See What She Does To Remove Unwanted Hair In Natural Way With...

See What She Does To Remove Unwanted Hair In Natural Way With No Pain

1451902338_unwanted-hair-reOther than the hair on our head we feel that hair in other parts of our body is unwanted, because when we wear clothes exposing the area with unwanted hair we feel embarrassed. The most common areas for unwanted hair growth are the legs, arms, upper lip and pubic area. The hair on this region gets exposed if we wear shorts or skirts or bathing suits, making us embarrassed to wear them in public. These unwanted hairs are also quite thick and dark in colour, and when you remove these unwanted hairs, you will be able see great improvement in the texture and look of that area of the skin.

Removing unwanted hair is a very painful process like waxing, laser treatments etc. and non-painful ways like shaving with a store brought cream will not remove the skin from the root, thereby making your skin stubbly or rough. These waxes and shaving creams cause your skin to lose its sensitivity, softness and in some cases even cause the skin to break and bleed (if your skin is very sensitive).

Some shaving creams advertise that they are made especially for sensitive skin, but there have been cases when these creams have caused allergies and rashes, due to the presence of harmful chemical in them. The best way to remove unwanted hair is the natural way of using simple products available in our homes, thereby avoiding any chances of skin issues. So here I am going to introduce you to few natural ways of removing unwanted hair with no pain.


1.Garlic juice trick

Garlic is a must in almost all cuisines whether Indian or western, and is always available in local market without much hassle. Garlic has many health benefits and is used in many Ayurveda remedies. It contains compounds like Sulphur, Allicin, Zinc etc., and it also has antifungal and antibiotic qualities, as it is a great source of selenium. Garlic also increases blood circulation, thereby making the skin smooth and soft. This remedy is quite simple and you just need:

  1. Fresh garlic juice
  2. A cotton ball or a tissue

Soak your cotton ball or tissue in fresh garlic juice, and rub it thoroughly on the area of the skin with unwanted hair. Let the juice stay on for at least 15 minutes before washing it off with warm water, and then towel dry it thoroughly. Make sure to apply moisturizer after washing off the garlic juice, it is suggested to use a fragrant moisturizer because the smell of the garlic is quite pungent. This remedy will help you to remove the unwanted hair without damaging your skin’s texture, but make sure to use this remedy at least three times a week for desired results.

2.Turmeric paste

Turmeric-face-packTurmeric has always been an integral part of Indian cuisines, due to its amazing smell colour and many health benefits. Turmeric contains a number of antioxidants that are very beneficial to us. Turmeric when used on skin heals many skin issues, lightens the skin tone and also makes your skin glowing. This simple turmeric paste is very easy to use and the necessary ingredients are:

  1. 2 tbsp of turmeric powder
  2. 2 tbsp of water
  3. 2 tbsp of raw milk or 1 tbsp of curd (based on your choice)

Mix all the above ingredients thoroughly to form a loose paste, that in easy to apply. Apply this paste thoroughly in the needed area of the skin, and let it dry. After the paste dries out, wet your hands and rub the dried paste thoroughly, as it will loosen many unwanted hairs. After you have done this, wash off the remaining paste with water and then towel dry it. This paste not only removes unwanted hair, but it also brighten your skin and makes it smoother. Make it a point to try this remedy at least three times a week to remove your hair faster and efficiently.


3.Homemade simple wax

waxing1Wax is easy to use but store bought ones can damage you delicate skin, and spoil its smooth texture. This homemade wax is made of all natural ingredients that are readily available in most of the homes; otherwise it can be bought easily from any local store at very reasonable prices. The necessary ingredients for this wax are:

  1. 1 tbsp honey
  2. 1 tbsp sugar
  3. 1 ½ tbsp lemon juice

(*adjust the proportions based on the size of area you want it use it on)

Mix all the above ingredients thoroughly and then heat the mixture on a low flame, and while stirring it add the necessary amount of water to form a thin paste, which is easily applicable. Apply this much like you would apply a liquid wax (same direction as the hair growth), and immediately cover it with a cloth preferably cotton one. And in the same way as you would pull a waxing strip, pull the cloth on the opposite direction of the hair growth, and then remove the excess wax with a wet cloth.

This will dislodge unwanted hairs from their root, it is not so painful but you will feel a sting. The lemon juice, sugar and honey in this wax will not only remove the unwanted hair, but they will also smoothen and soften your skin. Make sure to use this wax at least 5 times a month.

4.Oatmeal and banana paste

banana-honey-maskBanana is super fruit that contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, potassium and moisture that has an anti-ageing effect on your skin, and it also make your skin clear with beautiful glow. Oatmeal on the other hand has many properties like moisturizing and exfoliating due to a cleaning agent known as saponins, which is present in the oatmeal. Oatmeal also has anti-inflammatory properties, and also treats many skin issues like acne, eczema etc. For making this paste you need:

  1. 2 tbsp powdered or normal oatmeal (your choice)
  2. 2 tbsp smashed banana

Mix the above ingredients thoroughly to form a smooth paste, and apply this paste on the area with unwanted hair. Leave the paste on for at least 15 minutes before you wash it off with cool water. After you dry it, do not forget to apply moisturizer. Make sure to practice this treatment at least once a week for removing unwanted hairs naturally and without any pain.


5.Green Gram (moong dal) paste

Green Gram flour or ‘Moong Dal flour’ contains a number of enzymes and vitamins, like vitamin A, vitamin C etc., that help you treat many skin issues like acne, pimples, unwanted hair, as it exfoliates your skin and it also makes your skin bright and flaw less. Rose water and lemon juice also soothes the skin, and increases the skin’s fairness level. So the ingredients of this paste are:

  1. 1 tbsp lemon juice
  2. 1 tbsp rose water
  3. 2 ½ tbsp green gram flour (if needed you can add more)

Mix the green gram flour and rose water thoroughly in a bowl, then add the lemon juice again mix well to form a smooth paste. Apply this paste on the needed area of the skin ,and let it remain there for at least 25 minutes before washing it off with water. This method is best practised three times a week for quick results.

6.Chick pea or Besan Mask

chickepea-face-packChick pea or besan doesn’t just make yummy dishes like pakoras; it also is very beneficial for our skin. Chick pea flours has been used since a long time for various skin benefits like pimples, acne, lighting the skin, scrubbing the body of dirt, removing tan, removing unwanted hair etc. To make this simple mask you need:

  1. ½ bowl Chick pea flour or besan
  2. ½ bowl raw milk
  3. 1 tsp turmeric
  4. 1 tsp fresh cream (not for oily skin)

First mix the dry ingredients and then add the milk and cream. Mix the mixture thoroughly to form a smooth paste, and apply it on the unwanted hair in the direction of the hair growth. Let the paste remain for at least 30 minutes (earlier if it dries completely and begins to whiten). After 30 minutes, rub the dried paste gently with wet hands in the opposite direction of the hair growth, thereby dislodging hairs.

After you have rubbed the dried up paste as much as you can, wash off the rest with warm water. This treatment will remove the unwanted hair and also smoothens, exfoliates and brightens the skin. Make sure to use this treatment at least twice a week.


7.Rose water and Alum treatment

Sandalwood-and-Rosewater-PasteMany of us are familiar with the many benefits of rose water like toning, brightening and smoothing of the skin. But many of us are not familiar with Alum. Alum is a compound that is available in many stores in powdered or rock form. Alum treats many issues like lice, pimple, wrinkles, unwanted hair, canker sores, cracked heels etc. The combination of alum and rose water is perfect for unwanted hair removal. For this treatment you need:

  1. ½ tsp Alum powder
  2. 2 to 3 tbsp rose water
  3. Few drops Olive oil
  4. A cotton ball or a tissue
Firstly dissolve the alum powder as much as you can in the rose water, and with the help of a cotton ball or tissue apply the solution on the needed area of the skin. After the solution dries reapply it, and keep doing this for at least 60 minutes (lesser if your skin is too sensitive). Finally wash it off with cool water, dry the skin and apply few drops of olive oil on that area of the skin. This treatment must be practised 3-4 times a week, for removal of unwanted hairs.

Unwanted hairs are one thing that no one desires for, but they start growing themselves, thereby spoiling your overall beauty. You may start feeling a little conscious because of the presence of these hairs on your skin, and may not be able to wear your favourite dress anymore because of this issue. But now you can get rid of these unwanted hairs naturally and with no pain, by just following these natural remedies. So, what are you waiting for? Try out any of these remedy right away, and look beautiful and gorgeous again.