7 Easy Homemade Skin Lightening Remedies ( Cucumber ) That Works Wonder

7 Easy Homemade Skin Lightening Remedies ( Cucumber ) That Works Wonder

lemon-juice-for-acne_3_2549 (Small)Most of us love a fair and white skin tone on us. But due to the over exposure of sun and other lifestyle choices our skin would turn dull and dark. Instead of using the harmful chemicals you can use best natural remedies that effectively lighten your skin complexion. The natural glow makes you look more gorgeous. We are providing you 7 homemade remedies that lighten your skin tone.

Besan or chickpea with milk and turmeric

This is an age old remedy used by most mothers and grandmothers in Asia to get a lightened skin tone. The besan acts as natural exfoliant that clears out any debris and impurities on your skin. You can combine 2 tablespoon of besan with milk cream and some turmeric (kasthuri chandan). This pack dries after 20 minutes from application. You can clean your face well using cold water and your skin glows naturally.

Rice flour and milk face mask

Rice is rich in PABA (Para amino benzoic acid) which is a natural sunscreen. Including rice in your face pack essentially hydrates your skin and brings anti aging effects on your skin. Use some uncooked rice and grind it into a smooth powder. Add a good amount of milk to the rice powder and stir it well to make a paste. Apply this pack on your face and neck and allow it to dry for 30 minutes. You can then rinse it in warm water.

Cucumber and honey


Take a cucumber and finely grate it into a smooth mixture. Add honey to the grated cucumber and mix it well. You can apply this on your face, neck and hands which are overly exposed to the sun. Allow the pack to stay on for 15 minutes and wash it with cold water. This is a great treatment for dark skin problem caused by exposure to sun and dust.

Orange and yogurt mask

Orange has great bleaching properties which can lighten your skin tone well. The vitamin C which is great for your skin care is very rich in oranges. You need some orange peels which are sun dried and ground into smooth powder. Mix equal quantity of orange peel powder with equal quantity of plain yogurt and make it a paste. Along with the face and neck, apply it on your hands and legs as well and follow the process every day to lighten the tone.

Almond and milk face mask

This is an effective method to brighten your complexion. Grind some dry almonds into a fine powder and mix some raw milk to it. This becomes a thick paste which can be easily applied on your face and neck. Apply the mask daily and see some wonderful results.

Lemon and honey


This is an amazing remedy for skin lightening. You need to mix a tablespoon of lemon and a tablespoon of honey with it. Mix this well and apply on your face as a mask and leave it for 30 minutes. You can apply a mild skin moisturizer after cleaning it off. Follow the process daily for 4 weeks and get rid of the dark skin to maintain a brighter skin tone.

Sandalwood, turmeric and milk

You will need sandalwood powder, some milk and turmeric powder to prepare the face pack. In a bowl, combine two tablespoons of sandalwood powder and a pinch of turmeric powder. Add some raw milk and bind it well in to a paste. Apply the pack on your face and allow it to sit for 20 minutes until it dries.

So now start fighting with your melanin content using these weapons. It is a great way to battle of your dull and dark skin and get a fair and natural skin completely. Next time you see any of these ingredients; do not forget to use them completely.