5 Most Easy Ways To Control Acne Overnight Using Lemon!!

5 Most Easy Ways To Control Acne Overnight Using Lemon!!

Comedonal-Acne-Pictures-4 (Small)We know that acne is formed due to the sebum (skin oil) present in our skin. When the pores of this sebum secreting glands are blocked due to dead skin cells, bacteria and hair follicle, the comedonal acne appears on skin. So the comedonal acne is non-inflammatory acne filled with debris occurring on the skin surface. This acne includes both whiteheads (inflamed bump) and blackheads (open acne with black spot) and usually seen appearing on nose, forehead and chin.

Since it is considered to be a moderate acne problem, there are ways to deal with it. Some of the methods you can follow are as follows:

Salicylic acid or retinoids

These are the medications prescribed by the doctors and also available as on the counter medicines for acne problem. They help to prevent the stubborn lesions. Retin-A, Tazorac and differing are few retinoid medications that can be used to peel off the comedonal acne. You can also look through the product description of various face wash and facial wash that include salicylic acid and buy them. Consult a dermatologist who can prescribe you an ointment that contains benzoyl or salicylic acid. Do not apply these medicines right after you wash your face as they might be overly absorbent and irritate the skin.

Acne surgery


This includes physically or manually removing the acne by pushing out the plugs to upper surface and squeezing it out. Eww!! If you feel it is disgusting then find a skilled dermatologist or a licensed anesthetic who can do it for you. The process might be easy for blackhead comedonal acne as they come out easily even while you wash your face. But, it is pretty difficult for whitehead comedonal acne in which the debris is covered inside and a lot of puss stays in. After the break out of the acne, the area gets inflamed. 

Cleanse your face

As we are all subjected to dirt and pollution from the outer environment, the pores are clogged completely. Having a clean face with regular wash is a must to avoid comedonal acne. Avoid clogging of pores by rinsing your face regularly with an excellent quality cleanser. Frequent washing can also lead to break out of the acne and heal the skin. Facial scrubs can exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells and oils. Rosewater and oatmeal mixture can be used as a homemade scrub as well.

Balance the pH

The pH of our skin is 5 and it is essential to manage the same level throughout. The levels of pH are altered due to the usage of skin products like face wash, cleansers and moisturizers. So look through the details on the product and buy the ones which mention their pH range as 4-6.

Open the pores

You should allow the skin pores to breathe well and only when they are not clogged by skin impurities. Choose a water based moisturizer that contains aloe vera as it is good for oily skin. The pores while be shut down if you apply a thick layer of make-up every day. Choose an oil free make up and remove all the traces of make-up every day before you go to bed. The products made of vitamin A derivates like tretinoin and tazarotene help to prevent clogged pores.

Comedonal acne is a frustrating problem for most women, especially for teenage girls. Following the above methods can help you to control and reduce the problem. You will see improvement in your skin only after several weeks or months. If you are facing the problem for long term then you should definitely visit dermatologist to solve it for you.