Simple Diet Plan Without Carbohydrates to Lose Weight Faster Like Bollywood Celebrities

Simple Diet Plan Without Carbohydrates to Lose Weight Faster Like Bollywood Celebrities

Bollywood actresses have stunned us with their awesome figures and noticeable weight losses, in astoundingly less amount of time. Some have gone under the knife to get their extra fat removed, while many have opted for the healthy option of losing weight naturally. Going the natural way doesn’t just improve your body shapes but also aids in improving your overall health and lifestyle. Going natural is also very simple and well within almost everyone’s budget.

There are certain tricks and tips that aid in swift weight loss, without affecting your health. And when you go to research this topic online, you will find a wealth of information that is sure to confuse or baffle you. Weight loss is an uphill battle, especially for media personalities like actresses but Bollywood actresses have amazed us with their quick weight loss. So, here I give you hidden secrets behind the quick weight loss of few some Bollywood divas

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Juhi Chawla

This 49 year old cutie still amazes us with the beautiful figure she maintains without going through any surgery. Juhi works rigorously and adheres to a strict routine for her fit body. Once this chirpy beauty was criticized for her weight and said to have lost her stardom but Juhi proved them all wrong by bouncing back. Juhi’s weight lost secrets are

  • Diet: The actress maintains a positive attitude towards a healthy diet and a happy home. Juhi makes sure to eat three well-balanced meals and avoid junk as well as oily food. She has a bit of sweet tooth, but she has limited her intake of sweets, so as to maintain her weight.
  • Workout regime: Juhi doesn’t like rigorous workouts, so she practices gentler workouts like meditation, yoga and pranayama, which not only give her a flexible toned body but also provide her with a relaxed mind.

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This 42 year old yummy mummy of two rocked the Bollywood screen with movies like DilwaleDulhania Le Jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, etc. After her hiatus of 5 years, many thought that she couldn’t make it back to the big screen, but Kajol surprised everyone by staring in Faana with Aamir Khan. Despite having two children’s, this beauty has amazingly maintained her body and her secrets are

  • Diet: Kajol keeps a strict diet that usually contains three well-balanced meals and a bit of of fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy nutrition bars. She also makes sure to keep herself well hydrated, thereby increasing her weight loss and helping her maintain beautiful skin.
  • Workout regime: Being of 42 years and having two kids has not deterred Kajol from maintaining a rigorous workout routine. She has a workout session of at least an hour, in order to burn her excess fat and make her more fit. Currently her hubby, Ajay Devgan’s trainer is training her and her workouts include cardio, kickboxing, weights etc. Other than working out, she also maintains a strict schedule for the whole day, like going to bed early and waking up early.

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

This former Miss India title holder has always awed us with her perfectly shaped body but during her pregnancy, she had gained a lot of weight, which is quite common. She was criticized for not losing her weight after delivering her beautiful baby. She stood strong and shed all the extra weight, thus shutting up all her critics. The secrets for her quick weight loss are

  • Diet: Aishwarya maintains are a strict diet of mostly home cooked meals, which are low in carb and high in protein. To keep hunger and junk food cravings at bay, she drinks plenty of water and fresh juices.
  • Workout regime: This international beauty has a workout regime that is a fusion of functional training and yoga. She doesn’t like hard-core training in the gym and prefers gentler workouts that give flexibility and firmness but she does have a home gym, which she uses once in a while.

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Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan stunned us all with her portrayal of Silk Smitha in The Dirty Picture. This curvy beauty became an inspiration to all plus sized woman looking to lose a little extra weight. This national award winning actress toned down her physique to get a healthy and sexy body quite quickly. Many wanted to know her weight loss secrets and those secrets are

  • Diet: Vidya loves to cook and she eats at least two home cooked meals and her meals are well-balanced, with the right amount of all the needed proteins, carbs, minerals and fibre. She also likes to increase her fibre intake by drinking fruit as well as vegetable juices and also eating them in raw form.
  • Workout regime: This 38 year old bombshell followed callisthenics, a special form of exercise. These exercises are mostly gymnastics and involve tightening one’s core with one’s own body. This exercise doesn’t just give you a fit body but also increase your body’s flexibility.

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Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena entered the movie world as a chubby curvy actress but she soon shut all her haters by reducing her figure to zero size and maintained it there. She recently gave birth to a lovely baby boy and has already shed more than half of her post-pregnancy weight. Kareena’s weight loss secrets are

  • Diet: Kareena is a Punjabi kudi who loves her biryanis and parathas, and she enjoys her favourite foods but in moderate amounts. She makes sure to eat every two hours but the meals are of small portion, thus they kill hunger without adding weight.
  • Workout Regime: Kareena loves her food, so when she eats a bit high carb food then she follows it up with a rigorous workout. On normal day’s morning, she does an hour of Yoga and Suryanamaskar. This is a great way to tone up your body and increase its flexibility.

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Katrina Kaif

When Katrina entered Bollywood, she was not known for her body but soon this Bollywood Barbie doll gained a droll worth body, which made her look younger and sexier. Her healthy way to lose weight is awe-inspiring and the secrets for this amazing weight loss are

  • Diet: This sexy diva starts her day by drinking three glasses of water to remove any toxins present in her body. She also makes sure to eat a well-balanced meal, which is rich in protein and fibre. Katrina also enhances her metabolism and skin softness by drinking at least 8 glasses of water and juices throughout the day.
  • Workout Regime: This London born actress loves her workout and makes sure to jog in the beach, as the sand offers great resistance, thus making the workout more rigorous. After her strenuous jog, she likes to hit the gym hard with exercises like iso-plank, cardio routine. She also gives her thighs and legs a special workout by cycling twice a week.

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Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor was not always the petite fashionista we know today, she struggled with her weight a great deal before she entered the cinema field. After losing so much weight, she remarkably kept the weight at bay thus becoming an idol for many young girls. Her battle to lose weight was quite a tough one and her secrets for shedding so much weight so quickly are

  • Diet: She follows an extremely strict diet; her well-balanced meals include 5 small meals that are low in carb and high in protein. She also avoids unnecessary snacks and quells her hunger by eating dry fruits and drinking milkshakes. Ms. Kapoor also likes to keep herself hydrated by drinking coconut water, cucumber juice, buttermilk, water, etc.
  • Workout Regime: Her workout out routine is quite a fun one, she likes to keep her body in shape by doing yoga, swimming, Pilates etc. Twice a week, she also goes under weight training.

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Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti entered Bollywood as a chubby chirpy girl but now she has transformed into a sexy diva with an alluring body. Her size changed from 38 to an astounding 30. Her amazing weight loss secrets are
  • Diet: She follows a strict diet, where she doesn’t eat anything after 8 pm and she eats in small meals throughout the day. She stays afar from high-carb and high-fat food. But she indulges in her favourite food in tiny proportions.
  • Workout Regime: Her workout routine includes various exercises like horse riding, swimming, treadmill, martial arts, etc. She also takes dance classes for helping her in weight loss and increasing her flexibility.

Want to lose weight and gain the perfect body? Then follow these Bollywood diva’s weight loss secrets and look gorgeous and beautiful.

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