Steps To Do Facial Massage At Home

Steps To Do Facial Massage At Home

aid334943-728px-give-yourseFacial massages give you a healthy, glowing and smooth skin thereby enhancing your already beautiful face. Facial massaging increases the blood circulation and the temperature of the skin in your face thereby reducing any sign of aging. Our skin is so delicate and when it is exposed to the harsh environment filled with pollution, UV rays and many more harmful factors a good facial massage strengthen our skin to fight against these factors.

Facial massages rejuvenate your skin as the dirt and clogged pores on your face get cleaned there by reducing any skin issues like pimples, acne etc. Facial massages also increases your faces elasticity thereby enhancing your beautiful bone structure and a good facial massage after a stressful day makes you day a much happier and stress free one.

Facial massages have always been considered a pampering that costs you a lot and you have to go to a parlour to get a good facial massage which is not always possible in your busy schedule. So here I present you with some simple steps to do a facial massage at home thereby cutting your expense at the parlour and reducing the hassle of traveling to the parlour

Steps for the facial massage

Basic Ingredients

at-home-facial-massageThe following are the Ingredients you will need for the facial massage

  1. A bowl
  2. Necessary amount of cold water or a few ice cubes
  3. Cotton
  4. Face Scrub (homemade or store bought)
  5. Face Cleanser (homemade or store bought)
  6. Toner
  7. Facial Massage cream
  8. Make up remover or rose water (your preference)
  9. Face pack (your preference)
  10. Eye cream (only if you want)
  11. Moisturizer for your face
  12. Slices of cucumber or cotton pad dipped in rose water
  13. Gloves for applying the face back, scrub etc.

Keep all products ready

The factory made products you are going to use in the massage make sure that they suit your skin and have the least amount of chemicals thereby minimizing any damage that can happen. Make sure to keep all the products necessary for the facial massage near you so that you will not have any difficulty during the massage or will have to stop the massage mid-way in order to get the product.

Wash hands thoroughly before massage

beforeIf you are doing the massage yourself make sure to wash your hands thoroughly and if someone else is doing the massage make sure that he/ she has washed their hands thoroughly.

Preferably massage early in the morning

facial-massage-10001456956599I would advise you to do the massage early in the morning before you apply any make up so your pores will not be blocked by any makeup. But if you have applied any make up make sure to remove any makeup that you have on other wise your skin will not be cleaned well enough thereby making your facial massage a disaster

Wipe your dirt away with a cleanser

Cleanser are very essential during a facial massage, they are used to remove dead cells, dirt, oil and many other pollutants from your skin thereby making it ready for the massage. You can use a good brand cleanser or you can go to the natural way by using coconut oil, Apple cider vinegar or yogurt based on your preference. Rub the cleanser of your preference all over your face but make sure to use upward motion while applying as it tightens the skin. While applying the cleanser make sure to use light pressure.

Clean Slowly after applying Cleanser

With a sponge or a cotton pad dipped in water wipe the cleanser off your face. Make sure to do the cleaning slowly and patiently to ensure that no cleanser is left on the face.


scrubbing1After cleanser is cleaned off then comes the scrub. Scrubbing is essential for a facial massage as scrubbing removes dirt at a deeper level and increases blood flow thereby making it ready for the facial massage. Scrubs like cleansers can be bought from out or can be homemade like mashes banana with sugar, half a lemon with sugar on it etc. I would recommend homemade as it will be suitable for any kind of skin. While scrubbing and exfoliating you face make sure to do it in circular motion paying special attention to the regions where there are more blackheads like on the nose, chin etc.

Massage Cream

After scrub has been cleaned off you need to use the massage cream. Massage cream can be applied with a spatula but I would recommend a hand as it will allow you to massage better. Take a little cream on your hand and rub them together in order to heat it. Then start rubbing, on your face. Begin from the base of your throat and work your way upwards, always remember to go in upwards motion as this tightens your skin.

Use Both hands for massaging

aid103308-728px-give-yourself-a-scalp-massage-step-3Make sure to use both your hands and use your fingers to get the cream to every nook and corner like upper lip, below the lower lip etc. The pressure of your hands must me gentle and monitored to avoid extra pressure.

Do not massage with Dry Hands

aid26590-728px-give-a-dry-facial-massage-step-15With your hands on the cheek stretch your cheeks in various positions to make sure that the cream goes into every pore and your skin temperature increases evenly while doing this make sure that you don’t overdo it. Always make sure to take more massage cream when needed, do not massage with dry hands.

Massage Nose and Upper Cheekbones

Then move up to massage your nose and upper cheekbones, while massage this area of your face make sure that you massage your nose thoroughly as it is the area that has the most blackheads. Massage this area like applying blush, smooth upward strokes and make sure to cover your ears and the area behind. Here you can be a bit generous with your hand pressure but not too much.

Massage Eyes

aid26590-728px-give-a-dry-facial-massage-step-9Then comes the eyes, the skin around the eyes and the eyelids are very delicate should be treated accordingly. While massaging around the eyes always go from in to out motion never the other way around as it may cause wrinkles under the eyes. Massage the area the outer corner by pulling it upwards but as always never apply too much pressure.  

Be cautious while massaging Eyelids

Then for massage your eyelids (of course closed eyes), be extra cautious by using just your thumbs to do the massage which is essential just a little pressure. The cream has to be just applied on the eyelids not massaged.

Massage Forehead

downloadThen comes the fore head, make sure that you don’t apply the cream to your hair. In this area a little extra pressure is not such a big issue so massage the area thoroughly using four fingers of both your hands again I upward motion.

Make sure cream is absorbed properly

Woman with healthy skin after bathing looking on side and cleaning her face, isolated on white

All the massage you have done till now ensures that the cream has been absorbed thoroughly by your skin so you can go ahead and remove the excess cream with a wet sponge. Make sure that the cream is removed completely leaving your face fresh and rejuvenated

Relax with the face pack

Now comes the relaxing part of applying the face pack. Choose a face pack that is suitable to your skin otherwise it cause rashes, some even make their own pack but that is a time absorbing tasks so I generally use ready make face pack cream. But if you do have the time and patience a homemade face pack is the way to go. Like the massaging cream apply the face pack in upward motions and thoroughly covering every necessary inch of your face.

Apply slices of Cucumber

After applying the face pack put slices of cucumber or cotton pad dipped in rose water on your eyes to make the relaxing more enjoyable. This ensures that your eyes are cool and relaxed. Remove the face pack and the cucumber slices/ cotton pads from your eyes after 20 minutes (put on a timer).

Toning is very important

toningAfter the face pack comes the toner (homemade or store bought based on your taste). Toner ensures that you skin’s pH level is balanced thereby reducing the chances of skin issues like pimples, rashes etc. and giving you smooth skin. Use a cotton ball to apply the toner all over the face thoroughly giving special attention to the areas where acne is more plausible like upper cheek, nose etc.  

Eye Cream (Optional)

Now for the eye cream, this is an optional part of the facial. Applying eye cream is like massage your eyes should be done in a delicate manner without stretching the skin much. If you’re using the eye cream make sure to use one that is of a familiar or well-reviewed brand.

Moisturize properly

d1e31267-2ec3-4961-bc76-9ba134928cbeNow our final step of the facial is applying the moisturizer. Apply little dots of the moisturiser and then massage it, this will allow your skin to absorb the moisturizer more thoroughly thereby making your face lustrous and soft.

This simple 20 step facial massage at home will make sure that your beauty becomes more radiant and lasting without the need of going to the parlour. Be the queen you are, pamper yourself whenever you like by trying out our simple steps to do a facial massage at home.