Supermodel Miranda Kerr Discovers All Her Beauty Secrets

Supermodel Miranda Kerr Discovers All Her Beauty Secrets

miranda-kerr-kora-700x498Miranda Kerr is an Australian super model who is admired by people as Victoria’s secret angel. Right from the age of 13, Miranda started modeling in fashion industry. Her early life in Australia’s countryside was very grounding; no one cared whatever she wore. This gave her more confidence to opt modeling as a career. Kerr was conscious of her health from her childhood. She loved to eat nutritious and healthy food. She even chose to study nutrition and health psychology and later as a model she made a stunning career. Kerr was very intelligent, bold and beautiful ever since she was a child.

She has an attitude of a model and gratitude as a person.  She knew how to handle her fame very well.  At the age of 14 she won a modeling competition of a teenage magazine on which she was criticized for encouraging young girls towards beauty, fashion and entertainment and setting a wrong example. She smartly replied the press,” Dolly is a magazine for teenage girls and not old men. And I was fully clothed! Doing a winter shoot! They just made something out of nothing.”

There after there was no seeing back in her career.  She made remarkable profile in Asian and Australian markets.  After shifting to New York, she owned Bowery Ballroom in partners. This was another example where she used her intelligence. Together with many other Victoria’s secret and next agency models, Kerr was also involved in a music video. Being the first women to walk down the catwalk, Kerr debuted with U.S market and signed Maybelline New York.  With her success with Maybelline, Kerr replaced Victoria’s secret model and became the first ever Australian as Victoria’s Secret Angel.  Just for being the new face of an Australian departmental store, Kerr received a six figured amount. With her brainpower she was able to list herself among the top 10 earning models of the world by Forbes. Then number 9, number 7, number 2, the number decreased as she climbed the ladder of success.

All these years Kerr was smart enough to earn money wisely. But she was very generous as well. She even posed without clothes just to raise awareness among people for the endangered koalas. She always treasured herself and wanted people also treasure themselves. She knew the importance of self-love and expected all teenagers to understand their value and do something. For this she released an inspirational book, Treasure Yourself.

Kerr always gave importance to beauty. She knew how to look beautiful. She avoided any thing that could hurt her inner as well as external beauty. Kerr has always managed to stabilize her image and personality. This is all due to her powerful brain and flawless body. She has also been able to manage her weight by having a normal and balanced diet. Natural fruits and vegetables has always been her priority rather than getting nutrition from medical ways. Skin care was equally necessary.

She always stayed away from applying chemical products on her skin and applied all natural homemade treatments. In fact she always wanted people to realize the benefits of organic products on their skin. People these days are so traumatized by the fake beauty products that they spend their entire life and savings purchasing products that cause more harm to the skin rather than benefiting it. Kerr believed, due to these expensive products people lose the inner glow and elasticity of the skin. This also makes them more prone to wrinkles and fine lines. She launched her own brand of organic products named Kora, so that people could spend at the right place for the right product.

miranda-kerr-kora1-600x243She herself became the face of the product as she knew she was the best to be able to sell her organic products. She could show people what actually made her beautiful. And how would Kora get a better model than Kerr herself that too free of cost. The launch of the products was a huge success. People liked and admired the products as it had no side effects and also because Kerr launched it. People demanded more which rose Kerr to great achievements.  You must be wondering that if products could make any one beautiful, then all women would have looked like Kerr. No one is born beautiful; it is their effort and time that makes them beautiful. Follow the same routine as Kerr does, it may help:

  1. Firstly, she gets abundance of sleep. According to Kerr sleeping well is the key to a fresh face without dark circles. You must have read that you need to sleep for 8 hours, but she believes you cannot force yourself to sleep longer. Sleep till your body requires rest. That doesn’t mean you will keep sleeping for the whole day but wake up only when your body is ready. She ignores following a proper routine for sleep. Even when she was pregnant she had taken proper care for her sleep. This kept both her and her baby healthy.
  2. For a model her smile is the way she expresses herself that makes her audience fall for her. She makes sure to keep her teeth clean every day. Her secret to brighter teeth is not daily visit to dentist but a pinch of baking powder with few drops of vinegar and a pinch of salt with her regular toothpaste just once a week.  She avoids cold drinks and prefers only natural drink like coconut water and juices without sugar, this helps her teeth enamel from erosion and yellowing.
  3. Yoga is what gives her required posture as well as inner peace. She practices yoga everyday without a fail, even when she was married, later divorced and pregnant. Yoga gives her strength to fight all situations as well as keep her healthy enough to be presentable. You can never see stress on her face in any difficult situation, due to the power of yoga. She practices yoga in her terrace to get fresh air. Yoga is followed by a few steps of her regular exercise.
  4. From her young days itself, she preferred eating a hale and hearty diet. Now she even wants her son to have a healthy and balanced diet for which she prefers cooking at times. She feels herself blessed to have a son to understand more importance of staying fit and healthy. She hates spices and oily food. She hates herself getting starved. She likes eating healthy but not with much gap or routine. She eats whenever she feels like and doesn’t follow any diet chart like other models.
  5. As you have already read, Kerr never wanted people to use harsh cosmetics for which she went all organic and launched her own sets of cosmetics. Kerr uses make up only if required; she prefers staying without make up whenever possible in order to let her skin breathe. She never uses heavy makeup as she wants to stay natural. She also never forgets to use non-comedogenic and oil-free sunscreen on her body and face, to avoid tan and harm to skin.
  6. Regular trimming and washing her hair is her secret to healthy and long hair. Granny’s secret hair oil formula is something she can never forget to apply 2 hours before shampooing her hair. Even after getting so busy she takes time to prepare special organic hair mask. KORA is based on the formula. She has still managed to avoid grey hair because she stays away from harmful chemicals for her hair.
  7. Being a model is not easy, even minute things are taken care of, like nails. Nails have importance equal to face in Kerr’s life. She is regular with her manicure and pedicure appointments and at times uses natural means to take care of her nails at her home all by herself. When cooking, she takes special care of her nails and also uses lemon to keep then strong and avoid breakages.
  8. Her nutritious food is always followed by plenty of water intake. She also likes to drink natural fresh drinks like lemon water with honey, coconut water and fruit juices, to keep her skin hydrated and glowing. She avoids drinking fluids with her meals. Minimum of an hour gap is what she tries to maintain.
  9. Kerr considers clothes are not something that represents a human being. She doesn’t mind going without clothes as she has been brought up in a place where clothes weren’t given much importance. She always wore comfortable clothes. Unlike other models who carve for branded clothes, Kerr wears clothes and makes brand famous.
  10. Lastly, the super model is stuffed with positive attitude and self-confidence which are the two gems on Kerr’s beauty. Women need to be positive but Kerr’s positivity is something which is not possible for everyone. Kerr faced many difficult situations in her life. But she always stayed bold and optimistic. Breakups, split-up, pregnancy, death of her ex, raises her child being a single parent. Criticism right from the age of 14, fraud and what not, the model was strong enough to take everything on her shoulders and still maintain her charm and glow.
Miranda Kerr has a few tips of beauty for everyone
  1. Avoid taking stress and tension. Do whatever you enjoy and not just for money.  Take a minimum of 10 minutes break talk to yourself. This builds up positivity and inner strength.
  2. It is not necessary you use KORA but always strive to use organic and natural products for the delicate parts of your body, especially skin.
  3. Although you need to take extra effort and precautions, but she recommends waxing eyebrows rather than plucking them. Vaseline can be used daily at bed time, to get natural length and shine to your eye brows and eye lashes.
  4. Always be gentle to your skin. Avoid touching your face again and again and be sure to clean your hands whenever making a contact with your face. Your hands carry germs that can cause acne and pimples to your skin. Cold or normal water is always preferred over hot water for washing face. Hot waters pull the moisture of the face and make it dry.
  5. Do not compare yourself with anyone. Kerr is unique and so is everyone. She wants people to do what makes them happy and not what the model has been doing. What she is doing is her way of living. Always be yourself and there can be nothing better than this to make you look stunning.

The model has had a difficult path to make her super model. She struggled a lot and faced lots of critics. But her intelligence and presence of mind made it easy for her to tackle situations smartly. Have faith in yourself and you can touch the sky, is her mantra of staying contempt. She is a true example of beauty with brains and this is what makes her more attractive and superior than other models.