Just 5 Minutes And You Can Prepare Lip Balm At Home Using...

Just 5 Minutes And You Can Prepare Lip Balm At Home Using Strawberry!

featured-imageSoft and pink lips are always a sign of healthy life and a dream of every girl, Smile increases your face value, so Why to spoil that ? Yes, at times due to bad weather lips give a dry and unhealthy look. Even the habit of consuming alcohol and smoking takes a toll on the look of lips by making it look dark. By regularly using lip balm to moisturize the lips, we can keep it hydrated. Lip balm is a wax like substance, which helps to get rid of dry and chapped lips. Its purpose is to provide an occlusive layer on top of the lips, which serves to seal the moisture and prevent external factors from affecting the lips. Weather conditions draw away the moisture present in the lips, as the skin there is very thin.

We may wonder that, do we really have to use lip balm often. The answer is a ready yes, as by using a lip balm you can heal the skin faster. The skin present on the lips is way thinner than our face. Hence a lip balm will seal all the moisture, and keep it well hydrated. It helps you to get away from the embarrassment of chapped lips.

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Now we will be discussing a few lip balms that can be prepared at home, and will take not more than 5 minutes. Summer is the worst season for lips, as that’s the time when the lips gets drier. The lips come across a lot of heat, sun rays and they become dry and chapped, but if taken care properly it can still look soft and pink. Few ingredients in lip balms not only seal the moisture in the lips, but will also draw the moisture from the air and spread in all over the surface.

Few of the effective homemade lip balms are listed below:

Oil Based Lip balm:

image-1All we need is a cup of oil say coconut or almond, butter, some amount of wax, few drops of essential oil as it gives flavor to the balm and few herbs which is optional to give it color. Take the oil and the butter in a cup and microwave it until it melts. Add required amount of wax and mix it together. Hold out the spoon to test if the remains on the spoon harden to the level of a lip balm, or if not make adjustments. Here it is!! The lip balm is done, and all you have to do is shift it to a lip balm tube for use.

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Lemonade Lip balm:

image-2Warm days and high temperatures drag us towards lemonades. Now it’s raining lemons. We are going to discuss how to make whole new refreshing lemon lip balms. We will require some beeswax, coconut oil, butter, few drops of lemon essential oil, spoon and grater. Mix the wax, oil and butter in a cup and place it on the pan filled with water. Heat the pan until everything melts. Remove the cup and quickly add lemon oil to the mixture and stir well before it hardens. Pour it into small handy containers and allow it to set. Your lemonade lip balm is ready to use, and to give you soft lips.

Soy Lip balm:

image-3This one is famous among all, who hesitate to use beeswax. The things we need are some coconut oil, butter, soy wax, essential oils rich in vitamin E. Mix butter, coconut oil, and soy wax in a cup. Heat until the soy wax melts completely. Take out the cup from heat and add the vitamin E oil along with a small chunk of your favorite lipstick, and heat again until it melts. The reason why we are using vitamin E rich oil is that it helps the lip balm to stay for longer. Once done add the mixture in to a container of your choice, and start using it to reap the benefits.

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Orange kiss Lip Balm:

image-4The subject on citrus continues. This recipe is a little sweet. The required supplies are beeswax, shea butter and sweet almond oil, few drops of orange oil. Melt the wax, butter and oil. Add all the extra colorants and the essential oils. Pour this mixture in to small containers and allow it to set before use.

Honey Lip Balm:

image-5Honey is a favorite ingredient for many. Some of the supplies needed are shea butter, I teaspoon each of  honey, almond oil and olive oil, grated wax, chocolate chips and vanilla extract. We can also add oatmeal for the grainy texture, so that on application it can slightly exfoliate. Combine all the ingredients and heat until it melts. Add the chocolate chips and melt even that into the mixture. Transfer it into the container, and use it as per your requirement.

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Myrrh and Palmarosa Lip balm:

image-6The combination of these essential oils is very famous for treating dry and cracked skin, making it perfect for lip balms. It also bears a slight rose scent. The ingredients needed are Shea butter, almond or coconut oil, beeswax, myrrh and Palmarosa essential oil. Take the butter, wax, coconut or almond oil and the essential oils in a cup and melt. If kept on a stove, keep it on low flame and have an eye on it. Gently stir until everything melts and becomes clear. Make sure that the mixture never boils. Once done, transfer them into small containers and allow it to set before use. It has to be opaque and solid.

Quick Lip balm:

image-7Making our own lip balm saves a lot of money, and helps us from being choosy with ingredients that suit our lips. Add some petroleum jelly in a bowl and heat it. Add a small chunk of your favorite lipstick, and heat until everything melts. To add flavor add some juice extract of your choice, and transfer it in to a bowl and allow to set, before using it.

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Creamy Lip balm:

Cream is the most effective moisturizer. Take a cup of cream and keep stirring to get a nice smooth mix. Add few drops of essential oils of your choice and mix thoroughly. Grate the wax and heat it. Mix both the ingredients and leave it to set before use.

Rich Chocolate:

image-9Everyone’s weakness is chocolates, and their flavor is to die for. So this recipe is especially for the chocolate lovers out there. Take some almond oil and melt. Add coco butter and melt. To this add any essential oil that is available and keep aside. Heat same amount of beeswax and mix everything together. Towards the end to achieve the dark chocolate color we can add some cocoa powder and allow it to set, before using.

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Rosy Rose:

image-10Rose always denotes perfect lips, and no wonder it works really well for lip balms. Take some coconut or olive oil along with some ground and dried rose petals. Heat until it gives out a rose aroma. Strain the mixture and add some strawberry puree for color. Mix and strain again. Take beeswax and add rose oil to it. Heat till everything melts and allow it to set. Your lip balm is ready for use.

Vanilla butter:

image-11Vanilla has a wonderful smell, as good as how it tastes. Take some shea butte and wax to melt in a cup. Mix few spoons of baby oil, vanilla essence in another bowl and then mix it to the wax mixture. Add cocoa powder or coffee powder for flavor and leave it aside for at least three hours before use.

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Luscious Strawberries:

image-12Strawberries are an all-time favorite for people, as well as for companies preparing lip balms. They add flavor and color. Take few ripe strawberries and add honey to it so that it blends thoroughly. Mix some cream into the mixture. Take equal quantities of butter and wax to melt until it becomes clear. Mix both the ingredients at warm temperature and allow it to set.

Some of the lip care tips to get the perfect soft and pink lips are that, we should keep our body hydrated by drinking plenty of water, we should have a healthy diet intake by including fruits and vegetables, we should make sure that we do not use cheap cosmetics as it may damage the thin delicate lip skin and we should always moisturize our lips by applying lip balm. As we apply face masks to help it regain all the lost freshness, we can also squeeze in few exfoliating mask for our lips. Aloe vera has a whole lot of benefits and nothing can beat its properties. Honey and sugar can help in slightly, giving the granulite texture, thereby exfoliating the thin skin lying on the skin. We should not bite our lip skin, as it is the only layer protecting the delicate skin.

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It is always advised to prepare our own lip balms, because few ingredients do not stay for long on our lips and no proper moisturizing is done. Few other ingredients not only wears off in a few hours but it also acts as a barrier, preventing the lips from being normal. Take care of your lips, share smiles and spread happiness around.