10 Etiquettes For Growing Children For A Better Adulthood

10 Etiquettes For Growing Children For A Better Adulthood

516419d174c5b60d0e0062f2._w.540_s.fit_Children are like the soft clay whatever shape you want to give can make their life and create a harmonious and balanced human being for the future. During childhood the proper training or the learning process is very fast as compared to the adults so being a parent is the biggest responsibility one can have to make your child the one who can face the world strongly with being human at heart. Teachers are known to be the best trainers and the guide for a child in their growing ages and the support system are the parents so it is vital that you help your child to get connected to the external world out of the home through the school environment.

A child is not born with all the behavioral traits or the intricacies you expect them to have but it is your responsibility to share the importance of these rules in their lives. Research shows that the genes which are transferred to the child from their parents are quite effective in their initial time of their age and growth, you have to just adorn with more parental peals of guidance in those growing years when he or she is just learning to understand the world around them with proper guidance or learning training procedures which would curve their mind and soul.


Teaching the little angels to have a proper food habit through adding colors to food

Food is the most essential part in those growing years and the child should learn how to cope with this vital part of their daily regime so a focused training from an early age is quite essential. Research has proved that adding more color to the food platter makes it quite interesting and tasty. And the color attracts more to the appetite adding the interest in food with tremendous simultaneous effect. Every vegetable and fruit has an nutritional value to add up the health so you can train or rather help your child to choose food in this range, may not be all meals have the colorful effect but creating a balanced diet which would have the different colors of food would be advisable.

Eating breakfast at a proper time for me is important

A child would intake the habits they see in their parents on the daily basis so teaching your child about the essence of healthy and hearty breakfast is your first priority. During infancy a child does not have the control on their food choices or timings as the mother knows the best and from time to time proper food and nutrition’s are provided, but during their growing age when they become a bit self sufficient you have to make them understand about the essential food habits for their healthy and fast growth. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as they control all types of chronic diseases, heart issues and even keeps the metabolism in balance so having a proper meal in the morning which would contain fruits and even some portion of veggies is a must learning for the child as the whole day energy would be circulated from there.


I love drinking water as it is a good habit

Water is known to be the best de toxicating agent so drinking plenty water should be a healthy habit to be implemented in your child’s daily routine. Some children tend to go for beverages and sodas as that kicks off their taste builds. But these drinks are not healthy and do not provide any nutrient value and the sugar content in them is harmful for their sensitive body regime as the sugar level high ups can be harmful in their later age leading to adolescent diabetics which is quite common now. So helping them to understand the importance of water in the body is quite essential

An active child is a happy child

Your child should always feel happy from within as that would help them to grow to a better human being in their adult life. For being happy only the external things like food, money, gifts or education is not suffice but they have to have a fit and healthy body that would help them to get the other things in balanced way in their lives.

Help them to understand the meaning of physical activity and the strengths they would get from them. It is not necessary that your child has to enjoy every game you teach them but they should follow an active health regime which would rather help them to grow faster.


Make these physical activities interesting by implementing game methods outdoor as these things really attract the child and when they start their schooling life the sports activity would be very happy and comfortable for them to grasp easily. They can go for bike ridings, swimming’s, playing cricket, tennis or even they can have a early morning jogging session or an evening exercise regime to keep them fit and healthy.

Books are my best friends

Reading is the best way to know the world and even to learn many new things around us so every child should have a habit of healthy reading and activating whatever they learn from these books. Choosing the right books according to their age and then helping them to follow the good things choosing from these books are the training essentials for a parents to imbibe in their child, as these learning skills would further help them in their school life to groom themselves and cope up with the fast and rapid education system they would be following in the schools.


A lazy child is always the last in the run

As a parent it is your duty to make your child cope with the other children of his or her age as they have to face the growing competition in the world, in such a situation if your child is always lazy and is the last one to do any activity it is actually not their fault but as a parent you did not provide them with proper guidance of not being lazy and clumsy couch potato who is always complaining if given any activity to be done. Watching TV or playing video games are not a solution for a growing child on their vacation or free time as the more they are active the more they would find time for learning, study and even leading a healthy life. The effects of being such lazy would lead to,

  • Gaining weight and become obese
  • Challenging attention problem and even emotional disorders leading to be harmonious with the environment

Bizarre sleep habits leading to improper rest and stress which would make them weaker in their performance in their studies and cope with the school initiatives Even they would not find time to play as that activity would always keep them fit and happy leading to a healthy life regime

My friends are my life line to grow

5164228574c5b60d0e006303._w.540_s.fit_Having good friends around always would keep a positive environment in your child’s life so you should always encourage them to be friendly and make friends with their own age children in school and also in the neighborhood. The more friends they have would make them a better human being as playing with friends always gives one at the learning of sharing, doing team work and even socializing which would help the kids in their future professional life too. Never stop them to make friend according to status as they should learn to understand different people from various social backgrounds as that would also help them to respect every life they meet.

Train them to choose according to the food value and labels

It is vital that a growing child knows what they are eating or rather choosing for themselves. May be the teen age children would tend to buy label items for themselves but from a minor age they should also learn to choose the food items according to the nutrient contents, so here too you would be needed to guide them or rather help them to understand the different food values and the packaged food nutritional values. When they learn to understand the important nutrients in food products then it becomes easier for them to choose the correct food without the support of their parents while they are out for school or other purpose.


My best time of day is the family dinner time

To bond with the family is essential for a child to learn and be attached to. They learn from the elders around them and the best way to have a heart to heart dialogue with them is through the dinner time when the whole family chooses to sit together and enjoy the last meal of the day sharing their experience of the whole day. It helps in may ways like,

  • The kids can bond well with their siblings and their parents
  • The open hearted discussion help them to be free and open minded which decreases the opportunity to get attracted to drugs or emotional fluctuations
  • Good healthy and nutritious food is enjoyed by all as the home made food is always the plus point
  • Even it helps the children to check on their obesity as not being able to communicate is one of the reason why many children have the tendency to eat excess and gain weight


Helping out your children in their academic life

School life is the best time of any child as they learn and grow to responsible adults during those twelve years of focused and proper training which they get from their experienced teachers and their seniors at school. With that the support of the family and specially the parents play a vital role during the academic period. Few activities you can try which would truly help your child to grow like,

Always be in the loop and try to understand and find out how your child is performing and if they are struggling with their performance at school create innovative ideas to bring back their vigor in their studies as that would always help in making your relation with your child more strong and friendly Keep a check on completing their homework in time so that they learn to take the responsibility of their own career through these training sessions

Be in touch with the teachers in their school and learn about their progress as that would definitely help you to understand your children better and even help you to teach them proper learning techniques so that they know how to be by themselves while they are facing the world alone at school


Always encourage active learning as this would definitely bring a confidence in their growing years. It is not necessary that it has to be only during doing their homework’s but you have to create ideas through QNA sessions while playing or through some games which would be based on their curriculum as the active learning is the best way to train the kid for a better academic and even making their base stronger for the future.

It is the family from where a child learn and understands the world through the parents eyes and heart so as a parent it is your responsibility to create an environment full of positivity, humor, learning and active so that the child gets a proper full growth training at home which would prepare them to face their academic time and even for their future life.