps of the henna pack above and have it ready the overnight. Tea extracts along with henna help colour the grey hairs for you and in addition also prevent greying extensively. In the morning, along with lemon juice, add 2 teaspoons of yoghurt or curd.

This acts as a natural cleanser and treats dandruff on your scalp. Lemon with its citric acid properties also help in dandruff treatment. You can additionally add egg white in the pack so that it conditions your hair beautifully. Just use a mild shampoo to get off the pack once it dries and rinse away with preferably lukewarm or cold water. Never use hot water with the hair packs as they tend to make your hair very brittle.


Henna with fenugreek seeds:

fenugreek-or-methi-seeds-beauty-benefitsSoak fenugreek seeds overnight in water just sufficient enough to make it soft for grinding. In the morning, make a thick paste out of this soaked seeds. Add henna powder from your store room and 2 teaspoons of mustard oil to this. Blend well and pack your hair with this paste by spreading it evenly on your scalp and then to the length of your hair.

Fenugreek seeds with its slight bitterness have excellent resistance to itchy scalp and dry flakes. They are efficient in dandruff treatment and coupled with henna, they give the scalp a clean wash that is needed. Mustard oil conditions the hair and makes it soft. Wash this pack off with a mild shampoo. Do not scrub hard and wash too hard with hot water. A lukewarm or cold shower will yield the best results.

Henna with Amla (Indian Gooseberry):

Amla-Indian-GooseberryAmla is yet another natural ingredient in hair care products. Whether consumed or externally used for treatment, its medicinal and healing properties are sky high. In this pack, soak the henna powder overnight in water or tea extract, along with dry amla powder. If dry amla powder is not readily available, make a pulpy paste of amla in the morning and add to the henna mix.

Along with this, add olive or coconut oil to give the root scalps the necessary oils for better growth. Apply this mixture evenly on the scalp and to the length of the hair.Amla and Olive oil nourish the hair and stimulate the roots of the hair. Hair follicles get rejuvenated with this pack and new hairs start appearing after 2 weeks of applying this hair pack


Henna with Shikkakai and Bringa powder:

Andy-getting-her-hair-hennaedThis pack is ultimately natural and aids in faster hair growth of the special ingredient, Bringa powder. The bringa powder can be obtained from pharmacies that sell ayurvedic or natural products. Mix 2 teaspoons of this powder with equal portions of henna powder and Shikkakai powder. Shikkakai is yet another natural source for cleansing dirt of the hair and also helps remove dandruff.

To the mix of the powders, you may also add amla powder and tulasi powder. Add juice from half of a lemon to this blend and mix well. This ‘super’ natural paste can be applied to the hair scalp and all through the hair. Leave it on till it dries and cover the hair with a plastic shower cap so that the entire mask is kept intact. It lets the hair absorb the needed nourishment when the pack is kept on.

Wash away this pack with lukewarm water. Gently scrub to remove the dirt and it is sufficient to just rinse off and condition it. Shampooing is not needed in this case as Shikkakai cleanses the hair. If you want to get rid of the after-wash conditioning, add egg white to the mask to ensure that the conditioning aspect of the pack remains within it.

Henna with Hibiscus powder:

Ginger_HibiscusMix henna powder with dried hibiscus powder (leaves and flowers of hibiscus ground fine). To it, you may also add amla powder, dried fenugreek powder. Blend all of them in a bowl of curd and apply evenly on the scalp of the hair. Dry the pack till it hardens on the surface of the scalp and wash it away with a mild shampoo. Curd is also a natural cleanser and it adds gloss to the hair. Hibiscus coupled with henna treats the hair problems and prevents loss of hair.


Henna with pepper:

Pepper has a health benefit of relieving the scalp of dandruff and treats any other fungal infection on the scalp. Mix henna with a teaspoon of pepper (black or white) powder and to this, you may also add fresh coriander paste which is finely ground. Leave this mask on the scalp till it hardens and dries. Wash the henna off and then rinse the hair with a mild shampoo. This hair pack is an immediate solution for hair fall that results from dandruff.

Besides hair packs, henna is utilised in hair oils to help nourish the hair. Coconut oil is heated on stove top and to it henna is added to the oil. The colour of the oil turns reddish with the extracts. This oil can be a regular application and can be used to massage the scalp. Henna extracts nourish the hair roots and stimulate the follicles for growth. The oil substitutes hair packs when you feel preparing a pack is time-consuming.