What Your Underwear Choice Says About You?

What Your Underwear Choice Says About You?

featuredUnderwears are something very intra-personal. They add charm to your sex appeal. The basic choice depends on a person. It is something limited to a person and his or her partner. However, when it comes to variety, females have more variation than males. It is seen that your choice of underwear reveals a lot about your personality, and a lot more when it is about females.

So, Today Let’s talk about spicy underwear designs about the female underwears.

Boy short type

image-1If you find yourself selecting a boy short type, it reveals what your real core is. This shows you are a person who loves comfort. You don’t prefer uneasiness. Boy shorts are normally loved by females who love making random movements, thereby making it easy.

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The Lace Love

image-2Laces are these days a high-end trend. Vibrant colors, patterns, sexy designs make your personality more definable. Lace varieties reveal that you love your feminism. You are sensitive and love to maintain your intimate areas with ultimate care.

The Printed style

image-3Prints are the types of undies which have the most variety. Stack of combination of colors, style, designs. Neon panties are trendiest this season. The printed panties indicate you are still a child at heart, it shows your love towards childlike activities, fun loving attitude towards life.

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The sloganed entity

image-4Some people prefer text on their panties; this also gives an idea of perception of life. Females with text on their panties exhibit that they possess a great sense of humor and which is mostly limited to the love of their lives.

High-waist granny panties

image-5High waist granny panties are another cool option for ladies who love experimenting. If your preference is a panty which is a granny type and high waisted, it depicts that you love retro designs. It also shows that you love your morals more than anything else.

The V string

image-6V strings are another type of panties loved by many females. These panties provide minimum coverage to your intimate areas. The V string lovers are people who have an experimenting attitude. They keep on trying various patterns, styles, colors and carry all of them with ultimate ease.

The Thong

image-7Thongs also are the ones who provide minimum coverage. They are super comfortable too. This is a sign of ultimate sophistication. Women wearing these are confident and smart. They are also playful and fun loving.

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The Bikini

image-8The Bikini type is one of the most perfect type of underwear, providing perfect amount of coverage to your assets. Bikini lovers are mostly the comfort lovers. Also, they prefer beach outings. They are never bored of their daily life.

The Cheekies

image-9Cheekies are a new type these days i.e., Sexy and sensual. Not many know about this type, but they seem to be taking up the market soon. They define women as glamorous and stylish. They are mostly well groomed and love hygiene to their core.

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The Jockstrap

image-10The jockstrap is one more design that are ones which too provide less coverage than others. These females love adventures. They love new experiences and have a hard time in saying no. These are always up for something new.

These are the top types of underwear’s preferred by different women and their personalities are varied and distinguishing. Also, now you know what you are, you can go ahead experiment, increase your charm and love your body!