Top Unknown Ancient Beauty Secrets Using Coconut Oil-You Should Aware Of This

Top Unknown Ancient Beauty Secrets Using Coconut Oil-You Should Aware Of This

top-7-beauty-secrets-using-coconut-oil1-600x337Ever heard your granny enchanting the praises of coconut oil? You must have ignored but they knew it, and also knew how to use it wisely. However, was their experience limited to kitchen or did they know the beauty hacks as well? Let’s learn. Copra oil, also famous for its other name, coconut oil is made from the kernel of matured coconuts. Coconut oil has been widely used for various purposes because of its high saturated fat substance for generations. Be it cooking, industrial, commercial food processing, cosmetics or pharmaceutical purposes, coconut oil has proved to be the best among any of its alternatives. Not only this, coconut oil is so magical that it can blossom all your body parts, both inner and outer.

Form tip to toe, coconut oil works everywhere. You must be tired of purchasing several beauty products for your different needs. Lip balm for lips, oil for hair, conditioner for hair, paste for tooth, and scrubber for body. Worry not, now by just buying single oil you can fulfill almost all your beauty needs. It is the cheapest natural product that has no side effects on your body. For looking gorgeous you need to beautify all your body parts as well. Switch to this product and see the magic happen in you, in just a few days. Excited to know how? Discover the tricks.

Hair and scalp

This part of the body needs utmost care. If you want to look beautiful, you cannot ignore your hair. Trying different chemical products can destroy the shine and volume of your hair. It is also necessary to keep your scalp moisturized and healthy. Read how coconut oil solves all your hair problem

  1. Ever thought why hair conditioners have coconut oil in them? That’s because the oil contains all the essential nutrients your hair requires. It prevents damage to hair and cures dry hair. If coconut oil is so valuable then why not condition your hair yourself. Apply some coconut oil overnight in your hair covered with a shower cap and wash the next morning as usual. You will have soft and silky hair.
  2. Have dull hair even after shampoo? Dab some coconut oil to the ends of your hair. You will get a picture shine hair in just few minutes. Don’t be too tempted to apply more; you may end up with greasy hair.
  3. Coconut oil is the best oil for nourishing your hair and scalp. Its antifungal properties fight dandruff and hair louse.cor hair with continuous massaging your hair with coconut oil, solves the problem of thin and frizzy hair.
  4. Hair breakage can be prevented by using coconut oil and you can fulfill your dream of long hair. This oil also helps to straighten your hair naturally.


Coconut oil is completely safe for your safe.

  1. Coconut oil is a natural cleanser for your face. Its antifungal, antibacterial and moisturizing qualities make it safe to be used on face. Except if your skin is adult acne-prone, you can apply it as a moisturizer also. You can apply the oil in circular motion on your face before bed time.
  1. Coconut oil is used as cheek bone highlighter. Many beauty products have their main base ingredient as coconut oil because of glowing nature.  Instead of buying expensive products, apply a small amount of oil on top of your makeup. You will get highlighted makeup naturally.
  2. Castor oil mixed with coconut oil in equal proportion can be used as a face wash.
  3. Coconut oil is anti bacterial and prevents the occurrence of acne and pimples.
  4. The oil removes dead skin and dirt from face. It also helps to lighter the face complexion.
  5. Black heads appear every time and in your face and hinder your beauty. Coconut oil can also be used to remove blackheads and whiteheads from your face.


Never thought how oil can help your eyes? Here we have some tips.

  1. Eye makeup is something without which you cannot your end makeup with. The eye products these days are waterproof. Thanks to the manufacturers. But wait, no. they don’t give the idea of cleaning it later. If they are waterproof, how can washing your face help? Well coconut oil is the idea. Just dampen a small cotton ball with a little oil and remove all your eye makeup. It will also hydrate your eye area. Wash as usual.
  2. Before sleeping apply a little coconut oil around your eyes, before bed time. The puffiness and dark circles will soon fade away.
  3. You can have beautiful eye lashes just by using a little coconut oil over your lashes. Use this trick before bed time in order to give a boost to your lashes.


Lips can never go unnoticed, don’t ignore them.

  1. Natural lip balm is something that is difficult to find. Together with moisturized lips we all dream of having pink and healthy lips. But these both things are not possible together in market lip balms. For this you can try using coconut oil. It is chemical free and moisturizes as well as exfoliates your lips. Take two teaspoon of coconut oil and mix it with 2 teaspoon of raw sugar and 1 tablespoon of honey. Now apply this mixture daily on your lips, be gentle. Without any damage, your lips will start getting its new color. All the dead skin will vanish and give your lips a soft and healthy look.

You Teeth

Teeth can tell the truth. Smile is very important and if you smile, your teeth must show your beauty.

  1. Coconut oil when mixed with 2 parts of clove oil helps to get immediate relief from tooth ache.
  2. You can also make toothpaste using baking soda and coconut oil for your teeth. Coconut oil has antibacterial properties that shall fight germs and give you a fresh and clean mouth. You can add spearmint essential oil for some flavor.

Hands and palm

Virgin-Coconut-OilAll desire to have soft hands and palm. Market products don’t give an everlasting effect. The oil is a skin saver. Whenever dry hands trouble you, just open the jar of coconut oil and rub it into your hands and palm. You will see the results instantly. But for permanent cure you need to be regular with this. Its anti fungal properties will also remove the dead skin and get you a new fresh glowing skin. It acts a natural moisturizer.

Coconut oil has properties which speed up healing process and cure infections, so it is preeminent for dry and flaky nail beds. You will also get strong nails when applied regularly.


Coconut oil is cheap and antimicrobial oil that can give you clean and soothing legs, naturally after shave. It will also keep your legs hydrated. So opt for coconut oil and throw away those expensive and chemical products which hamper your skin. It is slippery and best for sensitive skin.

To get rid of cellulite you must have undergone several beauty treatments. Now try coconut oil. Take a soft bristled tooth brush and give upwards jerk in your legs, then apply coconut oil to the areas. Use this technique for a couple of months after which you will start feeling your cellulite fade away.


  1. Virgin organic coconut oil is what is required this summer. No lotion can give you the cooling sensation as what coconut oil when applied to body, can give. It increases hydration and reduces water loss. The oil when applied regularly makes your skin smooth and nourished. Started loving your skin already?
  2. During summer coconut oil is the best massage oil for your body. It gives a cooling effect to your skin and also hydrates and moisturizes it. It is also safe for new born massage. Even market massage products have coconut oil as their base due to its benefits.
  3. Body scrub is something which we usually don’t remember to apply. May be because, we rarely buy them, due to their rate or chemicals present it them. Well make yourself a cheap and chemical free body scrub. Melt half cup of coconut oil in a pan in very low flame. Add 1 cup of brown sugar or salt to it, stir. Your body scrub is ready. You can add a few drops of pure vanilla extract or essential oil for aroma.
  4. You can also make your own body deodorant using coconut oil. Simply combine 1/3 cup coconut oil, 4 tablespoons of cornstarch, ¼ cup arrowroot with any essential oil for perfume. Store it in a jar made of glass to enjoy it for a longer time.
  5. During summer, you body is likely to perspire a lot due to the increasing temperature. Applying coconut oil will control your body temperature and maintain pH level in the body. It will open the pores of your skin and give your skin a cooling effect.


  1. Coconut oil soothes the skin irritation caused during pregnancy and prevents the occurrence of stretch marks. You can even recover the stretch marks caused after pregnancy due to its healing properties.
  2. Sun causes much harm to your skin. Age spots and discoloration are its major effects on skin. Applying coconut oil will reduce the appearance of skin discoloration and age spots.
  3. Skin diseases like eczema can also be cured using coconut oil.
  4. Coconut oil also lightens your skin complexion and makes you fair. It has a natural element that slows down the production of melanin pigment in the body making you fair each day. It
  5. If you have burnt your skin and are afraid for the marks to remind you always of once had spot free skin, don’t worry. Coconut oil will help you create good memories. Coconut oil when applied in the burnt area helps to heal the skin faster, leaving no marks of regression for future. You will get spot less skin as soon as your wound heals.
There are infinite uses of coconut oil. It is overloaded with benefits which can also help to prevent flu, treat yeast infections, increase your blood circulation and HDL cholesterol, treat your ear infection and also remove excess wax from ears, boost your immunity, reduce cough and heal sore throat, relief from hemorrhoids, lose weight, cure digestive problems, prevent nose bleeding, improve lung infection, fight constipation, get rid of ringworms, etc. the list is never ending but the only like other oils it doesn’t have many side effects. The levels of saturated fat in coconut oil are so high in this oil that it is compared to be equal to animal fat. And only due to this reason, it is also advised not to be consumed daily as it may cause cardiovascular diseases.

You cannot look beautiful with just lovely eyes or lips. You need an overall grooming of yourself to look stunning and attractive. . Age is a factor on which you don’t have your control over. But it is not necessary you look like what your age is. You can look much younger than your age. Coconut oil will not only help you achieve your dream but also improve your health. It will support you to maintain your beauty for ages. This was our granny’s secret to still look beautiful which has been used for generations. They dint use expensive chemical products. It was only because of coconut oil that they were able to preserve their beauty. Even you can use these tips and have beautiful features. A big jar of coconut oil is all what you need now.