How to Whiten Teeth Instantly at Home?

How to Whiten Teeth Instantly at Home?

home-remedy-for-super-fast-teeth-whitening-with-coconut-oil-and-baking-sodaWhiter teeth are something that we desire badly in this cosmetically driven world today. A sweet and normal smile is what people notice in the first stand, but if you have lost the whiteness of your teeth, your smile becomes awkward and limited because you become self conscious. When they are white and flawless, it indicates good health, strength and beauty. It is really embarrassing to have yellow teeth, which could be consumption of tea or coffee excessively, chewing tobacco, smoking or due to aging. With just a little bit of patience, you may naturally restore its whiteness.

Earlier, dentist offered many over-the-counter teeth whitening products for use to whiten teeth. They were really very costly and hurt your teeth. Rather than just bleaching them crazily, there are many ways to get white teeth naturally by using home remedies.

These home remedies for teeth whitening will turn yellow teeth to white if used consistently.

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Lemon Juice and Baking Soda Paste:

yogurt-lemon-honey-mask (Small)Baking soda helps in balancing the pH levels which is useful to break down the enamel, and gently scrubs away the surface stains and gives you whiter shade of teeth back. Lemon acts as a natural bleaching agent. To make a thick paste, take 4-5 teaspoons of baking soda and few drops of lemon juice. First of all, wipe your teeth with paper napkin and take out extra saliva off. Then take the paste on your toothbrush and apply it on your teeth. Leave the paste for about a minute and then rinse it off. Leaving the paste for more than a minute would result in the acid effecting enamel. See the difference in the colour of your teeth in just few days.

Coconut Oil Rinse:

Coconut oil rinse is one of the oldest and unique remedy to whiten teeth. It helps to get rid of the bacteria in your teeth, and also keeps your gums healthy and provides you with fresh breath. The usage is very simple. Just take a table spoon of coconut oil and put it in your mouth. Pull the oil through your teeth for 10-15 minutes and then spit it out. Rinse with water and then normally brush your teeth with your normal toothpaste. Coconut oil does not only whiten your teeth but also keeps them healthy. It sounds crazy but believe me it is the best remedy.

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Strawberry, Baking Soda and Salt Scrub:

toothbrush-strawberryStrawberry is rich in vitamin C, which helps to break down the plague that causes yellowness in the teeth. They also contain enzyme with helps to remove surface stains. Salt scrubs away the stain causing substance. To make a paste, we require 2-3 large strawberries, a pinch of salt and ½ teaspoon of baking soda. Mash the strawberries into a pulp and add salt and baking soda to it. Wipe your teeth with paper napkin and take out extra saliva off. Then take the paste on your toothbrush and apply it on your teeth. Leave it for 5 minutes and then rinse with water. Applying this paste at night after brushing would give more results. Using Baking soda in this paste is optional.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is an organic and healthy remedy to restore the brightness of your teeth. All that you have to do is to mix one portion of apple cider vinegar with two parts of water. Use it as a mouth rinse daily after your regular brushing. Or else, combine two parts of apple cider vinegar with one part of baking soda and brush your teeth with this paste. They don’t provide you with instant results, but its regular use would reflect whiter teeth in few days.

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Banana Rinds:

Here’s-Why-You-Should-Eat-Bananas-With-Peel-1The most easiest and economical remedy is to use banana rinds to whiten teeth naturally at home. The peels of banana have certain minerals that get absorbed into the teeth and delivers great results of whitened teeth. Just rub the inner part of ripe banana peel on your teeth for at least 2 minutes and then rinse your mouth. Repeat doing this twice daily for few days and see the magic of your teeth turning white from yellow.

Citrus Fruits:

Citrus fruits like oranges and lemon help to generate a lot of saliva and saliva in turn acts as a natural teeth cleanser. Their natural element lightens the colour of your teeth. They are rich in vitamin C which acts as a bleaching agent, and turns your teeth from yellow to white. Since these citrus fruits are acidic in nature, so whatever quantity of juice you extract out of them, mix equal proportion of water to it. Put the mixture in your mouth and rotate around your teeth for a minute and then rinse your mouth with water. Remember; don’t use this formula more than 2 times in a week as it could be corrosive. Or else, you may also rub the inner side of the orange peel on your teeth to experience a fresh and bright smile. The best time to use this is at night before going to sleep.


Apples, Carrots and Celery:

1009w-red-apples-xThese natural foods are rich in vitamin C, which helps to get rid of bad breath that causes bacteria. You may also mash them, rub or extract juice from them. Whatever way you prefer, just bring them in contact with your yellow teeth. These foods are crunchy and the best technique to get back your white teeth naturally. On chewing them, saliva increases in your mouth, which in turn benefits you to remove stains from your teeth.

Activated Charcoal:

Activated charcoal helps in removing the toxins on different surfaces of your teeth as they are highly absorbent substance. First of all, grind the charcoal in powdered form. Add some water to the charcoal powder and make a thick paste. Then, dip your wet toothbrush into this paste and gently brush your teeth for two minutes. Spit the remainders from your mouth carefully and rinse your mouth properly. This is one of the oldest techniques used to whiten teeth. Repeat this formula daily to avoid any stains from forming in your teeth.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide is an effective bleaching agent which by forming bubbles removes the stains from the enamels. It opens the sores in your mouth and whitens the teeth. Put a little hydrogen peroxide in your mouth and rotate it left to right in your teeth and then spit it out after a minute. Rinse your teeth with water after that. Repeat daily for faster results. Store hydrogen peroxide in the refrigerator to increase its shelf life.



28-Amazing-Benefits-Of-Basil-Leaves-For-Skin-Hair-And-HealthBasil fights against many dental problems like gums bleeding or pyorrhoea. They make your teeth sparkle and shine. Take some dried basil leaves and make its powder. With the help of your fingers, rub the basil powder against your teeth. You may even sprinkle some powdered basil in your regular toothpaste and brush your teeth the way you do.

Alternatively, crush around 8-10 basil leaves and make a paste. Mix ½ teaspoon of mustard oil to it. Use this as your toothpaste to brush your teeth. Or, crush some fresh basil leaves and make a paste. Add 2 teaspoon of powdered orange peel to the paste and mix well. Apply the paste on your teeth for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with water. They would definitely help you to fight against all dental problems.

Tree twigs:

Certain trees contain certain astringent and antiseptic properties that retain the whiteness of our teeth if used regularly. Make a soft tooth brush from a twig of the neem, babool or banyan tree. Wash this twig properly with water and put one end of the twig in your mouth and start chewing. In a few minutes you would notice fibres releasing from the twig, making it a natural brush. Now brush for about 15-20 minutes using this brush. Throw the twig after brushing and use a fresh one next day. The antiseptic properties present in these twigs helps to fight bad breath, cavities and make your teeth shine like pearls.


The above mentioned few techniques helps you to bring back the whiteness of your teeth instantly with their regular use. But remember, the outer layer of your teeth enamel keeps on vanishing that makes your underlying yellow layer expose to the front. Once you have retained your white teeth from yellow, you will have to take extra care to maintain it so that it does not turn yellow again. Make a habit of using straw while drinking juices, shakes or any soft drinks. This will allow the liquid to bypass your teeth and avoid discolouring them. And, in case of any adverse effects of using the above mentioned remedies, consult your dentist immediately.

Say goodbye to yellow teeth and welcome your sparkling white teeth. Whiter teeth make you look fit, presentable and healthy and give you a photogenic face. So, always preserve and take utmost care of your teeth so that you smile and move around in confidence.